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It was a fine evening, the autumn-colored sky, the sunset, the sound of waves against the coast. The surrounding was so beautiful, suited for everyone with his date to walk for pleasure and chat amorously...don't mention what they'd do after that at night.

And here's someone, well, he did not concerned the entire paragraph above actually; he's just taking a walk with his large, golden fur Labrador. He let her run along the coast; hers paws wetted from playing with salt water. He chuckled a bit as his lovely dog barked playfully and loudly. First he kept looking at his feet, marking his footstep.

He, as we should better know as Hito Okisaki, was a tall, quite good-looking or rather handsome if you'd prefer, looked around 25, slightly long black hair tied in a little pony tail, he also had dark eyes. His body didn't look tough like those champion heavyweight boxers, but didn't look slim and weak either; hard to say he's well built since he'd quitted playing any sport long times ago. After graduation, he had run a coffee shop, around 15 minutes walk to the beach, a good condition for him to bring his dog here everyday.

He then stared at the view around, thinking about the past memory in his head, this situation, with the one he loved...or used to love very much. She was a nice charming girl, always living on her dreams and smiling brightly about the thought of them. The only one he promised he would be with until the last. He sighed, stopped walking, deepened in thought. By then he was snapped out because of his barking Golden Retriever. He quickly ran to her and spotted a figure laying there, legs washed by the wave after wave, looked very lifeless.

He held the figure up to check the breath. OK, still breathing, but very low. The body's icy though the forehead's burning up.

He started to shake the younger, quite hard, to wake to get some respond.

"Hey! Hang on! I'll take you to hospital now." He told the unconscious one in his arms, ready to lift up. Then he felt something tagging his sleeved, he looked down.


"N...no, not...hos...Pi...tal, they..will...n...know..." the brunette said with trembling voice and went off again, face reddened.

Hell, no time to think twice. He turned to his worried staring pet.

"Get Ikuma-san to our place now! I will take him there. Quick!"

The golden barked once more before ran off. He made sure the dog was on the right way and turned back to the teenager in his arms, who was wearing a white long sleeved, quite long dress shirt 'cause the rim bottom reached the thigh, underneath it was a baggy light brown trousers and no shoes, just...bare feet. The problem was the clothes were all wet, cling the body, as well as the brown lumping long hair and this probably made this body shiver worse.

"Damn it!"

Immediately, Hito Okisaki hurriedly carried the unconscious brunette back to his place.

Seek my heart

By: Redvind

"Hey! Are you still all right?" Hito looked at the brunet every now and then, fearing if something would happen to the limp figure he's carrying.

The brunette, whom he hadn't known the name yet, however, stayed the same, breathing hard as if trying to catch a hold of air, face redder and redder.

"Hold still! We're almost at my place!" he speeded up

He managed to get inside his shop, as well as his resident on the second floor, with a bit hard to get the front door and his bedroom door opened with both full hands, and laid the brunette down on his bed. He examined the teenage once again. Placing his hand on the forehead, he could feel the heat raising up. And the fact that the clothes were all wet and made the body colder wasn't help.

"This is not good." He mumbled, then rushing out to find a towel, a big one. The coffee shop owner covered the brunette's slim body, rubbing up and down to dry the outfit and keep warm as best as he could.

"This doesn't help." He needed to make a decision quickly. The clothes wouldn't dry easily though how much he wanted them to. He ran to his closet, looking for something for the brunet to change—a t-shirt and sweat pants. Might be too big, but he was careless for now.

The laying teenage was breathing hard, clearly in the state of torment as if having a nightmare. As if...

An endless maze nightmare no one knew how to get away.

The coffee shop owner reached out pulling the shirt off the brunette's head. When it was all off, he was startled. To see what he didn't expect to see. Not the bare, flatted chest that made his eyes widened, but the cross.

The two big line scars crossed over the chest, where the heart laid within, made it looked like someone had put a large christen cross over the dead body.


He didn't know where he was. It's hard to explain when he was all confused and perplexed though he felt everything passed, couldn't catch a grim of them. The speed was up and he was as studded as stone.

'This is all my fault. All things shouldn't have happened if only I...god! I'm so sorry.'

The voice said. A cry, a sob...a painful sound of heartbroken.

'Angel...my beautiful angel...I'm so sorry.'

