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Dried Tears II: A Championship of Challenges


"Slow down a little, Ray! That last move threw you off balance!"

"Ok, Kai!"

Two blades, silver and blue, spun engaged in friendly practice battle on the warm beach sand. The sun was shining brightly, and the balmy breezes tickled the beautiful raven-haired teen's face. It had been almost a month ago... since he and his team captain had been together. He had been the one to melt the seemingly cold-hearted Kai Hiwatari's heart. And he was the one who Kai loved with all his heart and soul.

And what about Kai? He loved Ray dearly and would do anything to keep him safe, to protect him... to love him. He had proved the first one when he had kept Ray out of that disgusting ape Dunga's clutches. He had proved the second one when he sacrificed himself to save Ray from a falling roller coaster. And the last, but definitely not least, he was willing to prove as many times necessary.

After a final round of training, both beyblades flew to their owner's respective hands at the same time. Ray wiped some sweat off his forehead.

"Well, break time!" he chirped, before Kai wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him close. Ray couldn't help but giggle when Kai started nibbling his neck hungrily.

"Kai!!" Ray whined playfully, trying to get away from his phoenix's "evil" clutches, but the snickering phoenix wouldn't have it. "Not now!"

"Mmm... why not, kitten?" Kai whispered huskily in Ray's ears. His seductive breath sent shivers down the neko-jin's spine. A bright blush formed on Ray's cheeks when Kai swept him off his feet, bridal-style.

"Kai! Put me down!" Ray ordered frantically, but Kai just smirked at him. He loved making his kitten blush. He always looked so adorable when that cute redness invaded the bridge of his nose. So adorable... and so desirable at the same time.

"I don't think so, kitten." The phoenix chuckled, and started walking with Ray in his arms. He was heading towards the sea's soft and salty waves. Ray gulped and his heart started beating fast.

"K-Kai?" he stuttered, as the phoenix tentatively dipped his foot in the warm water, followed by his other. Pretty soon, Kai was knee-deep in the water. "Kai!!" Ray gasped. He clinged tightly to his phoenix, not wanting to come into contact with the dreaded liquid that scared him so much. The only water he tolerated was the one from the shower, which was nice, relaxing and NOT A LOT! But the sea... it's just... A LOT OF WATER!

"What's wrong, kitty-witty? Scared of a little water, are we?" Kai smirked when his cowering boyfriend glared daggers at him.

"Kai, don't you DARE put me down." Ray hissed. Aggression dissolved in a whimper when Kai threw him up in the air and caught him before he landed in the water. The tiger then clung to his team captain like a Velcro strap. "Kai, don't."

"You have to convince me." Kai grinned wickedly, whilst a perfect raven eyebrow arched over a golden eye.

Next thing Kai knew, Ray was attacking his mouth fiercely in a kiss. The phoenix blader was so surprised he fell backwards, with Ray and all.

"Kai!" Ray yelled annoyed, brushing his now soaked bangs out of his eyes. Kai was laughing his head off in a very un-Kai-like manner. Ray glared knives, forks, daggers, swords and many more pointy objects at his boyfriend, who remained unfazed and cracking up. "It's NOT funny!"

"Hahaha... Yes it is! Hahahaha!" Kai guffawed, salt water dripping slowly off his slate-colored bangs. Ray shut him up quickly with another kiss. When they broke apart, Kai chuckled a bit.

"Heh... guess it was worth it then." He smirked deliciously at Ray. Ray blushed as he pulled Kai to his feet. They were completely soaked from head to toe, which only meant one thing: a sulking Ray.

"Kai!" he whined playfully again, wading out of the beach and out of Kai's reach before he somehow ended in the water again. Once in the sand, he took off his shoes, emptying them of water, and undid his hair wrap, wringing the salt water from the silky raven mass. Meanwhile, Kai took off his boots and shook his head vigorously; excess drops of water falling everywhere. Ray giggled as the countless drops sprayed him. When Kai was done, his hair was spiked in all directions sort of messily, giving him a damn sexy irresistible look.

The phoenix blader turned to face his kitten, who was still battling with his hair... his gorgeous hair. Ray was about to braid the hair out of his face, when Kai put his hand on Ray's wrist.

"No. Leave it like that." He begged, taking Ray's chin in his hand. "It looks amazing."

Ray blushed six different shades of crimson, but shook his head.

"Sorry but it gets in my eyes."

Kai resigned to having Ray tie his hair in a low ponytail. After that, Ray gave him a quick peck in the cheek. "I'm going back to the dojo to show off my new moves." He winked. They had been spending the whole morning practicing new battle moves that would come up useful in the tournament for sure. And training with Kai had its benefits. Ray's Driger V2 stats had increased noticeably.

"Go get 'em, tiger." He said as he smiled. "Or should I say... kitten?"

Ray narrowed his eyes before bursting into a grin. "Later."

When Ray disappeared from view, Kai sighed and grabbed his Dranzer and launcher once more.

"Alright, Dranzer, let's go!"

To be continued!

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