Deliberately Sabotaged

A Card Captor Sakura Alternate Reality Fic by X-Sprinter

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Full Summary: Sakura, daughter of the Emperor of Japan, which is still recognized today. Her brother, Touya Kinomoto, heir to the throne and the Prime Minister of the country is a bit overprotective with Sakura, although he gave way for Syaoran Li, heir to the Li Clan and one of their closest ally. Syaoran and Sakura are engaged and truly in love. But someone destroys their relationship, which causes a worldwide phenomenon

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Chapter 1: First Dance, First Kiss and First Shot

CAUTION: Chapter contains scenes not suitable for general audiences, parental guidance is recommended.

Kinomoto Citadel, February 14, A.W. (After War) 130

A young man in the age of 19 walks inside the huge palace, he has a chocolate brown chestnut messy hair, amber eyes and a well built body, which makes all girls drool over him. He's kind of used to it although his mother isn't. Yelan thinks that his flirting even when he has a fiancé.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing, his highness Fujitaka Kinomoto and her highness, his highness' daughter Sakura Kinomoto." The butler like security man thingy said

Sakura in her best gown by Daidouji Designs Inc. really brings out the best in her. Her pink gown that drags down the floor is translucent, making everyone see her slim and slender figure inside and out. All the men in the room almost flooded the whole Palace.

Fujitaka walked towards the Li heir and handed his daughter and let them had the first valentine dance of the year.

Fujitaka then announced "Welcome everyone to the annual valentines ball here in Kinomoto Citadel, I would like to offer the first dance to my daughter, Sakura Kinomoto and her fiance, Syaoran Li of the Li Empire"

Sakura and Syaoran waltzed around the room. Only the two of them dancing, the golden floor shimmering with the chandeliers on top of it. Her pink dress illuminating with the silver glitters and Syaoran's Suit was also glimmering with its shining badges and jewelries.

After waltzing for about 15 minutes, Syaoran and Sakura walked out to the balcony feeling the cold breeze and talking about some non-sense that even I, the author, don't know.

Syaoran then without making second thoughts suddenly kissed the shocked woman who in return kissed back as they went on for about God knows how long, well if God doesn't know, I know. They went on for 10 minutes with air intervals. Their hands were busy that time touching everything they could touch, their, hair, hands, cheeks, chest, abdomen, intestines, the floor and even the roof if they could.

Fujitaka was smiling while ten bodyguards, 5 from Syaoran and 5 from Sakura's personal security was restraining Touya. Sakura and Syaoran knew something like this would happen so they instructed their security.

At the hill adjacent to the balcony was a sniper who was aiming at Sakura. The shooter shot and everyone in the Palace started screaming as Sakura fell down at the same time.

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