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The nurse was confused, everyone was getting confused now Shelby was confused.

"Doc can I go now?" she called to the doctor who was talking to one of the ensigns.


In her head Elizabeth's brain was cheering and saying things like sweet.

"Oh wait there are things I need to tell you first." The ensign forgotten, the doctor walked over to the Captain.

"Like what?" She asked suspiciously.

"Well you probably shouldn't over exert yourself, stress yourself out, eat healthy, get a lot of sleep, don't drink coffee or alcohol, tell your husband..."

"To me you are the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon."

Shelby paced the room back and forth how was she going to tell him the doctor was there also.

"Tell him!"

"Listen you're an awsum doctor, I'd get in front of a phaser for you... that's if it wasn't on stun, but I'd rather stick something sharp in my eye than tell Mac right now."

"Fine than tell him later."

"I'd rather slide down a banister of razor blades and land in a pool of alcohol than tell him now"

"Fine than tell him later."

"I'd rather listen to Justin Timberlake sing."

"I get it, you don't want to tell him."

"Don't stop me, I'm on a roll. I'd rather eat my own hand than tell him, I'd rather face a demented doctor that likes to cut out peoples heart because he's demented then tell him."

"You know what I'll leave you to your rantings ma'am."

The doctor left Shelby alone with her thoughts they were rather jumbled at the moment.

Oh I wish I were an Oscar meiyer wiener, dude where's my car, damn I still can't believe that I'm pregnant man what am I going to do! Ok so I'll tell him like this I'll go I'll be perky, man I want a pillow

Shelby layed down as she thought about how she was going to tell him, maybe some pissed off alien will come and distract them.

A shim distracted her from her thoughts.

"Come in"

Damn it's Mac.

"Eppy are you Ok? Cuz you look like hell." He was concerned she didn't look to well.

"Oh I'm fine." She got up she had been wearing a new dress she had bought.

"What are you wearing." Calhoun hated that dress god it was hideous if a alien came and threatened them all he'd have to do is get Shelby to wear that and they'd run the other way screaming in horror.

"I thought I'd pull a Celine Dion and wear my dress backward." She rubbed her face.

Calhoun sat on the edge of the bed.

"You still didn't answer my question, are you Ok?"

Shelby grunted.

"I'm fine, Holy Shit I'm not."

She ran as fast as she could to the washroom but didn't get there fast enough and puked all over the rug.

"Yep Shelby your right your not Ok, so how bout' we give the doctor a little visit."

"I'm fine Mac, I'm just uh I'm uh I'm pregnant."

"Your pregnant?"

"Wait here I'll go tell the president."