New Years Eve

After spending the majority of the week, including Christmas, in the hospital, I was more than relieved when Doctor Montgomery told me early Friday morning that my lab results showed no signs of abnormalities and I was free to go home.

Something that I had been dying to do since I got there late last Sunday afternoon.

"Now, I took the liberty of making you a follow up appointment on Tuesday morning with your preferred doctor, but you're going to have to choose from the list of OB/GYN doctors that I gave you and follow up with them as well next week, just to make sure that your baby is doing fine, as well, all right?"

Well, I guess that means I have even less time than I thought to tell Mark about the baby especially since he has vowed to not leave my side until further notice...I can't wait for that conversation to happen.

With this thought in mind, I nodded my head at Dr. Montgomery's words before taking the discharge papers out of his hands and signing my name down at the bottom where he had instructed me to sign.

"All set?" Mark asked, upon entering my room with a wheelchair in hand.

Even though I wanted to argue that I didn't need a wheelchair-seeing as though I could walk perfectly fine. Knowing that it was hospital procedure for a discharged patient to be wheeled out to their car caused me to reply that I indeed was ready to go.

"Have a nice rest of the day Miss Dumas..and make sure you take it easy over the weekend, okay?"

Before I could respond to this statement, Mark-who was helping me into the chair-knowingly replied before I even had a chance to:

"Don't worry...I'll make sure she does."

A comment which I knew meant he would be on me for the rest of the weekend like white on rice.

And not in the good way either...

After spending the majority of the ride to my house in comfortable silence-mostly because my thoughts were solely focused on how I was going to tell Mark he'd soon becoming a daddy-I was somewhat surprised when upon pulling up to my house fifteen minutes after leaving the hospital, Mark began cursing in slight anger.

"Dammit Hardy, I told you a few people would be fine...not a thousand."

Following Mark's line of vision, I noticed for the first time several cars parked outside my house; a couple of them I recognized, but a lot I didn't.

"What's going on?"

Without even bothering to answer the question, Mark pulled into the only available parking space he could find, and then after shutting off the engine to the rental car he had ordered earlier in the week, he furiously yanked out the keys to the ignition and then quickly made his way over to the passenger side of the car to let me out.

"Are you going to tell me what's going on?" I opened my mouth to ask. But before the words could fully get out, the front door to my house opened; revealing Jeff-who was supposed to be in Florida house-sitting for his dad-behind it.

What's he doing here?

"Finally! You're here...now, the party can officially begin."

"Party?" Turning towards Mark, I raised a questioning eyebrow; silently demanding for him to tell me what was going on. Now.

"Don't be mad, Red, but Jeff and I thought that since you didn't really get to have that much of a Christmas while in the hospital, we'd invite a couple of your friends and family over to help you celebrate New Years Eve..but I guess Jeff went a little over board with the guest-list. I can tell them all to leave, if you want."

Even though the doctor had just finished telling me that I needed to get a lot of rest for the next couple of weeks, the fact that Jeff and Mark had come together to make my holiday a little bit better for me caused me to quickly forget the fact that I hated surprises for a second, and instead smile at their small gesture.

"It's okay. They can stay." I commented, before taking Mark's hand in mine and making my way towards the front door to my house where Jeff was still standing, "I would wipe that stupid grin off your face if I was you, Hardy. Your birthday's only a few months away and I have a few surprises up my sleeve as well."

After noticeably gulping at this comment, Jeff slightly backed away from the door frame; allowing both me and a now amused Mark to enter behind him.

"Welcome home...! Happy New Years...! I love what you did with your hair," were the comments that greeted me once I further walked into my house only to discover several WWE superstars, both male and female, seated around the living room foyer; all wearing extremely large smiles upon their faces.

I guess Jeff wasn't lying when he said a lot of people were calling him wondering whether I was okay or not.

"It's good to see all of you...at my house...eating my food...just don't forget to save me some, okay?"

As several people began to laugh, Mark gently squeezed my hand, causing me to turn my attention back towards him.

"How about I entertain your friends for a bit while you go shower and get freshened up, okay?"

Knowing that this would be Mark's first time hanging out with a lot of my and the Hardyz friends caused me to throw him an Are you sure? look, but after a second of him bending down and kissing me on the forehead, I took this as a sign that he was indeed sure.

"All right, I'll be right back."

After spending a few minutes more than I needed to in the shower-given the fact that this was the first real shower I had taken in over a week-I had just finished putting my clothes on when a knock at the door sounded; telling me that someone wanted me to hurry up, already.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming. Gee-sh." I commented to myself-figuring that it was either Jeff or Mark at the door. But surprisingly enough, it was neither.

"Don't tell me...Jeff sent you up here to see what was taking me so long."

"You know my brother too well," Matt replied, in amusement, before entering my room and, after a second, taking a seat on my bed while I began to put the finishing touches on my makeup. "You look good, Ames...a lot better than you did the last time I saw you."

Knowing that the last time he saw me I was hooked up to a bunch of machines after having just got my stomach pumped, I opened my mouth to tell him that any look was better than that one; but at the last second, I decided not to. I didn't want to think about my stay at the hospital, or what had caused me to go there. I just wanted to enjoy the night surrounded by the people that cared about me the most.

"So, what did Santa end up giving you for Christmas?"

