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Timeline: After all episodes, with the exception of 'Things Change' and the movie.

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The city had just awoken from its peaceful slumber. Above, the birds and insects flew over ahead, the birds occasionally chomping at the insects trying to get their morning meal. There was a slight breeze that wafted by, carrying with it the noise and smells of the city. Somewhat outside the city walls in the bay stood a tower in the shape of a "T" upon its own little private island. This was the home of the famous Teen Titans.

Inside everything was quite, calm, and peaceful. No noise penetrated through the silence. All was still as if no one lived there. Peaceful and silent.

That was how she liked the Tower.

Raven, floating in mid-air, sat with her legs crossed. She peered out the giant windows overlooking city that she protected daily—with the aid of the others of course. But she didn't want to think about the others now. She had to meditate. She always chose this time in the morning to meditate. It was so tranquil, serene, and that's what she enjoyed about it. That, and the fact that Beast Boy was not up yet.

…Which was why the Tower was so quite.

It was almost 8 o'clock now and the rest of the Titans would be getting up soon. Raven floated back down to the ground and stood up. She enjoyed her alone time and didn't want the other Titans to know she was up already since she didn't want them to come in and try to converse with her. She wanted to keep her alone time secret.

Robin had almost caught her once. She hid behind the couch as he walked in and went to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice before leaving. However, he probably wouldn't have noticed her even if she was in plain sight because he seemed to be sleepwalking. Later that day, the whole team found him sleeping in the bathtub hugging the carton of orange juice and wearing Starfire's shower cap. Even later that day he was found throwing both Cyborg and Beast Boy out of the tower for taking blackmail pictures of him. They said that even with double chores he was forcing them to do, it had been worth it.

A faint trace of a smile appeared on Raven's face as she recalled the scene. As quickly as it came it disappeared. She stood at a precise point in the living room and floated up and through the ceiling until she came to her room. She then decided to pick out a book to read for the day. She would read until she heard the other Titans up and running around in the kitchen.

"Dude! I'm cooking today!" Beast Boy yelled as he saw Cy's frying pan full of meat on the stove. "And I'm not cooking meat!" With that, he removed the pan off the stove, replaced it with his own tofu batch, and poured the meat-filled contents of the other pan in the trash.

"Oh no you didn't do what I just think you did you little grass stain!" Cyborg yelled while his right human eye twitched.

"Yeah I totally put your meat in the trash because that's where it belongs!" Robin sighed as he watched the two bicker. Starfire, who sat on the seat next to him by the counter, watched the two with worried eyes. Every time there was a BB-Cy morning fight, someone got hurt, whether it be Cyborg, Beast Boy, Robin, or even that guy 12 blocks away from them who is still currently residing in the hospital.

Starfire was always the peacemaker between the two. Robin would help her at times, but his temper always got in the way and he ended up making the situation worse. The last time he "helped" Cyborg's right hand was stuck in the toilet for 2 days.

"YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!" Cyborg growled as he picked up a meat cleaver and chased after Beast Boy. The changeling screamed before running away from the psychotic cyborg. They ran around and around the kitchen never stopping nor even caring that breakfast wasn't being made. Robin sighed at their antics again before grabbing a box of cereal from the cabinet and a bowl from the clean stack of dishes. Starfire floated over to her feuding teammates.

"Friends, please do not fight over the feast of the morning like always." she pleaded. "I am a very patient person, but I do not wish to stop your quarreling every single Earth day." Of course this had absolutely no effect on Cyborg and Beast Boy. Starfire finally gave up and decided to empty the burnt pan of tofu into the trash before it caused a fire.


Grabbing another bowl from the cabinet, she sat down next to Robin and also poured herself a bowl of cereal. She knew Beast Boy and Cyborg would work out their differences…eventually.




"TIN-MAN!" No one even noticed the taps on the sinks glow with a black-and-white aura.


"WELL YOU SMELL LIKE—" No one got to find out what Cyborg smelled like because both Cyborg's and Beast Boy's ankles glowed black, and both of them were lifted into the air, suspended upside down. A second later, they found themselves head first into either side of the two-sided sink which had been filled to the brim with water. Their arms and legs flailed around everywhere. A few moments later, both were pulled up again and dropped unceremoniously to the floor. They coughed up water and rubbed their sore bodies, looking up in time to see Raven enter the room.

"Dude! That so was not okay!" Beast Boy yelled. "We could've drowned!"

"One, no you couldn't, and two, you both deserved it." Raven replied as she grabbed a packet of oatmeal from the cabinet and set a pot of water on the stove. Beast Boy glared at her back some more before getting up and searching for his breakfast.

"Hey where'd my tofu go?" he asked as he scratched his head in a confused manner.

"Friend Beast Boy I have disposed of your tofu breakfast." Starfire said as she happily munched on her cereal.


"Do not be angry with me, friend. I only did the task because the tofu had become charred and did not look ver-OUCH!" Starfire squealed and clutched her jaw in pain.