And he was welcome to the darkness.


Hito, done the changing for the boy, sat on a chair in his café, waiting for the certain doctor he'd known since he's a kid. He lit a fire to smoke a cigarette, his thought back to the brunet of his concern. The dark haired guy had discovered, after the first cross scar, the body was covered with tiny cuts or terrible scratches. But what frightened him most was the wound around his wrists and ankles. They looked like...rope burns...

Someone had hurt him so terribly. It evidenced as only a fool could not see.

Why? And who did?

He shook his head. He had no answer.

The door bell rang, followed by the loud 'bang' as the door closed, appeared the panting middle-aged man with gray hairless head, face as round as his belly was red and sweated. His glasses slanted, just hanging around his nose, the golden Labrador circled his fat legs.

"What's wrong?" the old man asked worriedly, out of breath. "You only send Alice if necessary or emergency."


"Don't talk. Sit down. Just sit." He ordered in the doctor tone—don't you dare argue with me and do what I say kind of tone, walking over to him and forced the younger man to sit on the chair, pulled the cigarette of his mouth. "I told you, smoking is bad for your heath. Now let me see."

He sat opposite the other, looking at his iris, throat, ears, checking his arms, knees, legs, ribs...anything he could think of.

"Well, nothing's wrong with you." Said the man, amazed.

"Yeah. I tried to tell you that, but you didn't listen to me."

"So why did you want me here then?"

"I want you to check on someone."


"I don't know..."

The old man raised an eyebrow. Hito sighed. "Follow me."

They went upstairs to see the found teenager in Hito's bedroom. Ikuma kneed on the boy's side and started examining him closely, Hito stood nearby, the Golden the other site of the bed.

"Must be a flu or something." He took a look at the thermometer. "Why don't you take her to hospital, Hito-kun?"

Why?...yeah, he wanted to know, too. "Because he said something about not wanting to go there before he went unconscious."

"He?" both Ikuma's eyebrows were raised up in confusion. The younger man lifted one as well.

"It's a boy, Ikuma-san. Though I had thought he's a girl, too."

"Oh?" the hairless man sounded surprised, looking back at the brunet—his hair was wet and dim and covered his tiny face and ears, eyes closed, trick eyelash rested peacefully, flawless cheek reddened from flu hardly to be seen on tan skin, perfect nose, red cheery lips pant, gasping for breath. "Ah, I see...well, he can declare as both gender. How did you know? "

"I was the one who changed his clothes." Now he looked a bit hesitated as he realized all the wounds, but then... "You need to see this."

He slowly lifted the rim of the t-shirt, enough for the doctor to see clearly.

The man cried out loud while staring at the cross scar. It sure made everyone seeing it frighten.

"Oh my god..."

"That's not all." He mentioned the older to look at the boy's wrists and ankles, this brought out another gasp.

"Holy..." Ikuma mumbled anxiously. "It surely doesn't look like accident."

"I doubt it."

"Anything else?"

"Small cuts and scratches all over."

"My...do you think he's in kind of trouble?"


"Where did you find him?"

"On the beach, I told you, just laying there."

The doctor healed the youthful boy as best as he could at time. He noticed something the shop owner didn't. He asked, "Hito-kun, have you seen this?"

He lifted the boy's left arm to show him 'this'.

A few tiny needle holes with purple marks inside the elbow.

Dark haired man's eyes widened, shaking his head tremblingly. This had gone too far than he'd have liked.

"What do you think we should do? Call the police?"

The Golden barked suddenly, making both men alerted. The brunet was crying, shaking violently. Eyes tightly shut hurtfully. Hito rushed to his side, holding one hand tight as if trying to release the pain. Despite the cry, he heard the brunet moan.

"What is it?" he asked softly, rather to himself than the boy somehow.

The pain body jerked back and forth, like wanting to push everything away, still crying loudly. The shop owner held him even tighter.

"Calm down." He whispered soothingly into the younger one's ears. It worked as the struggle died down gradually. He bent his head lower when some words caught his ear. They came out faintly as if didn't want to be heard.

"Stop...it's...hurt...no more...go...away please..." words hoarse and trembling, followed by sobbing. He could hardly make them clear. He pulled him closer, running his hand through the coco brown hair lightly, hoping it could help.

A cup of warm steam was in front of him.

