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Chapter Eight

Morena, Kella, Selene, Michael, Max, Frankenstein, Lucien and Raze all entered Vaseria on foot. The village hadn't changed much. Rena could tell that from what little her father and Frankenstein had told her. However, the buildings weren't as old fashioned, neither were the people. Unfortunately, they still didn't trust strangers.

They gathered around them, pistols and hunting rifles in hand.

"What do we do about them?" Kella asked.

"This will be interesting." Rena said and lowed her hat over her eyes.

"Where might you all be going?" they heard.

There was a man standing on the well wall. He looked to be about the age of twenty. His light brown hair was shaggy and his eyes were gray. He had on a black leather jacket that went about four inches past his waist and black boots along with jeans. Under his coat was a gray sweater.

"Who are you?" Lucien asked.

"My name is Ian. I am the ruler of this village."

"You look awfully familiar to me. Are you by chance a descendant of Velkan Valerious?" Frankenstein asked.

"Yes I am." Ian replied.

Rena smiled. She walked toward him, noticing the villagers were on full alert.

"Ian Valerious," she said taking off her hat. "I am Morena Van Helsing, other wise known as Rena."

Ian jumped off the well and shook her hand.

"I'm a descendant of Anna Valerious. Nice to meet you…cousin, I would guess?" Rena said.

"Finally, a Van Helsing has returned to help us with our vampire problem." Ian said.

"The one and only." Rena replied.

"How bad has the vampire problem been?" Kella asked walking up behind her.

"Two women were taken about two days ago. A blond and a brunette. The blond was Megan and the brunette was Kelsey." Ian said.

"What about any ly…werewolf problems?" Selene asked and had to stop herself from saying 'lycan.'

"There's only one around, but it was killed yesterday." Ian said. Michael, Raze and Lucien glared at Ian, but the young Valerious missed it.

"Ian, could you tell us if Valerious Manor still stands?" Max asked, wanting to change the subject.

"Yes, but it's been closed up for years." Ian replied.

"Thank you." Rena told him and they immediately to set off.

It didn't take them long to reach the manor. Ian was right, it was closed up. There were boards over the windows and chain locks on the doors. Rena looked at the lock and sighed. She turned to the group, a gun in her hand.

"All with guns out and ready." she said and turned to the lock. Kella, Selene, Lucien, Raze and Michael all took out a gun. "Fire."

Needless to say with six bullets hitting the lock it blew off, along with the chains. Frankenstein opened the door and they all filed in. Looking around at her friends, Rena knew one thing. This she was going to do by herself.

Night quickly passed into day and day turned to sunset. Rena knew she had to go before the others woke up. Even Kella was asleep, for once. She knew time was running short as she rummaged through what used to be her mother's room. Then she found what she was looking for. Rena took it and ran down the hallway to the armory.

There, Rena quickly loaded up on weapons. She had about four stakes, her tojo blades, three daggers, two guns, both kinds of bullets (silver nitrate and UVB), and even a few werewolf venom bullets Max had made. She also had a bright flare gun to blind the vampires if needed and a grappling gun.

Rena looked out the window to see the sun just about to sink beyond the horizon. She watched it slowly and carefully as she waited. She had to time this just right. She heard a groan above her. Michael was awake.

Rena set to work. She moved the chair and took what she had found in her mom's room out of her coat. It was the Latin inscription. She placed it in it's spot and backed up.

"In the name of God, open this door." she said. The map slowly began to vanish into the mirror. She heard foot steps approach as she grabbed a flaming torch off the wall. The foot steps were getting closer and would soon be on her. Rena closed her eyes and stepped through the portal as a fading shout entered her ears. It was Kella.

Perfect. Rena thought to herself.

Kella saw Rena enter the mirror. "Rena!" she shouted. Kella knew she couldn't go alone. The girl ran to the portal only to find it was closing. Kella jumped through only to find a castle beyond it.

"Rena!" Kella shouted running forward.

"What took you?"

Kella turned around to see Rena leaning on the frame of the mirror, arms crossed and a smirk on her face.

"I hate you! You made me worry!" Kella said smacking her. Rena's smirk turned into a large smile.

"What can I say? I am a Van Helsing after all, plus I've been spending way to much time around Lucien."

"True." Kella said. "So we gonna do this?"

"I am, definitely. You can decide for yourself." Rena said lowering her hat over her eyes and made her way towards the castle.

"Hey, can't let you have all the fun. Plus, this Dracula guy is ruining our good vampire/lycan reputation." Kella said and caught up with her.

"What good reputation?" Rena asked. Kella thought about it a moment.

"Once again, this is true."

The got to the doors and looked up at them.

"Hold on." Kella said grabbing the back of Rena's collar. Kella bolted up the icy columns and then they landed on the floor of the huge entryway of the castle.

"Well, that was interesting." Rena said brushing herself off.

"Hello girls."

The girls looked up to see Aleera and the two new brides, Megan and Kelsey hanging off the ceiling.

"In the words of my mom…" Rena said and then suddenly had a perfect Transylvanian accent. "Run!"

The two flew towards the stairs. The brides screeched as they followed them. The girls sprinted up the spiral stair case.

"Rena, find Dracula I'll hold them off." Kella told her.

"Okay, if I can find an exit." Rena said then had an idea. She took out her flare gun. "Close your eyes." she said and held up the gun.

"Nice try little one." Aleera hissed and raised Rena off the floor.

"Put me down!" Rena shouted at the bride. She tried to grab one of her wings but the bride flung her into a column. Rena screamed as she hit it and fell to the ground.

"Rena!" Kella shouted.

Rena groaned as she got to her feet. "Okay, that hurt." she said and shook her head out. She looked up to see her body had broken off some of the stone on the column she hit. "Ouch." she whispered.

"Come here darling." Megan said swooping down to her. Rena flattened herself against the floor and the bride swooped over her. Rena pushed herself up and joined Kella as the two bolted up the steps.

Dracula was heard noise coming from the entryway. We went to go see what it was and saw the two girls fighting off his brides. He smiled.

"So they finally made it." he said to himself and then rushed off to prepare his trap.

Rena and Kella reached the top of the stairs gasping for air. They saw a bridge before them. Across from them was none other than Dracula.

"To bad evolution took out your wings." Rena told Kella. Behind them, they could here the brides getting closer. Kella began to hiss as her fangs grew larger and her skin color darkened and her nails grew longer.

Rena flicked her wrists out and her tojo blades slid into her hands. Rena growled lowly as she flicked the blades on. This was it, this is where they were going to take a stand.

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