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Deadly Secrets of Love

Thicker, darker, it grows; soon it will block out the sun and swallow the world into eternal darkness. Smoggy cities will melt from the acid slowly merging with the oxygen we take for granted. Pure air shall just be a memory unless we can convince the people to not be so wasteful and careless. Thoughts floating in my head stalled as Captain Sauwaguchi walked over to me with the obvious look of anger.

"Some thing wrong Captain?" words quick and emotionless; god, I hate my job. She ignored my words and simply sat down at her desk.

Damn this world and its monsters, the monsters that it created. If this world felt it was in danger wouldn't it obviously protect itself. Harsh words broke my thoughts.

"Momiji, you're off for the rest of the day," the captain took a quick brake to look at the confused look I gave. "You heard me, get out."

"But I don't want to go." I see your trick, you're hiding something.

"Do you think I care what you want?" it wasn't really a question but more of a statement. Without another word passing between us I left with an upset attitude. Nobody cares how you feel, no one.


Unlocking the door to my apartment thunder flashed in the window and I flinched. I'm grown up there is no reason in hell why I should be afraid of some stupid thunderstorm. I knew the real reason I flinched; somewhere out there in the rain, in some tree looking in at my window was Kusanagi. He will always stay true to his vow to protect me. I wonder if it's just his vow or if he stays for some other reason, sometimes I wish I knew what he was thinking.

It's been seven years since the Aragami had been killed, but he still watches over me endlessly. That's why I had to leave from his sight right away last year; I had to stay hidden that year. I touched my stomach. I had to hide our secret from him. I'm glad he's always there though. He will always be there, right? I crept to my window and released my hot breath on the glass, making a foggy circle. I quickly wrote the words in the circle and crawled into bed, hoping he saw them.

In the foggy circle on my window the words I Love You were written. I watched as the fog bean to fade inward, erasing my message from the window glass; the words that were so heartfelt disappeared. I closed my eyes and a familiar black pit pulled me into my world of endless dreams.


Pit, pat, pit, pat. The sound of the rain hitting the roof of the building was Kusanagi's own little melody of happiness. He was tired, he was hungry, but didn't care. He, as always, was wondering if I knew he was out there, wondering if I was thinking of him. And I was. I always will be, I am thinking of him now as I write my story, as I eat my breakfast, and when kiss the mirror in the morning. He knew his mistake the moment he fulfilled his every fantasy. He said he loved me and he meant it.


The morning was still all except the sound of someone jumping out of a tree. The sound was of him. Today's the day, I thought to myself. My visitation. I was slow getting out of bed and dressing, I was scared to death he would follow me. I stood on my feet and let the tiredness escape my eyes allowing the sun to stretch my mind.

The leaves were dripping for the rainstorm, but all I felt was peace. I went to my closet and picked out a descent pair of clothes and laid them on my bed. I better hurry and get in the shower so I don't show up late. I ran to the bathroom and slipped of my nightgown off and slid the curtain closed.

After my shower I walked out into my room. I stood at the foot of my bed for a moment with the towel wrapped around me. Some one is here, in my room somewhere. I turned around and looked at the corner of my room and saw the tall, masculine figure leaning against the wall.

"Kusanagi, what are doing in here?" I was trying not to show the fear in my voice. I turned around and picked up my clothes and began walking toward the bathroom again.

"I came to speak with you, you just came back and you haven't told me why you left for a year. Are you changing your mind? Is there something you want to tell me?" He stood to the side of the door of the bathroom so that I could get dressed and talk with him at the same time.

"No there is nothing at all to tell, it was a business trip that I went on... yah a business trip." I slipped on the pair of jeans I picked out and buttoned them up.

"Then why does it sound like you are lying to me?" Kusanagi crossed his arms.

"I'm not lying to you, in fact I have to go on another one right now." I slipped my arm into the last hole and let my shirt drop down so that it was fully on. I picked up my hairbrush and walked out of the bathroom. Kusanagi looked at me as I passed by him.

"Where are you going on this trip?" Kusanagi kept the conversation going as I leaned down to get a bag from under my bed.

"Now, Kusanagi, I work for the government, everything I do is confidential. You knew that already." I placed the bag on the bed and walked to the dresser to get some clothes for my trip. I hoped that he was buying all of this garbage that I was feeding him.

"Something has changed about you since you came back, not the same aura. I can still sense the aura, it's just not on you anymore." I walked right in front of him and he grabbed my arm, he looked deep in my eyes and I looked deep in his. His grip loosened, "how long?"

"For two weeks maybe shorter, it all depends." I looked down at my feet still standing in front of him.