"You know, the usual.." Matt began; with a small hint of amusement laced in his voice, "a new sewing kit from Jeff, a bunch of old Pearl Jam CD's from my dad and Lillian bought me a watch...she said at least this way, I have no excuse but to be on time to pay-per view events from now on."

Hearing the way Matt had said the latter's name caused me to meet his eye in the mirror and noticing the small blush that was starting to take over his face at the moment, that caused me to turn towards him with a smile on my face. "You and Lillian?"

With a sheepish grin on his face, Matt nonchalantly shrugged while replying: "Well, with you and Mark officially back together now, and Jeff and Trish doing their own thing, I figured it was about time that I got myself a girlfriend and lo and behold, I found one...with brains."

Knowing that this was a slight dig at my previous comments about a lot of the girls who were attracted to the Hardy boyz being dumb blonds caused me to chuckle slightly before saying: "I'm happy for you, Matt..Lillian's an awesome person, so I'm sure she's an even better girlfriend."

Without even bothering to contain the smile that was on his face at the moment, Matt outwardly retorted: "I still can't believe I have a girlfriend...I feel so grownup right now."

I know exactly what you mean, I inwardly commented to myself while thinking about Mark and the growing baby that was currently living in my stomach right now. "Is she here?"

"Yeah," Matt commented, while standing up from his seat on the bed, "and she's probably wondering where I ran off to."

After telling Matt that he better make his way downstairs and that I'd be there in a second, I turned my attention back towards the mirror that was in front of me. But then as Matt opened his mouth to speak again, I quickly turned around, giving him my undivided attention.

"I'm glad we're friends again, Ames...I really missed you these last couple of months."

Without even bothering to think about it for a second, I genuinely replied that I had missed him too. "Let's not ever argue like that again, okay?"

After playfully replying "Deal," Matt shot me a small wink before turning around and heading downstairs-leaving one last thought lingering in my head.

Matt Hardy and Lillian Garcia...? Who would've ever thunk it!

"Okay, everyone..it's almost midnight..so, grab the person you came with or the one you wanted to comewith and get ready to seal the deal."

After watching on as Jeff, who had made that announcement, pulled a giggling Trish towards him while a blushing Matt and Lillian shared a private smile with one another, I looked up at the man who hadn't yet left my side for the entire evening and casually asked him if he was ready to begin the new year.

"With you by my side, Red, I can honestly say I'm almost ready for anything."

After sharing a small smile with the man beside me, I gently squeezed his hand and watched on as the crowd in front of us began to count down to the beginning of the new year.

"5...4...3...2..1..Happy New Year!"

As everyone around us began to kiss the person that was standing beside them, not wanting to be left out I turned towards Mark; jokingly asking if he was going to kiss me or not.

"I thought you'd never ask," Mark commented, before pulling me gently towards him; bringing our lips together in such an intense way that after a second I could feel almost every hair on my body begin to stand up at attention-and if I was feeling correctly-certain parts of his body to stand up at attention as well.

"I think somebody likes me," I jokingly commented, as soon as our kiss ended, causing the older man to chuckle in response.

"Well, that makes two of us," Mark commented, before bending down to finish what he had just started; but unfortunately being interrupted by another person's presence.

"Hey break it up, you two, it's time for a toast," Jeff interrupted; handing both me and Mark glasses of-what I figured-to be champagne.

He knows I can't drink this...what is he trying to do to me?

Before I could tell the fleeting Jeff that I didn't want the drink, Mark outwardaly commented: "Don't worry, it's just apple cider...it wont hurt the baby."

A comment which caused me to turn around and look up at him in surprise:

What...? How does he-? Jeff!

As if reading my thoughts, Mark began to softly chuckle while outwardly replying: "Before you go murder your friend, no, Jeff didn't tell me anything. Your nurse accidentally let it slip the other day at the hospital while you were sleeping-and I'm glad she did 'cause I know, it would probably have been a while before you told me. Am I right?"

You damn right it would have been...I commented to myself; knowing for the last few days I had been stressing over how I was going to tell Mark about the baby that I had almost killed because of my stupid decision. And he knew this entire time.

While trying to read the expression on his face to see if he was upset with me or not, I hesitantly asked Mark if he wanted to wait until everyone left for the night to talk about the baby or if he just wanted to wait until the morning to deal with it all.

After pulling me slightly to the side, so we could hear one another over the radio that someone had just turned on, Mark replied: "It doesn't really matter to me. I really don't have anything to say...if this baby comes out looking anything like you, then I already know I'm going to love it as much as I love you-maybe even more so."

While feeling myself start to tear up a little at these words, I couldn't help but force a slight chuckle while playfully asking: "And what if the baby looks more like you?"

After pretending to think about it for a second, Mark jokingly replied that we'd have to send her to home-school; a comment which caused me to playfully swat him in return.

"I'm just teasing ya, Red," He began, while taking me in his arms; pulling me completely to him. "No matter what he or she looks like, I'm going to love them no matter how they look...I love you, Red."

After taking a second to stare into Marks eyes-which revealed how truthful he was being at the moment-I softly replied that I loved him too before gently pulling him downwards; bringing our lips together in a kiss that not only took both our breaths away but also one that reinforced Matt's statement from before that Mark was the one who I was supposed to be with.

The one who I would hopefully be spending the rest of my life with.

And who am I to disagree with that...?

The end. What did you think?