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Girls of the Fallen Rain

"Sometimes, a gentle rain can wash away the most valuable thing from us..."

It was raining that day, when two family's lives were washed clean. Innocent souls were taken and brought.

"FLOOD! FLOOD!" cried the watch tower.

Everyone panicked as they tried to escape, yet it was in vain. The raging waters poured through the streets, wiping out the town. Two teen looking girls clung to each other as the waters engulfed them. Together they struggled to stay afloat.

"If we stay together maybe we won't die!"

They were swept away, their home now lay in ruins. With one last fleeting look at their home, both girls were lost in a sea of black.

"It's still raining. Damn, I didn't bring my umbrella." Kyou Sohma slammed his fist on his desk. "I hate it when it rains."

"Baka Neko! It's you own damn fault that you didn't bring it" Yuki Sohma pointed out as he finished gathering his things.

"Kyou-kun? Yuki-kun? Are you ready to leave?" Tohru popped her head into the classroom. She had just finished talking to Hana-chan and Uo-chan.

"Honda-san, yes we are ready. At least I am."

"Damn Rat!" Kyou dragged himself out the door.

The soft rain thudded against their umbrellas, Yuki and Kyou shared one, mush to their dislike, and Tohru had one to herself.

"Oh!" Tohru stopped in her tracks. "Yuki-kun? Kyou-kun? Could you both wait here? I left a few notes I need at school."

"Yes, Honda-san."


"Great! Be back in a minuet!" The rain was starting to pour harder, it was hard to see very far.

Tohru ran as fast as she could, she didn't want Yuki or Kyou to wait too long. As she was crossing the streets, Tohru was caught in the headlights of a car. Her screams mixed with the screeching of breaks filled the air. It was followed by the sound of a body making impact with a car.



Yuki let the umbrella drop as he and Kyou raced to find out what happened. Their clothes were soaked, and the wind beat against their cold skin, but they didn't mind. They need to see what happened.

There, in the street lay the broken body of Tohru Honda. Her blood mixed with the water making the streets run red. The man driving the car stepped out.

"OH GOD! She just appeared out of nowhere! I didn't see her till it was too late!"

Yuki and Kyou just stared at the scene before them. The color drained from their faces. They walked as if they were in a dream.

"No, Honda-san, wake up! Open those eyes of yours!"

"Tohru, it's me Kyou. Get up like you always do." Both boys kneeled over her, hoping this was a dream. How badly they wanted to embrace her, to hold her close to them, to keep her warm and safe from the world. But the curse wouldn't let them. No, the moment they'd hug her they would transform. They were helpless. Completely useless. Useless, it struck them, with a force they could not bear.

"The ambulance will be here any second! Look here it comes! Oh god! What have I done?!" A crowd had gathered by now, they parted to let the medical team in.

"What happened?" asked the head Medic.

"I didn't see her till she was in my light! By them it was too late. I..." The man broke down .

"Could both of you move please?" A stretcher was produced and Tohru was placed on it. Kyou and Yuki climbed in after them. The ambulance pulled forward and began the race against time.

"Her vital signs are dropping!"

"Get her on an IV!"
"She lost a lot of blood, we need a transfusion."

The Paramedic scrambled to keep her steady. Don't die! Just don't die! Both boys thought. Don't leave us now! They approached the hospital when Tohru started to flat line.

"Move out of the way!" one Medic pushed Yuki down. "CLEAR!"

Everything slowed down for both Yuki and Kyou. They only heard the sound of Tohru's heart failing. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!!

"Time of death, 5:09 in the afternoon." They pulled up to the hospital. "She's gone."

"NO! We don't believe it! Tohru!" They watched as her lifeless body was taken into the hospital. The rain poured, as if mourning for the dead angel.

"She's what?!" Shigure gripped the edge of the table.

"She's gone. Dead. A car hit her." Yuki voice was quivering. "Her body's at the hospital. She's really gone.." He broke down into tears.

"Our little flower, dead..." Shigure hung up the phone.

When the news reached all ears, everyone gathered at Shigure's home.

"Please tell me it's a lie!" Momiji was having fits.

"No. She's dead. The funeral is going to be held tomorrow." Kyou breathed.

Everyone remained quiet. They were aware of how lonely it had gotten.

"Meet here tomorrow at 6 am sharp!" Shigure left the room. Everyone nodded and left. Sleep was something very far from everyone's mind.

So Tohru Honda died and everyone gathered to say good bye to their beloved friend. The road to heaven is one not many want others to cross just yet, but her time came. They could only smile weakly as they thought of Tohru reuniting with her mother. The thought gave them little comfort, but it was a comfort of a sort. And so they began a new life, one without Tohru Honda. But waters keep flowing and soon, new blossoms will bloom.

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