Chapter 3

A week past when Hiei finally said that Keiko was well enough to go. It was night time and Hiei and Keiko were alone in her room. "Okay we'll leave in the morning." Hiei said.

Keiko smiled, "Sorna said that she and Yusuke want to come too. So did everyone else. But I don't want to them to get hurt."

Hiei laughed, "If your worried about that don't. They can take care of them selves....Kuwabara on the other hand-"

Keiko laughed, "Hiei cut him some slack. He wouldn't get hurt. He wants to come back to his beloved Yukina."

Hiei eye's turned into hate. Keiko noticed this and said, "Hiei are you okay?"

'I never told her about Yukina, and about my past.' Hiei thought silently to himself. "I was just thinking about the morning."

"Bull, your either mad or worried about something. What's the deal?"

"Just drop it." he said and left the room.

Early in the morning Morgan woke up and saw that Kurama was awake and staring at her. "Kurama? What's wrong?" she said sitting straight up in bed.

"Shhh...nothing I was just watching you sleep." Morgan smiled, "You should've woken me."

"But you were so cute just laying there."

Morgan gave him a kiss and said, "How bout we hop in the shower before everyone else?"

"I like your thinking." he said following her toword the bathroom.

Everyone met in the front of the temple and headed out into the woods. Keiko looked around and noticed that the woods brought some memories back to her. "Just up a head is the panter demon village." she said to everyone.

Sorna came up behind Morgan and said, "Is it me or is Hiei and Keiko not getting along with each other?"

"I know what you mean. Hiei won't even look at Keiko in that dreamy gaze he often has." Morgan said then chuckled at the thought of Hiei in a dreamy gaze.

The gang emurged from the forest to be in front of a giant gate. "So this is the place?" Yusuke asked, "Homey."

Keiko looked and started to walk around the side of the gate. "Follow me guys. There's a nother entrance over here. It'll lead straight into Kiyoto's hut. There will Kiyono should be." Keiko slipped inside and waited for the rest of the gang to get in before going on.

"Hey is that your sister?" Kuwabara asked pointing to a girl facing the wall. She lifted her hand and it revealed a sharp knife. "Hey what's she doing?!"

Keiko ran to her sister's aid and slapped the knife away from her. Everyone stared at Keiko as she moved her hands around frantically. She bent down and drew her sister into a hug.

"Um, hey Keiko what was all that about?" Sorna asked moving her hands around like Keiko had done.

She lifted her head and looked at her friends. Tears were weld up in her eyes. "Kiyono is not like everyone else. She's deaf." Kiyono turned her head for the first time to reveal hazel eye's. She raised her hands and started to sign something. "She says that she's sorry for what you have all just witnessed." Keiko explained.

Kiyono stood and walked around the small room to where everyone was standing and bowed. Kurama looked at the girl and smiled. He walked up to her, moving her face up so she could see him. He started to sign something. Morgan, along with everyone else in the room was stunned. They never new that Kurama knew sign langauge.

"Thank you, sir." Keiko said as Kiyono signed it.

"Kurama what did you say to her?" Morgan asked as he returned to her side. He turned and just smiled at his beloved.

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