L.A – 13 years Later

Today was one of those days which would make any mother proud. But today for Sydney it was doubly proud. Her daughter was graduating today from high school. And she was there in two aspect. As her mother and her principal for the last year. The family was all there, all the ones who could make it. Something which all them years ago would of seemed impossible. The past was strong in Sydney's mind today. What had happened since that fateful meeting. Where Laura had somehow managed to bring them back together. It hadn't had been always easy but they had got through it. So everyone had come together for this joyous day. Her parents, her sister, Vaughn and her Aunt's and even Sloane. All of them were there as well as Nadia's 10 year old twin daughters, Alecia and Sophia.

Sydney stepped up to the podium and started to address the people.

"Faculty, Students, Parents. Graduation is a proud and emotional time for many. And I am proud for every student who is graduating today. But like the rest of you parents to, this is an important day for me as well. My daughter is part of this graduating class. And I have seen first hand the work that every student has put in to reach today." Sydney said before looking into the crowd to spot Laura cringing at the comment she had just made. Smiling inward at that reaction, but she knew how hard it had been for her to have her mother working at her school.

"I wish you all the best for the future. No matter what you plan to do."

The ceremony went with out a hitch. She was talking to a member of the faculty when she saw her family coming towards her so she quickly excused herself.

"Sweetheart. That was great. Well Done." Irina said to Sydney

"Thanks Mom" Sydney said leaning in to give her a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah Mom. It was good. Regardless of the comment about me."

"Well as I said. I am proud." Sydney said bringing her daughter into her for a hug. "You've graduated top of your class. You're going to Harvard. There's a lot for a parent to be proud of there."

"Well, this is a good as time as any to say this. I've decide not to go to Harvard but UCLA."

"Why? I though you had your heart set on Harvard?"

"That's before something happened to change my mind. I'll be going to UCLA and that will be part time as well. I've been offered a job, the C.I.A has recruited me. And I've accepted, considering the family history I think it's perfect for me."

"What ?" Sydney yelled. Competly unable to understand what had happened. All that she thought were 4 words

Here we go again.