"Make him drink this. It helps him sleep dreamless." He nodded thankfully.

He raised the cup to that cutie mouth, encouraged him to gulp down even a little. When he was sure the brunet went back to sleep, Ikuma mentioned the shop owner to the living room. They left Alice to watch over him just in case since she seemed not want to go. They knew she was a trustable smart dog.

The owner offered his helpful doctor his coffee he was very fond of. The other thanked him and took a sip, telling the owner made a very good job. Younger man smirked at the compliment. Silence took place for a while until...

"As I asked, Hito, what should we do?"

"I don't know..." he answered wearily, unsure himself. Still, he needed to be strong. That boy was somewhat in his responsibility now.

"Call the police?"

"...maybe..." the man frowned at the lack of respond.

"What are you going to do with him?"

Dark eyes looked over at the room he had just left. That boy...hurt badly... the wounds...the cry... then they're closed, making a decision.

"I say we wait until he gains consciousness enough to tell us everything. I will also check if there's any lost declaration."

The doctor nodded in agreement. "That must be good."

A little late later after exchanging goodbye and checking the sleeping boy for the last time, the doctor went back to his clinic. The tall man walked back to the room to nurse the pitiful boy. The medicine must worked pretty well as he was still asleep. He kneed beside him, placed a cold cloth over his forehead, decreasing the fever. It was then he noticed the younger man fist. He bared it up, though difficulty. A paper fell down, wet, crinkled and all, he picked it up and stared. It was a photo, kind of new; luckily the picture was not damaged.

On the photo was a group of teenage kids underneath a blooming sakura tree, no one seemed to know the picture was taken—must be a sneaky one. In the middle sat two guys talking joyfully with each other face to face; you could see from the look, one was a brunet with the warm chestnut eyes color and a big grin, the other was a blonde with blue ocean eyes and a tender smile.

He looked closely at the brunette in the picture. He was similar to the one lying on his bed; same shade hair color, same shape face...could it be...? He turned the photo back. There was a girly small handwriting on the corner; it said

'Sakura season, nii-chan and Yamato-san chatting about stupid guy things'


The painful sob came again.

"I will never forgive myself for letting this happened, I swear."

It was the same voice he had heard earlier. In the darkness, he felt warmness embraced him. He wanted it to go away to leave him alone. He wanted it to hold him even tighter, never let go. He didn't know anymore. He was so tried.

"I will never forgive them either. God, how could they do this to my angel?"

The voice quickly changed from tearful tone to furious anger.

"They've got to pay. I swear to hell I will make them pay for what they did to you angel...and then I ..."

What did it mean? He didn't know ...didn't want to know.

Please let him be...

'Let me go.'


3 days and nights passed and nothing seemed want to progressing. Except the fact that the brunet's fever was lower and his breath came steadily now, but still didn't wake up.

The shop owner opened his coffee café as usual, as he let his dog to look after the boy. She would go to him if something's up. Well...some costumers did ask him where the Golden was. She was like the shop mascot and had her little fan club—most was the kids who came with their parents or siblings and high school girls. Doctor Ikuma dropped in every now and then for checking when he had free times.

Now it's time to close the little shop. Hito sighed. He would really like to take a break but no...he had to go check the brunet. He hoped the little boy would get up soon, 'cause, if not, then he had to take him to hospital which he didn't think he'd approve. The boy's getting weaker and thinner each time he examined him. That hurt him so bad.

Hito couldn't understand himself why he's doing this, taking care of someone he didn't know, let alone just found him a few days ago. Was it because of guilt if he had left him there or...loneliness?

He shook his head, "I must be crazy." He closed the door then went upstairs, to his bedroom.

The boy slept almost peacefully, but sometime during the night mostly he would cry out from his nightmare; it just couldn't leave him alone. And every time Hito would run to him, held him in his arms till he clamed down, the rest of the night he would just sleep next to the brunet, keeping him from more bad times.

While he observed the lying-still body, Alice came to him and started nuzzling on his leg, remained him of her food and fresh water.

"Okay, okay." He sighed, with a little smile, got up to the kitchen, searching. The owner came back a moment later with her favorite dog food and water. When all was settled, she dug in greedily like hadn't been eaten for years. Her master watched this and patted her head with care and love. He did that for a while and continued to do so if only the dog hadn't got her head up, staring. He turned to the direction, dark eyes widened.

