Chapter One

Morena (more-ray-nuh) ran around as she got ready for her family's night out. They were going to the orchestra and then out to dinner. Talk about Bores Ville. It wouldn't be too bad. Her friend, Kella, was coming with her.

Morena was a pretty girl at the age of fifteen. Her dark brown hair was shoulder length and slightly wavy. Her eyes were a clear cobalt color that glittered when she was laughing or had an idea.

Morena was in a long black outfit. The top was form fitting with a wide neck and short sleeves with a beautiful pattern on it. Her waist was framed with a blood red sash that tied at her hip and almost fell to the floor. The skirt slowly swooped out and became loose till it ended with a train. The girl had on a silver ring on each hand and a silver and pearl watch on her left wrist. She had on silver cross earrings that dangled below her ears. She wore two silver necklaces. One was fairly short with a silver and diamond Celtic cross charm. The second necklace was longer than the first and it had a silver cross charm on it. The cross was fairly modern with small pieces of black pearl on it.

"Rena (ray-nuh), are you almost ready?" came her mother's voice.

"Almost, mom." Morena shouted down as she put on her black skin tight boots.

"Hurry then." came her father's voice.

"Yes, papa." Rena replied as she put on black eyeliner and dark red lipstick.

Morena heard the phone ring as she ran down the stairs. Her father got it and spoke into the phone. There was a silence and then her father hung up.

"I have to leave." he said.

"Why, where are you going?" Morena asked.

"I've been called out of retirement." he said.

"But papa…"

"No buts. Now you and your mother take care of yourself." He smiled and bent down toward her.

"I'm going with you." her mother spoke up.

"No you are not, it's to dangerous." her dad said.

"What are you going to do that is dangerous?" Morena asked worried.

"Now, Gabriel, you didn't thing you'd leave me behind, did you?" her mother asked.

"No Anna. But that doesn't stop me from trying." her father replied.

All of a sudden the door rang and Morena ran to get it. Standing in the doorway was a fifteen year old girl. Her hair was about three inches longer than Morena's and was black like her mom's. Her eyes were dark brown and her skin was pale.

She was in all black with a corset around the waist. The sleeves of her top were made out of fishnet and went to her wrists. Around her neck was a gold necklace with a small green stone in the center. She had on a steel crescent moon ring. To finish off the look, she had on a long skirt.

"Kella. I'm surprised you got in a skirt.." Morena stated.

"I could say the same for you, Rena." the girl smiled back. Just then, Gabriel and Anna rushed out the door past Kella and Rena. The two got onto her father's motorbike.

"We love you Rena. We'll be back as soon as we can." her mother shouted and they sped off.

"My place?" Kella asked.


"C'mon then." Kella said.

"Let me go change. Sorry this is so short notice. I guess that's what you get for being a Van Helsing, huh?" Rena said smiling.

"You should try being a Corvin. It's a little bit harder." Kella said.

"Try me." Rena said from the top of the stairs. A few minuets later, Rena came down the stairs in the same outfit except she was in black jeans with the sash tied on as a belt.

"Ready?" Kella asked.

"Why does everyone ask me that?" Rena said as she threw on a long, flowing black trenchoat and a black hat. "Now I'm ready."

Rena locked the door and the two began to walk to Kella's house. Kella's house was huge, more like a mansion on the outskirts of town. It was dark and looked rather creepy in the moonlight with it's brickwork and vines all around it. It was one of the main reasons the girl loved it.

The two entered the house and walked through the main room, where there were usually several people. However, the room was mainly empty tonight. Rena followed Kella up to her room where the girl changed into dark red jeans instead of a skirt. She threw on a leather coat that went to her knees.

"Race you down the stairs." Kella said already half way out of the room.

"No fair!" Rena shouted running after her. Rena eventually caught up with her and saw the girl sliding down the rail. Rena jumped over the banister and landed in a crouch.

"No fair. Where did you learn to do that anyway?" Kella asked.

"One word: dad." Rena replied with a smirk.

"Your dad must be in good shape." Kella said.

"Kella," came a voice. The girls turned to see Kella's mom and dad walking towards them.

"We have to go for a while." her dad, Michael, told them.

"But why?" Kella asked worried.

"Um, old challenges have come up." her mom, Selene told her.

"Alright. Well, I'll be here." Kella told them.

"Well be back soon, I promise." Michael told her and they ran off.

"Have you noticed that everyone's parents are suddenly running off?" Rena asked.

"Funny, isn't it?" Kella said. The girls shrugged and ran off to the movie room to watch Frankenstein and The world is not enough (James Bond).

"So how long are your parents going to be gone?" Kella asked.

"A day or two." Rena shrugged.

"I may just have to kidnap you then." Kella said smiling.

"Oh how dreadful." Rena said sarcastically. "What horrible thing are you going to put me through first?" Kella smiled.

"How you gonna get your stuff?" Kella asked.

"I'll run by my house later and get it. I know when I sleep over at your house, I have to be prepared for anything." Rena said smiling.

The girls sat through Frankenstein as they laughed and goofed around. A scream was heard outside from the common room. The girls looked at each other and ran toward the common room. They got there just in time to see the entire house was cornered by a group of men with guns. Kella saw the leader and her eyes flamed with hatred.

"Kraven." she whispered.

"Who's he?" Rena asked in a whisper. She felt something at the base of her spine. Evil was close.

"My parents arch enemy." Kella replied softly. Rena lowered her hat over her face so it was covered in shadow.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Kraven. Most of you probably already know me."

"I don't believe I've had the pleasure." Rena said stepping through the crowd.

"Are you crazy?" Kella asked her.

"Partly. Why?" Rena replied.

"And who might you be?" Kraven asked her.

"What's it to you?" Rena said.

"Give me your name."

"Give me one reason why I should."

"I was sent here to retrieve someone. I need to know if you are them." Kraven said.

"I'm sorry I couldn't hear you. Your shiny shirt was to loud." Rena smirked.

"Kella." he whispered.

"Oh, no. You must be mistaken. The name is Rena."

"Well, Lycan, then this is your last day on earth." Kraven said.

"I highly doubt that." Rena said and flicked her wrists outward. Tojo blades slid into her hands and she flicked them on. Rena stood there and waited. Kraven nodded and the ten men behind him ran forward.

Rena cut a circular hole in the ground and vanished.

"Follow her!" Kraven said. Suddenly, all the men were inside the hole and only Kraven remained.

"Honestly, you really do need a better battle strategy." Kella smirked as she saw Rena on the top of the rafters. Rena smiled at her friend as she put her grappling gun away inside her coat.

Kraven looked up only to be knocked in the whole by Rena.

"Everyone out!" Kella yelled. There was a mad dash for the front door. Everyone was out and the girls shut the doors behind them.

"My place." Rena said.

"Uh, duh." Kella said.

The girls ran to Rena's house. When they got there, Rena's dad was waiting for her.

"Oh, Rena. I'm so glad you are alright. We are leaving, now." he said.

"But dad…" Rena protested. She was cut off by a figure moving toward them. It was Michael.

"Dad?" Kella asked.

"Kella, we have to leave." he told her.

"For how long?" the girl asked.

"Yes, how long?" Rena asked turning to her own father.

"I don't know." both father's said at the same time. The girls looked at each other and Kella handed Rena her ring and Rena handed Kella her steel band with a vine pattern engraved on it.

"I'll be back for this." both girls said at the same time. They hugged and then went with their own fathers.

Rena got on her dad's motorcycle and looked back at Kella as they sped off into the night.

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