This is something that just popped in my head one-day or more like night at 2:03 a clock AM.

Any characters of The New Frontier do not belong to me, although I wouldn't mind if Calhoun did but anyway on with the story.

Captain Elizabeth Paula Shelby walked through the halls of her ship, the USS Trident, it hasn't been a long time that the Trident has been in Elizabeth's command.

Home is where the heart is, for Shelby that saying is true, her heart is not far away a few light-years at the most, her heart was with M'K'NZY Of Calhoun, her new husband. No matter at what angles Shelby looked at it that stubborn man had stolen her heart and shoved it in his pocket.

"Bridge to Captain Shelby." Her comb badge beeped, shaken out of her reverie she tapped the little piece of metal close to her shoulder.

"Here." She waited for a response, Shelby didn't recognize the voice of the person on the other side, but she suspected that it was probably someone she never met before that was put on the Trident while she had been on the other starship in the vicinity The Excalibur.

"Incoming call from the Admiral ma'am."

Shelby hated it when people called her ma'am it made her feel old.

"Patch it through to my quarters please."

Shelby didn't wait for a response and went to her quarters better not keep the Admiral waiting.

Not that she'd tell anyone but she personally thought that she should send an away team up the Admiral's ass to find what crawled up his ass and died a long time ago.

"Sir?" She waited for the annoying man to talk.

"Captain Shelby. I was reading through your reports and don't you think some of these are rather far fetch? I'd expect something like this from your husband but dear lord..." Jellico didn't get the time to finish, Shelby turned it off.

"Man I'm getting tired of seeing his bloody face." Jell-O-man got on Shelby's nerves a lot but today she just couldn't handle it.

Shelby got up as a wave of nausea swept over her, she slowly sat down having had many experience like the present one.

But unlike all the other situations where she had been sick Shelby couldn't hold it in and ran to the washroom and emptied out the contents of her stomach.

Maybe she could drop by the docs real quick just to make sure it wasn't something bad, she thought as another wave hit her.

"WAIT! I don't understand?"

The doctor nodded.

"Captain which part of the your pregnant are you not getting?"

Shelby did a face.

"The non-original part."

"Uh what?" The doctor was genuinely confused.

"I thought you were kidding."

"No no. Ladies never kid." The doctor said as someone came in, she excused herself to go attend to a more seriously ill patient, as Shelby had to stay and talk with the nurse who she had no idea what her name was.

The nurse started talking.

"So back from the bridge uh." The nurse was saying that the captain was at the bridge before coming here.

"Yes, I left behind a glass slipper and a business card in case the prince is really dumb."


I know that was odd but meh my brain.