The brunet stirred awake from his sleep, round, confused, beautiful mocha eyes slowly blinked once, then twice, trying to comprehend the surrounding. Hito was suddenly by his side as the tan body tried to sit up, supporting him.


A hand swept away him reflexively. The dark haired guy was stunned, pain tardily climbed up but he didn't care, too lost, too shock...

To see the agony, the immeasurable suffering in the deep soul was killing him than anything in the whole word ever could.

He reached a hand out to touch him, only to make the brunet shrink away furthermore. He groaned, telling himself mentally to relax. The brunet was obviously scared, he shouldn't be too rushing. He tried again, more gently this time.

"It's okay. You know I'm not going to hurt you." his voice was so much like a whisper, but the silence made up for that. He approached the boy little by little, never took his eyes away from the sight. The boy was shock in fear, eyes showed the horror he felt. Hito prayed for every god he knew the browned boy wouldn't back away for more. The golden sensed the tension between the two and decided to give her master a hand by coming to the unknown boy's side which made him relax a little. He finally let the older guy near him.

"How are you feeling?" he asked softly. When the boy coughed, he handed him a glass of water. The brunet gulped down at once, his throat felt thankful for the treatment. From the sleepy state, he looked up at the dark haired man puzzlingly. He then ran a hand through the confused boy, way of telling everything was alright.

"Better?" the boy nodded, still unsure about the situation. Hito gave him a small smile.

"It's alright. Don't worry. You're safe here." The boy nodded again, so he went on. "This is my house. I'm Okisaki Hito. Just call me Hito, 'k?" he nodded at the dog direction. "That's Alice. She was the one who found you on the beach."

Alice barked as her name was said, golden tail waving happily.

"Beach?" the boy eventually said, sounded shuddering and hoarse, mixed with fear and confusion that didn't escape Hito's notice.

"Yes, beach. Though I didn't know why you were laying there at the first place. Can you tell me why?"

He seemed to think about it for a while, then shook his head. "I...I don't know..."

The shop owner sighed. Okay, it was only a start.

"What's your name?"

"I... I'm..." he shut his cacao eyes tight, deeply in thought. Hito wonder then why. It was just a simple question everyone could answer in a blink second. Oh, maybe it's the confusion and tiredness. Gotta give him time.

The brown eyes shot up immediacy, golden tan body shivered rather in fear than cold as realization drawn onto him. "I ...I don't know..."

The older man almost fell on the ground, but kept himself together. "What do you mean? You don't know?"

Tears started to form his orbs, they were closed again and a drop of water freed itself clearly. He was afraid, so afraid of everything. Why he couldn't remember his name? What was he doing on the beach as the man told him? He felt so weak... and alone instant.

"Who am I?.... I don't know...can't ...remember...why?" he mumbled it over and over, too lost, so afraid...

A pair of arms embraced his shaking body. At first he tried to push them away, but found himself in such a fast grip. His snuggle stopped, but the hold kept its place around him. He felt the urge to sob. So he did.

The man who he didn't know waited for him patiently. He felt relaxed in these arms, so familiar...somehow...he sniffed. A hand still ran through his hair.

"You don't know who you are?" the tone was soft and didn't carry any disgust. He thought he could rely on him.

A weak answer, "...no..."

"Do you have a place to go?" the boy shook his head lightly against the man's chest. Where could he go when he didn't even know himself?


Where did that come from? Confused eyes looked up at him. What was this guy thinking?

"Mamoru." He repeated, "It's your name from now on. And if you feel like it, you can stay here with us, I guess."

"But..." the brunet was likely to protest, a gentle finger put on his month.

"No buts. Think about it, I can't just let someone who had lost at some point walk away trying what is like to commit suicide in a mystery place, can I?" he drew the little guy closer if possible. "That may not be a good reason, but it's all I can think of right now."

He laughed a little at the look on Mamoru's—the boy he named—face. Mamoru frowned deeper, didn't know he should be scared or not. But...

"Come on, it'll be fine. I promise. Now get some more rest. You've just recovered after all. And move over a bit, will you? We need some rest, too." He did as asked, the golden came laying on his legs as her master just popped down beside him there. Such caring...

He gave a tiny smile way to his face.


