A/N: Well, I probably shouldn't be starting another fic when I've got so many going, but, you know, heh. I'll try to update once a month anyway. I know I'm sort of notorious for letting my stories fester, but I always finish them, that's something, right? Er, heh. Anyways this is the final fic of the Dreamweaver Arc (previously my unnamed Sess/Kag)

The stories in that arc are as follows:

1. Not that he Cared (due to weirdness in the way I formatted this one, readers and possibly readers get what appears to be a long span of text. If it's too much to handle, I've corrected the problem on my website, and you can read it there (just check my profile for the link).

2. Brothers After All

3. A Fragile Heart

4. I Will Wait (this story)

I Will Wait

By: Banshee Puppet

Prologue: Falling Through Time

Kagome squeaked, the demon hovering over her like a bad habit, and she wondered how it had ended up like this, or how a man had any business being so beautiful...


Kagome sat on the edge of the Bone Eater's Well. Inuyasha was being irrational again. She wasn't just a convenient shard detector. She had midterms damnit!—midterms, and she needed to study. She sighed. Maybe he would never understand. She kicked her feet in aggravation. Stupid Inuyasha. Stupid stupid stupid!

Sesshomaru quirked an eyebrow from where he had been sitting up in the branches of the Goshinboku. 'What in the world is that idiot miko doing?' he wondered, leaping easily from the tree. "Woman, you'll fall," he stated, sneaking up behind her without realizing he was doing so. He sometimes forgot that humans didn't share a demon's superior senses. Even so, he couldn't have her falling to her death until after he'd used her to acquire the tetsusaiga.

Startled, Kagome squeaked, tumbling forward. Sesshomaru reached out to grab her, she could die later, but his eyes widened when, in her panic, she accidentally grabbed his tail, making him let loose an uncivilized yelp at the pain as he tumbled forward with her. He expected a hard thud, but was caught by...something. It was like falling through water, and then it suddenly stopped and he was lying on the bottom of the well with his brother's miko sitting on his chest.

Kagome blinked, confused for a moment before leaping to her feet. "Sesshomaru?!??"

The youkai rose, dusting off his sleeve in that prim manner he had. 'Must she always yell?' he wondered. It seemed to the inuyoukai that women were always hollering about something.

Kagome glanced up. Ceiling. This was bad.

Sesshomaru grabbed her wrist and leapt out of the well.

Really bad.

He blinked, taking in unfamiliar surroundings. 'Where...is this?'

Really, really bad.

He stared coldly down at the teenager. "Explain," he said. "Now."

Kagome swallowed the lump in her throat. 'Mommy!'

End of Prologue


A/N: Well, I've let this arc fester for a while because I didn't know what to do for the final story, but I have a basic idea now, finally. For those of you who don't know, this is the final story of the "Dreamweaver" Arc, my Sess/Kag arc which began with the one-shot "Not That he Cared". If the stories are read out of sequence they probably won't make sense, so I will remind once again that the arc goes as follows: 1. Not that he Cared, 2. Brothers After All, 3. A Fragile Heart, and 4. I Will Wait (this story).

I hope to write this story more quickly than the last, but who knows? I'm writing many things at the moment (as usual) and am involved in many other projects as well, so I will try to get a chapter up every month crosses fingers. And, of course, I took up drawing again, so that's something else to distract myself with. Heh.