A/N: And so, the fated moment has finally arrived. The epilogue to I will wait, and the final chapter of the 'Dreamweaver Arc' of fanfics. How long have I been writing this series? I don't even know, but it feels like a lifetime or longer. Kind of like bidding a fond adieu to an old friend, I have mixed feelings here. It's a relief that it's finally over…but at the same time, I think 'wow…it's…over.' It's kind of like watching the end of an Age. There will be no further sequels to this story. I think I've done enough. Finishing a few other stories and arcs will be taken care of next, and then, I will be taking a leave of absence from the lands of fanfiction to pursue other interests. Perhaps someday I shall return to it, but I do hope you've enjoyed the ride that this crazy little arc has taken you on.

Now, with standard disclaimers and no further adieu, I present the finale of my little tale…

I Will Wait

By: Banshee Puppet

Epilogue: We Only Know So Much

"Kagome! Kagome, come out to eat with us! We're going to do Karaoke after," Ayame said, giggling as she and their new college friends caught up with her after their history exam.

Kagome turned and offered her friends a bright, yet apologetic smile. In spite of all that had happened up to now, all the things she would never be able to forget, she was finally allowed to have a normal life. It was a relief, really.

"I'm sorry!" she clapped her hands together and bowed. She hardly ever went out with them anymore since the wedding. "My husband is picking me up today. We're going to a play and dinner for his birthday."

The girls squealed, not terribly disappointed—this was to be expected of a married woman after all, right? "I can't believe Kagome is really married," one of them said with a laugh. "Could you imagine being married at our age? It must be true love!" another teased. "Oooh, he's coming here? We want to meet this older man of yours!" Ayame insisted.

Kagome sweat-dropped, but right about then, Sesshomaru's black jaguar pulled to the curb. She didn't know why he liked such flashy cars so much—she thought when he'd traded in the Ferrari he would have bought something more subdued…but no such luck. This car was just as flashy as the last one. Well, she supposed she didn't mind it. It WAS a very cool car, after all. Anyway, that was all beside the point as the pale-haired man stepped out of the driver's side.

Kagome's friends, not realizing yet just who this was, squealed. "He's so hot!" "What an elegant older man!" "My god, even with only one arm he's soo cool!" Kagome blushed brighter at each comment, and before long, Sesshomaru was standing in front of her. "Ready to go?" he asked.

Kagome nodded, feeling quite embarrassed.

"Kagome?" her friends exclaimed.

"Er…ah…guys, this is my husband, Sesshomaru," she managed to say. Then to Sesshomaru she commented, "these are my friends Ayame, Miharu, and Chitose, from my History class."

Sesshomaru remembered to nod politely. Believe it or not Souta of all people had been trying to teach the demon to be a bit less brusque after he'd accidentally made the boy's girlfriend break into tears and couldn't figure out why. "Pleased to meet you," he said. "Kagome, if you want to change, we need to hurry."

"Right, see you tomorrow guys!" she waved and followed after the tall man.

Getting into the car, Kagome thought, as old as Sesshomaru was, there really was no telling which of them would outlive the other now. It made things oddly less complicated—almost like two humans trying to share their lives together, hoping not to be the one left behind. She figured that it was probably best that way anyway.

"The doctor called this afternoon," Sesshomaru said. "About your stomach aches."

Kagome looked up. That's right, she had been expecting that call any day now. She hoped it was nothing serious, but had a sinking suspicion about what it might be. "And?" she asked.

"You're going to have a baby," he said blandly, though she knew he'd probably been waiting anxiously to tell her since he'd heard the news, restraining himself from barging in on her test to inform her immediately. The mental image of that was one she found pretty amusing. Her eyes widened as the full brunt of it finally hit her. A baby, she was going to have a baby…Sesshomaru's baby. "We're going to have a ba…OMIGOD!" she squealed. "We're having a baby!" It took her some long moments to calm down, and she tried not to point out the fact that her husband was smiling a bit more than slightly. "Any ideas for a name?" she asked, rather than comment on his facial expression for fear that it might change right before her eyes, and it was a wonderful expression, lips peeled back, the skin beside his eyes crinkling slightly. She resisted the urge to glomp…but only because he was driving.

"If it's a girl, then Rin," he replied. "I haven't thought much about boy's names yet."

Kagome laid her hand over her stomach, finally feeling like she was starting to get the hang of life, just a bit. We only know so much, but knowing that, our only real choice is to move forward into the future one step at a time…together. She had a feeling Sesshomaru felt the same.

The End