Two boys, walked along the bridge, across the large river, on the way home, were talking and laughing as always. They didn't get to see each other much like they used to, school works, clubs, part times and so on. So they were definitely having great times with the other's company. Now was like the shorter boy was complaining nonsensically. He climbed up the edge of the bridge; walking over, while mouth still running.

"Life is unfair. You are taller than me, girls always screaming for you...well, not that I care"

"Not my fault you're shorter. Or that's the reason you're walking on the bridge right now, Taichi? To be taller than me just for a while in your fantasy?" the taller one teased his best friend, half concerned, half amused.

"Ha ha, very funny." The stubborn Taichi stuck his tongue out, head searching for something nicely to argue back and, surprised surprised, found none. So instead, he just absorbed the view. The sight was breathtaking. "Look, Yamato!"

The setting sun was lower to the horizon, over the line of sparkling golden water, shining and glittering like diamond on the soft dark velvet. The sky was mixed between gold and orange, giving the last light for the day. Night started to take over; above it all stars were slowly blinkingly dancing.

"Beautiful." The blonde was unaware of a single word slipped out of his month.

"Wow," the brunet got excited at the screen suddenly. He stood still, swung his arms back as he breathed in the warm air more. While he did this, he lost his balance and almost fell off the edge if his blonde didn't snap off his admiration and catch him in time. It ended up with Yamato having Taichi hovering over his head and shoulder.

"Ha ha ha..." the brunette gave a small cheeky laugh.

"It's not funny, Taichi." The rock star friend said, irritated. Didn't he know he could have been dead if his friend didn't catch him?

"I know, I know. I'm sorry, though." He smiled a little, getting off of Yamato. "Heh...that was close. Thanks 'mato."

Yamato was about to lecture him more, but 't...he just couldn't do anything when the eyes of warming autumn were looking straightly at him like that. Not only has the mystery beautiful eyed, but also his appeal. The figure before him seemed growing in the last sunlight, hair fluffy in the gentle wave of wind, looked like nothing but the best creator god had ever done. The second time of the day he found himself lost to something beyond words. He sighed.

"You should be more careful, Taichi."

"You're starting to sound like Jyou, you know." He added defensively, "well, not a bad thing."


His brown friend didn't listen to him, instead he walked to the edge again, hovered his upper body over.

"Wow, it looks high up here."

The blonde copied his behavior. "...yeah..."

Without looking at Yamato, Taichi opened his mouth. "I was really graceful when you saved me, Yamato..."

"Tai...?" he stared at him, surprised at how serious the shorter friend sounded.

They stared at each other, no one breaking eyes contact. It was like there were only them alone in the world momentary. Yamato held his breath, afraid if he would miss something. Taichi, however, didn't seem to have the same problem.

"If you fall, Yamato, I will catch you before you hit the ground. I will make sure you won't get any hurt." the words were strong; they obviously carried the speaker's full heart and internal emotion. "And if you really have to fall, I will go down with you to bring you up again."

They both knew exactly what it meant behind those sentences.

A promise of always being by your side no matter what.

'This I promised you.'


It had been weeks, no, correctly, it had been months! What's wrong with the cops' ability these days anyway? Couldn't find a lost man under their noses?! He didn't want to hear another lame excuse like there were so many lost men. Some of them even said that he just ran away home like other stupid teenagers. And know what? Fuck them! They didn't know who the little guy really was, there's no way in hell he would just run away. Never!

He knew his best friend wasn't the type of guy who would run away home. They were a good, caring family. He loved his family and got along very well with each member, so no family problems at all. And it evidenced such clear that something must had happened only the blinds couldn't see.

First he didn't come home that day. It was impossible for him not calling if he stayed over a friend's house. His family started to worry, but shrugged it off as they thought the son just forgot once, but two days passed and they still didn't get any call. They asked his friends if they had seen him. No on said yes. His mother got worried more and more as well as his little sister. His friends spread out to find any news, asked every friends and everybody they ran into. It didn't help much. As they were back at Yagamis' place, hours later there came two little girls at the door. They held up a school bag that belonged to the missing boy and asked if he lived here. A girl said her friend found it on a road along the river, but didn't see the owner. His mother thanked them traditionally. Before they went though, another girl who found the bag told them weakly that she was on the riverside that day and saw a brunette boy walking alone. She didn't think about him much, she said. A while after she heard a car parking, a loud bang and the car took off hurriedly. She turned around and found the boy was gone. No human could walked that fast so she thought he must go with that car, but when she was on the way she just saw this bag. She kept it and asked her friend what she should do so they checked the name and address so that they were able to return it.

