Mixed Emotions

A Gundam Seed Related Reality Fic by X-Sprinter

Intermission to Universal Chaos Novel Fan Fictions by 2X-Raven or X-Sprinter

Full Summary: Kira Yamato, pilot of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom, was saved after a devious attack by the ZAFT forces on earth luckily, he survived, but what matters most is that he is not happy, but why? Is it because of Fllay who just died or, Lacus who doesn't have time for him, or maybe Cagalli and Athrun, for making him jealous with their make-out sessions. He then became a cold-hearted student and started making one-night stands with girls he went out with.

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Chapter 1: The Enhanced Yamato

CAUTION: Chapter contains scenes not suitable for audiences under 13, Fanfiction is rated PG-13 and lets keep it that way. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Parental guidance is STRICTLY recommended.

Kira Yamato, the ex-pilot of the ZGMF-X10A Freedom is now back to school at the new founded colony that is called Simplicity Colony.

Through out the days he spent, he focuses much on his studies, his reason, he hasn't got anyone. Lacus Clyne, his girlfriend, does not give him any attention at all; it's whether she's at concert or at a meeting. Actually they only meet once in every 2 weeks. After the war she's been very busy, since the peace talks are not going great, universal disputes are still roaming around and terrorists still plots another coup against the Clyne Faction, which is now known as the Colonial Empire.

Cagalli is staying at the female dormitory, of course his boyfriend/bodyguard Athrun Zala, has been staying with her and sleeping with her, with the permission of the Female Dormitory Security. Kira was left alone, well not really, Sai is his room mate, however, they still argue about something or should I say a certain someone, Fllay Allster, but they really became good friends and started designing new battle weapons secretly from the government

This was really getting annoying for him. However, he tops their school and girls crave for her. They all know that he is a celebrity as he was the hero that stopped the war, they also know about his relationship with Lacus but the groupies don't mind.

After a few months, he became a playboy, he became cold. Dates a girl and makes it a one-night stand. He became really depressed, Lacus noticed this and decided that it was her mistake, but her realization was too late.

One night Lacus came to his dorm only to see Kira's things. Sai was arrested because Kira blabbered about his works and stated that he was planning a conspiracy threat against the people and the government. Lacus then was shocked when Kira slipped his arms around Lacus' waist from her behind and began kissing her neck, giving her 2 to 4 hickeys. Lacus then stopped him and turned around to face him and said "Kira we need to ta..." but before she could finish she got lost in those hot lips of Kira, which was on top of hers. Kira was very forward and took it a step further. He carried Lacus and onto his bed, Lacus on the other hand did not need any instructions and went with the flow. He loved Kira and she knew that he loved her, or she thought he did, but Kira was only lusting on her, just like any other girl who broke his heart, someone like Fllay, and now he is getting his revenge, by breaking her virginity.

Kira then went on as they did it the whole night (Just make your imagination work)

Next Morning

Kira woke up smirking, he saw red bloodstains on his bed, which indicates that they had sex last night, and what's worst, it meant that Lacus was a virgin.

Lacus groggily woke up and also saw the bloodstains; somehow she was half happy and half disappointed. Disappointed that she lost her virginity, but happy because she lost it with the man she loved.

She then clung on to his chest and said "I Love You"

Kira then smirked and replied, "I don't date whores, and I don't love you"

Lacus was shocked and fainted

Sorry about what happened between Lacus and Kira. It just needed to happen for my story to work. I know, I know, but I assure you that this is a KiraxLacus fanfic, and one of you are also asking, "how about Athrun and Cagalli" Daijoubu, everything will work out and there will be AthrunxCagalli scenes as well. NOT DIRTY SCENES, PG-13.

X-Sprinter (ALS MEMBER)

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