Chapter 2

Yusuke opened the door to a guest room down the hall. Kurama, Botan, Genkai, Sorna, Morgan, Kuwabara and him went in to the room. Laying on the bed was Keiko. She turned her head and Kuwabara asked, "So where's the shrimp?"

"Hiei went to get me a glass of water." she stammered out. Sorna walked over to Keiko, "By the way, I'm Sorna and that's Morgan." she said pointing to a girl basically chained to Kurama's arm.

Keiko smiled, " two a couple?" Kurama smiled, "Yeah how can you tell?" Morgan add, "And happy ...right?" Kurama agreed. Yusuke walked over to Keiko, "So-Keiko, do you like Hiei?"

Before she could answer, a voice drifted into the room, "Don't make me hurt you, baka detective." Hiei walked back into the room with a glass of water in his hand. He set it down on the table and stared at everyone. Yusuke was about to say something when Genkai butted in and said, "It's getting late. Let's get some rest and we'll get answers in the morning." Everyone left but Hiei.

He walked around her bed, with the water and pulled her into his arms. Her breathing quickened. "Open your mouth. Drink." Hiei ordered. Keiko opened her mouth and Hiei put the glass to her lips. After the water was gone, he layed Keiko back down. Keiko looked at Hiei and saw that he had a dark stain on his shirt. It was blood. "Hiei..." He came back to her in an instant, "What's is it?"

She raised her hand to his cheek and brushed it down. His cheeks got hot with her touch. "Take off your shirt." she ordered. "WHAT?!"

Keiko smiled, "Just do it." After a few more words were spoken, he took off his shirt. At the sign of victory, Keiko, moved her hand to his stomach, to see a wound. Dry blood covered it. "When did you get this?" she asked putting her hand to his side, gold light streamed out of her hand. As she removed her hand, Hiei could see that the wound was gone. "So you have healing powers." Keiko smiled weakly. "Yeah just for everyone but me."

Hiei leaned down closer to Keiko, "Hiei--wh-what are y-you doing?" As Hiei got closer to Keiko's face, the door burst open, and a little blue bird thing flew into the room. "Puu!!!" it said. Hiei's temper rose, "YO! Someone better come and get this animal before I slice it to pieces!" he yelled as Sorna ran into the room. "Hold your horses, Hiei. I'll get him."

Sorna caught the bird thing and was leaving when she turned and said, "So Hiei, do I need to get you a set of furry hand cuffs?" Out of no where, a pillow hit Sorna in the face. Hiei was standing right in front of the bed with the other pillow aimed to her face. Sorna saw this and left quickly from the room. Hiei sighed and brought the pillow down. Just then Sorna popped her head back into the room and added, "Geezz, Hiei. I was just asking." and ran back out of the room.

Sorna returned to Yusuke's room in fits and giggles. Yusuke looked up for the manga he was reading long enough to say, "So you had to irratate him didn't ya?" Sorna lightly laughed, "I'm sorry but it was something I had to say."

Yusuke put down the manga and walked over to his beloved. He quickly kissed her, "You want to go out of stay in tonight?" "Well Genkai said to get a good night sleep. So....lets go out for a while." Yusuke smiled again, "Thats what I was thinking too." They grabbed their coats cause it got colder outside, then headed into town.


Hiei got up and headed for the door. He was stopped by the smell of salt. "Why are you crying?" he asked trying to hide his concern. "Hiei. If I asked you to help me with a favor, would you help?" Keiko asked wipping the tears away.

"Depends on what it is." he said still standing in the middle of the room. "Help me get my sister back please." Keiko said, "She and I, we were captured by the panter demon tribe. I got away but they caught her. Hiei, she told me to go and leave her but I just can't. Please help me."

"So these panther demons have your sister and you want me to help you get her back. Is that what I understand?" Hiei said turning back around to face Keiko. She nodded. "Well then we shall leave when you can stand and walk to my likings." he then turned and walked to the door. "Now get some sleep." he turned off the lights and shut the door.

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