I know it's been forever but I finally found chapter 4, 5, and 6! So expect updates soon!

Chapter 4

Hermione was very annoyed when she got back to the dormitory that night. People had been teasing her all day about sleeping in late with Harry in the common room. When she sat down to do her potions homework she found that her book had been taped shut.

"Fred! George!" she yelled

"You rang?" Fred said as he stepped through the portrait hole.

"What's wrong 'Mione?" George said with fake concern.

"Did you two tape my book shut?"

"Of course not"

"Why would we do that?"

"I wonder who did it then?" Hermione asked

"You think about that" said Fred'

"We've got to go," said George

"Bye" they said in unison.

Hermione asked every Gryffindor if they had taped her book shut but no one had.

"That's weird." She thought.