"Starfire, what is it?" Robin asked, worriedly. Starfire didn't say anything, but continued to clutch her mouth. He pried away her hands from her mouth and told her to open it. She complied, and Robin, using a small flashlight from his utility belt, glanced into her mouth, sweatdropping at what he saw. It wasn't the half chewed cereal, or the fact that Starfire had 4 extra molars; he sweatdropped at the fact that she had a little metal fire-truck jammed in one of her teeth.


"'esh 'o'in?" Starfire replied, still with her mouth wide open.

"I think you tried to eat the prize that comes with the cereal box and now it's stuck in one of your teeth." By now the rest of the team had gathered over.

"Oh…It 'asn't ah 'ash'allo?" Robin did his best not to laugh. His friend was in pain after all.

"No, it wasn't a marshmallow."

Starfire managed to swallow the rest of the chewed cereal in her mouth. "Can you re'ove it?"

"I'm not sure if I can remove it. It's pretty deep and far back. I'll try though."

"Oh 'lease, dear 'riend, because ee 'iny 'ruck of 'ire is causing 'e 'uch 'ain." Tears had started to swell up in her eyes. Cyborg put a hand on her shoulder to try to comfort her as Robin searched his utility belt for a pair of pliers.

"I know I have a pair of pliers in here somewhere….Ah-ha!" he triumphantly cried as he held out the pliers, but they were suddenly snatched by Beast Boy.

"Hey! Why did you do that for?"

"Cause, dude, you're doing dentist work here!"

"And you're point would be…?" Beast Boy smacked his forehead.

"You're supposed to ask your nurse to hand you the pliers! Like all the dentists and doctors on TV!"

"Beast Boy, this isn't TV and I don't have a nurse, now give me the pliers!" He reached towards Beast Boy, but Beast Boy had moved out of range.

"Of course you have a nurse! Isn't that right, Ravie?" he said with a wink. Raven just rolled her eyes, uncrossed her arms, walked over, grabbed the pliers from his hand, whacked him on the head, and handed the them to Robin. Beast Boy clutched his head in pain.

"Dude, you're not a very good nurse." he said to her. "Nurses are supposed to make people feel better, not HURT them!"

"Oh, did I hurt your head?" she asked, with false concern. "Well then, let me be a good nurse and make it all better by bandaging it all up." The nearest first-aid kit glowed and a roll of gauze flew into the air and started wrapping itself around Beast Boy's head, more specifically his mouth.

Ignoring Beast Boy's flailing, Robin set to work trying to remove the toy from Starfire's mouth. He started out very gently but soon ended up trying to rip it out of her mouth very angrily. Still the toy would not budge. Apparently Starfire had a powerful bite. Robin sighed.

"Starfire, I think you need to go to the dentist." Starfire nodded, understanding what Robin had said. She had seen a show about dentistry once on TV, but it was very brief because Beast Boy and Cyborg had turned off the cable in order to play videogames. From what she had seen, 'dentists' were people who dressed up in white or light blue, wore protective masks around their mouths, and talked a lot about how to take care of teeth. They were talking about something called a 'cavity' when the guys decided to take over and play, so she didn't find out what it was.

"Awww man!" whined Cyborg, causing Starfire to come back from her thoughts.

"Nrrrgh, what's up Cy?" Beast Boy asked, now completely mummified on the floor and struggling to get out. At least he had gotten the bandages off his mouth. Raven had left a couple of minutes before and it was easier to remove the bandages when they weren't fighting back.

"My arm-joint connector bolt broke!"

"And that would be….?" Cyborg held up his armless right stub and his left arm clutching the detached right arm.

"The major bolt keepin' my arm on! And it just busted!"

"Can't you just go to your room and put another one on? After helping me out of this thing?!"

"I used my last one after our recent fight against Mad Mod! I have to go across the city and buy a new one!" Cyborg moaned, waving his disconnected arm around in the air. Beast Boy continued to wiggle around.

"Chill Cyborg." Robin said, hoping to calm down his friend. "Just go and buy a new valve like you always do. And while you're out, why not take Starfire to the dentist?"

"You know the dentist clinic is on the opposite side of town. It would take too long to get her teeth fixed and my arm fixed. How about you take her?"

"I suppose that makes sense, as long as Beast Boy and Raven stay here so we're not too scattered across the city."

"Sounds good. There's been a low crime rate lately anyways. Just petty criminals since all the top dogs are in jail or being tracked."

"Waaaaiiittt!" Beast Boy yelled. "Can't I go with you guys?!"

"No we need you to stay here with Raven." Robin said.

"Yeah B. Just stay here, we won't be gone long." Cyborg said. "Just a couple of hours, tops. Have fun while we're gone!"

And with that, the doors to the common room closed behind the three Titans. Still squirming around in his cocoon, the only thing Beast Boy could think about was…

'Man! I really need to pee!'

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