Enough of a story to prove his friend was kidnapped. He remembered his friend's mother fainted and his father called the police. Nothing was the same after that.

Now here he was, pissed as hell at the cops, but mostly at himself, thinking how less he helped—able to help at the situation.

He knocked the mental door twice.

Rush footsteps could be heard through the hall, the door almost opened at once—just almost, revealing the alerted-looked girl with eyes full of dull tiredness and hope.


He flinted mentally, knowing he's not who she wish most coming home as possible. After taking a good look at the person on the doorway, the sparkling hope in those ruby eyes was gone, but was exchanged with a sad smile.

"Oh, Yamato-san, I'm sorry, I thought..."

"It's okay, Hikari. How are you doing?" He asked as the little girl let him inside. It was an unnecessary question, he could possibly guess what she's gonna answer, like he's sharing the feeling anyway. They both lost the same important person in their lives.

Her—as big brother.

Him—as best friend.

"Terrible. Not that I'm not grateful of your visits...or anyone's, Yamato-san. But every time I heard a nock on the door, I couldn't help but wish it was him coming back finally." His best friend's little sister gave out a shaking bitterly laugh. "And I mean every time! Even they're salesman or postman or neighbor... it slowly drives me crazy."

"I understand." He said softly. Whatever anger he felt toward those cops shouldn't be thrown out on the poor girl. She already had had enough. Her sound was nearly in tears, did her best not to cry. Truth was, the brunet girl never let herself cry, at least not in front of her mother who had broken down completely once she heard the news of her only son. As far as he concerned, he'd never heard her cry either. That girl tried to be strong, just like her brother would have, the blonde thought.

They wandered in the Yagamis' apartment a bit farther. The sound of cooking covered the kitchen where the musician spotted the Yagamis' mother. The mid-aged woman looked up to greet him properly.

"Ah, Yamato-kun. Thanks for coming. Wanna stay for dinner?" though the cheerful smile, the invited boy could see the mark of pain that worn her pale face. She was a lot clamer than before, this must be said.

"Naa, I'm sorry I can't, Yagami-san. I need to get home to make dad's dinner, too. But thanks for inviting. Maybe next time." He said with a bow which she acceptably nodded in understanding.

"Oh, alright, then." The mother turned to him. "You know you don't have to be so formal here. I already know you're a polite kid." She then called Hikari to help her setting table.

"If Taichi's here, he sure would say the same..."

"Any news about him, yet?" the woman shook her head.

"Not yet, but one day there will be."

"I'm sorry. I wish I could be more of help."

"Yamato for Christ's sake, we have been over this!" she scolded the kid lightly. "You've been lots of help since this whole incident happened! No need to be shame of, really."

Full heartedly the family was extremely thankful for all things the kids' friends had done. After the day the brunet missing, all of his close friends dropped in the Yagamis' household every often, just to give their friends' parents encouragement; telling them that it would soon be alright, that their son would get back in no time, in which sounded hopelessly even to their own ears. Still better than nothing.

Yamato, not only all visits he gave everyday, but he also told his dad who happened to work at the famous TV station. The older Ishida promised to keep eyes open for any news about the missing people—namely Taichi especially.

The door opened again with a voice of a grow-up man, "I'm home."

"Welcome home, dad." Hikari said, a bit disappointed.

"Come on, don't sound so disappointed, will you?" the man teased helplessly. He added, "Hello there, Yamato-kun." when he noticed the boy.

"Hello, Yagami-san. Well, I should head home now or else dad will be starved."

"Alright, then. Be careful though."

"I will, sir." The blonde left with that.


"No one will find you here angel. Don't worry."

He could see but didn't focus on anything. He felt he was being held with the soothing words right to his ears. But due to his tiredness, he didn't even try to blink.

"They can't get you here. I promise. Now rest up. You need to heal."

He was laying on a big comfy bed. The soften cotton nagged him to close his heavy eyelids. He did.

"You'll be safe. I will take care of you." A kiss was placed on his forehead. "I have to go but I promise I will come back."

A door shut as the footsteps faded away.


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