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July 31. 1998

My 18th Birthday

Dear Ginny,

You're right. You are completely and totally right. There is more misery, but I am free.

Ginny, I hope I've treated you as an equal through the years. I never saw you as just Ron's little sister. But I guess for the first four years, I didn't really pay much attention to you.

Ginny, I know I turned my back on you guys in Seventh year, but I thought it was for the best. Do you forgive me?

Hermione and I want you to be in the wedding. In fact, Hermione wants you as her Maid of Honor. Neville is going to be there. No, we aren't stupid, we know about you and Neville.

I hope you're having fun in school. I hope McGonagall's doing okay. I talked to Hagrid yesterday, asked him why he didn't write me a letter. He said he wasn't good with writing, and that he'd just talk to me after the War. Which he did, so no hard feelings.

Ginny please come to the wedding. It's on October 26th. McGonagall's coming, so she can't say no to you and Luna.



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