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War is hell.
Soft memories
of ancient words.
Famous words,
forgotten words,
in corrupt times.

"Shinji, ne?"

True, right?
Soft words,
from young yet
wizened lips.
My dear Cicada,
listen, please.

"Iie, bounen."

No, forget it.
Live in the
moment of now?
Yes, let us.
Let us forget
all our troubles
and revel,
for now, we have
our love.

"Anata suki desu."

I love you.
Then show me how
you love your queen.
Come Cicada, we
have much time.
Forget yourself,
in the moment.


As you can see, I can't write poetry. Meh, well, also, in case you're as blind as some people this is about Delphine (read the description, idiot).