I'd like to start by saying the "cheering to get the positive side of the Emeralds working", thing is just an extreme version of what happens at the end of Sonic Adventure.

Regarding Chaos, I did say, "he cannot die". Probably what I should've said was that he couldn't die by traditional means and only pure negative (or positive) chaos energy could destroy him for good. That and that old age wouldn't kill him either.

Do you buy that or should I just admit I made a very big mistake? Hopefully the start of this will sound OK.

Sorry this is so short. I tried to keep to the standard but it just wasn't possible.

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The Seven Chaos Demons


"Chaos I'm so sorry you had to give up your life…What? You're not really dead? Oh you cannot die…Then what was all that about?… Oh I see now. The People of Station Square think you sacrificed yourself to save Sonic. Sonic will push himself further and you'll be remembered by all as a hero…I guess you're right, it's not as if you could really help Sonic fight Black", said Tikal.

Even inside the Master Emerald they could clearly hear the loud chants of "Sonic! Sonic! Sonic!" It was much louder than last time as everyone was cheering. The broadcast had worked. Now it was time to see if there was any hope left.

A bright golden flame engulfed Sonic, who was crying a little.

"Chaos I think you've certainly redeemed yourself in the eyes of Station Square. I won't let your death be in vain", cried Sonic before the super transformation occurred.

Supersonic flew up into the air to face Black.

"It's not possible. How could you achieve your super form? The Emeralds couldn't have had nearly enough power", said Black.

"It was a tough call, but the combination of everyone's cheers, their positive feelings, made the Emeralds work enough for one Super Transformation", said Supersonic. Black sighed.

"Oh well. It's not as if it matters. I'll crush you even in your Super form", said Black.

Black fired a barrage of darts at Supersonic. He span out of the way though one dart did skim his arm. He looked over to his arm to find that it cut him. A drop of blood escaped and fell to the ground. For the first time something had managed to injure Supersonic.

It was just as Chaos said. His attacks can hurt me, even in this form. And I don't think I can even touch him without getting hurt. How am I meant to fight him if I can't touch him? Wait! I know.

"Supersonic wind!" shouted Supersonic before generating a huge chaos energy tornado.

Black allowed the Supersonic wind attack to hit him, confident that it would do no damage. Black screamed in pain as the Supersonic wind attack hit him.

"ARGH! No, you figured it out", said Black.

"Yeah! And there's plenty more where that came from demon", said Supersonic.

Supersonic fired another wind attack but this time Black easily dodged it. Supersonic tried again and again but Black happened to be surprisngly agile. Black tried some attacks of his own, firing a barrage of darts at Supersonic. Neither could hit the other, they were at a stalemate.

"It appears that we're at a stalemate. I can't hit you and you can't hit me", said Supersonic.

"On the contrary. I may not be able to hit you but I do have one big advantage over you", said Black.

"Oh and what's that?" asked Supersonic.

"Your form is only temporary. Eventually your chaos reserves will run out and you'll revert to your blue self. My form is permanent. You might as well give up now", said Black.

Supersonic fell back, devestated by what Black has said. He was right, Supersonic wouldn't last forever. Supersonic had to hit him soon or else. Desparately Supersonic fired more wind attacks but all they did was exhaust him

Then suddenly Shadow came up with an idea.

"Rouge, give me The Annemuir", said Shadow.

Rouge nodded and handed over the sword. Shadow threw it at Supersonic, who caught it with ease.

"What do you want me to do with this?" shouted Supersonic.

"Enchant the blade. Charge it with Positive Chaos Energy then attack directly", shouted Shadow.

"But I don't know how to use a blade", shouted Supersonic.

"Leave that to me Sonic. You just charge the blade and avoid Black's attacks", said a strange voice.

"You must be Joz. OK, here we go", said Supersonic.

Supersonic began charging the blade but he had to be quick. Black overheard their plan and knew it would work only if Supersonic could charge the blade enough. Now it was Black that felt like time was running out. He tried to attack Supersonic but it was no use. Supersonic avoided every attack with ease. Then suddenly Supersonic warped using chaos control behind Black. Black turned around to see Supersonic charging at him. The energised Annemuir stuck out of Supersonic's spin, creating a positive energy barrier.

"That's the Shadow blade!" said Rouge.

"Yes and it's too fast for Black to avoid", said Shadow smiling.

Black screamed as Supersonic sliced through like a big circular saw. Black split into two but Supersonic wasn't taking any chances. This is going to take all the energy I have left. I don't know if I'm going to make it through this.

Supersonic charged into the space between the two sections. Supersonic then started to glow, brighter and brighter. Meanwhile the two sections of Black were starting to reform.

"This is for Chaos!" shouted Supersonic, "Who gave up his life to protect me. So that I could save Station Square, nay the world, from you"

Supersonic then discharged the energy in a huge sphere. As the positive energy mixed with the negative energy, every cell of Black was destroy one by one. The sky returned to normal as all that remained in that area was a Blue hedgehog, surrounded by Seven Chaos Emeralds.

Supersonic had used everything to beat Black and so reverted back to normal Sonic. It wasn't long before he began falling to the ground unconscious, as the Seven Chaos Emeralds scattered once more. Knuckles quickly grabbed Sonic before he reached the ground. He softly placed Sonic next to a wall. The Annemuir fell to the ground just behind Rouge. Rouge slid the blade back into its holster.

"Thanks Grandpa", she said softly.

"Did I finish him off?" coughed Sonic.

"Yes, and it looks like the Emeralds are purified", said Tails, "Everything's back to normal".

"You just rest a bit Sonic, Ok?" said Knuckles.

Sonic fell asleep and Knuckles headed towards where the Master Emerald lay. He quickly picked it back up and returned.

"Well guys it's been fun, but Angel Island won't raise itself", said Knuckles.

"Ok, see ya then Knuckles. We better take Sonic back to my workshop", said Tails.

Omega picked up Sonic and they all headed towards the Train station. Knuckles hired a boat to take him to Angel Island. Soon it was back in the sky where it belonged.

As Shadow reached Tails' Workshop he saw something glowing beside a tree. He dashed over to it to find it was in fact the Green Chaos Emerald.

"Ha! I always seem to run into you", said Shadow smiling and picking it up.

Shadow rejoined the group as Omega placed Sonic on a bed in Tails' Workshop.

"Well I guess that's it then. Let's go home", said Rouge.

"Right then, place your hands on my shoulder", said Shadow.

"See ya later guys", said Tails.

Rouge waved Goodbye as Shadow warped them back to Rouge's Mansion.

Sonic left Tails' Workshop as soon as Amy came to see him. It seemed like he got fit enough to move just in time to avoid her completely. He returned to the mountains he loves so much. An open playground for him to run about in.

Everything went back to normal. Tails spent his time fixing and improving the Tornado. Knuckles sat guarding the Master Emerald. Big spent every waking moment fishing and Amy planned her next move on cornering Sonic. Eggman went back to planning his next diabolical scheme and the rogues kept asking themselves what was next for them.

Especially Shadow was really concerned. He still believed this wasn't his time, he had no place in this world. As he re-arranged his room to suit his needs he remembered what Maria asked him to do.

"Please Shadow, just live".

Was it really all over? After all the demons were born to balance out the miracles Sonic performed to save the world. No doubt there will be seven more and when that happens they will return.

Just you wait Sonic. Next time you won't be so lucky.


Death struck the island of Angels and all hell broke lose

23rd June 2005