The Seven Chaos Demons

By Master hunter

Designed to run parallel to 3 Shadows Episode 5. This time I won't be doing the story of a game like Apocolypse's Revival. This one happens directly after Apocolypse's Revival.

Like 3SE5 Chaos Theory this has partly inspired by Dragonball GT's last saga. If you're seen this you'll seem similarities right away.

I was going to make this one an Exterminatus Now / Sonic the Hedgehog Crossover. Look at my Blog for more details (see my bio for link).

Character copyright:

Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Big, Shadow, E-123 Omega, Rouge, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Metal Sonic, Mighty, Dr. Eggman and anything else from the games I've forgotten about are all copyright SEGA

Joz the bat aka Master hunter, Miles prower, The Annemuir, Apocolypse and anything else is copyright me


The Seven Chaos Demons


The Servers are the Seven Chaos.

But who do they Serve and for what purpose?

Chaos is Power,

And Power leads to those that would abuse it.

Power is enriched by the Heart.

But people have Evil Hearts as well as good ones.

The Controller is the one that unifies the Chaos.

Which makes the Controller even more powerful right?

No doubt the power this chant describes will lead to evil ones desiring their power.

No doubt this chant is about the seven Chaos Emeralds.

No doubt this chant has relevance to our future, to our way of life.

In fact this chant has been a part of a certain band of heroes lives for some time now,

Even though it raises these questions

And yet they have no answers

They do not understand the Chaos Emeralds, as their existance is one of Mystery.

Yet they have depended on them to help create miracles.

Miracles that have been prophecised.

Miracles that have saved the world.

But our world exists in a balance.

Negativity is met with positivity.

Positivity is met with negativity.

Disasters are met with Miracles

And Miracles…

Apocolypse lay in ruins. The power of the Emeralds led to the Super Six saving the world. As they reverted back to their normal selves the power they used was no longer needed. It returned to the Chaos Emeralds that scattered around the Earth once more. The Black Hedgehog Shadow had managed to grab the Green Emerald. It was obvious important to him. He knew more about the Emeralds than he was letting on. He has met their secret a long time ago.

It was no longer his time though. The Blue Hedgehog Sonic was the hero now. It was him that used the Emeralds to create the Miracles they needed to save the world. He relied on his Golden Super Form numerous times before. Returning to Earth after the evil Eggman's deadly space stations had been destroyed by Sonic. Navigating Doomsday to get the Master Emerald back from Eggman. Saving the world from Perfect Chaos. Saving the world from Gerald's final plan. Saving the world from the Metal Overlord. Saving the world from Apocolypse. All these Miracles and nothing to balance it out.

The Chaos Emeralds found their new hiding place. Their power was not meant to be used this much. As they lay in their locations cracks began appearing in their normally hard surface. They had been through a lot and never once got scratched. The Emeralds were thought to be indestructable but now they were cracked and releasing some sort of dark gas. A gasous mist for each of the colours of the Emeralds (i.e. Red Emerald creating a Red mist).

The coloured Mists began spreading across the world as a great evil had been released from each one. A great evil that our heroes will have to face soon. A great evil unlike anything they had met before.