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July 31, 1996

Harry's 16th Birthday


I am writing you this so that when Voldemort is defeated, you will know the truth, the whole truth, even if it is from my pint of view.

Harry, your father and Sirius were brothers. They had to have been. They didn't need blood, the fact that they were not of the same parents was a mere technicality. They were brothers, and I was their best friend. And Wormtail, Wormtail was the baby, the tag along, always in search of power.

Harry, when your father befriended me, I was nervous. Nervous to accept a friend when they could leave me if they found out I was a werewolf. But even after learning that, James and Sirius stood by me.

Harry, you are just like your parents. You know, you have James smile. James was such a great friend, he promised that, no matter what, he would never leave my side. And he hasn't, you're still here, you are James, and Lily.

No one would have believed me had I told them in sixth year that those two would to be married. Lily hated James, no, she didn't really, she simply acted that way.

Lily's love for your father ran deep, and it killed her. It killed her because he was so, not her type. But she loved him and he loved her, and eventually, he gave in.

Harry, it wasn't your fault Sirius died. It was mine. I didn't stop him. I never stopped him, I always let him do what he wanted. Sirius Black, my friend, my compadre, my brother, died because I couldn't, no because I didn't stop him, and I don't think I ever will.

Harry, I will help you defeat Wormtail and Voldemort. I will make them suffer. Not because they took away my friends, no, because they took away my brothers, and your parents.

-Remus Lupin