"I am going with you, and I don't care what you or anyone else has to say about it. Do you understand?" I was shocked. He couldn't come with me, it would ruin everything, and the secret would be left with his scar for life.

I grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him into the nearest wall, "you listen to me, and you listen good, if I catch you anywhere near me or my line of work while I am on this trip, you will be sorry!" My eyes were filling with tears.

Kusanagi put up his hands to show that he was defenseless and had a shocked expression on his face. I let go of him and calmed myself down enough that I could finish packing. "You may stay here if you want to, I will be back in a while." I grabbed my backpack, handed him the keys to the apartment, and left.


"She approaches," cried the computer. Wires flowed from the speakers to the young babies head. The baby never cried, never slept, never ate or drank. It was just there, growing like a tree. The child looked normal enough, but what happened when it thought was incredible.

"Mother will soon be here, I hope the one who follows her is not trying to find me." The child gave a very creepy giggle. The baby closed its eyes and the room dimmed a bit. "I shall sleep in the presence of my mother, but for anyone else I shall find a way to stay awake. I am no longer just a mere sacrifice; a new breed of Kushinada is born in me."

And the child slept.


I ran through the doors with my identification tag in hand showing it to all the security guards as I sped by them. I ran right into the Lab. My baby in that chair with all those wires made me scream, "BRING HER DOWN, NOW!" The machine lowered the child and I held her in my arms for a long time, one day, I'll bring you home. I fell asleep on the floor with my little girl in my arms.


I awoke in a soft bed; it was nearly 1:30 AM in the morning. My baby was right next to me, "what's wrong with you? What is so different about you that you have to stay here?" I murmured to my little girl. "Kaede, I know you can hear me." I faced the ceiling once again and fell back to sleep.

They baby's eyes opened; I know you know I can hear you, but what will you do about it, mother. I wish you to take me away from here. The child looked out the window to see a man standing on a nearby tree branch. I hope both you and me can escape this place and never have to look back. The child fell back to sleep.


Murakumo knew that the child had seen him, but he still couldn't believe that he could hear its voice in his head. It does not matter. It will die nonetheless, thought Murakumo.

Murakumo took off, toward the window. He opened it carefully. He didn't want to wake the child or me. He stepped into the room and made his way toward the bed, he could sense danger. Murakumo was next to the child and held out his hand.

Kaede opened her eyes. She looked at Murakumo. Murakumo looked at the child.

Would you like a quick death, or one long and agonizing? Murakumo could hear the words in his head, but he knew that they weren't his thoughts. Suddenly he felt like he had been hit in the stomach by an anvil, it was a heavy hit. Murakumo wasn't effected much since he had super-human strength, but he still felt it. Leave now and I will spare your life, oh, and do me a favor. Tell my father you saw me. You should know who my father is by now. The voice of Kaede, the child, in his head again. Murakumo looked at me, he knew who the father was. That's a good boy; go now before I stop feeling sorry for you.

Murakumo left. He went to find Kusanagi. Those were his orders, from the Princess Kushinada.


Kusanagi was sprawled out on my bed, he didn't want me to go, but I was already gone. He was still awake; it was almost 2:30 AM.

Just then Kusanagi sensed something, he ran out to the balcony. It was in the trees, so Kusanagi jumped into the trees in search of this familiar aura. He thought just one word. Murakumo.


As Murakumo waited for Kusanagi to arrive at the park, he wondered if the child really was a Kushinada. She's not like the others; unlike the ones before her she is very different. I can't believe she is that strong. I'll have to keep a close eye on her as she grows. I wonder if she is the reason I awoke from my slumber, while the rest of the Aragami slept. Murakumo stopped pondering.

Kusanagi was approaching at a high speed. Murakumo just smiled and stepped a bit to his right.


Kusanagi was sure he was going to get Murakumo this time. I'll just sneak up behind him and hit him with a surprise attack. Kusanagi was really excited.

He jumped up from the ground and thrust his blade into...air. Murakumo was floating overhead.

"Do you still think that an imperfect soul like you could just sneak attack the king of Aragami?" Murakumo laughed to himself.

"What the hell are you doing here, I thought the Aragami were gone." Kusanagi prepared to pounce up and attack Murakumo. Murakumo stopped smiling and floated down onto the branch that Kusanagi stood on.

"I don't know what's happened, but your child has something to do with it!" Murakumo glared at Kusanagi.

"What are you talking about?" Kusanagi paused. "I don't have a child!" Kusanagi put his blades away; he realized that Murakumo had not come to fight him.

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