Time Turned Back- The Prisoner of Azkaban

Prologue: Time Unravelled

The Dark Lord Defeated that was the headline across the Wizarding world. Lord Voldermort, the most powerful Dark Wizard to walk the earth since World War Two was dead.

But what was the cost? How many lives had been lost? How many children had grown up to fight the war?

Harry Potter stood silent before a fresh grave, ignoring the pouring rain of the dreary day. It was the seventh funeral he had attended in the last six months. And by far it was the hardest. The graves read

Ronald Arthur Weasley





May he be remembered always

Virginia Molly Weasley





And the Meanest of us all

Ron and Ginny were the last to fall. And no doubt they had been the ones Voldermort had enjoyed the most, he had known exactly where to strike to rip out what remained of Harry's heart. Ron was the one person in existence he had ever considered a brother. Until Lucius Malfoy killed him, only to be cut down that same day by his own sons final strike.

"Draco" he thought. While their start had been a little rocky after fifth year, Draco Malfoy, or Draco Black as he had been buried, was someone Harry had come to trust and rely on after Lucius killed his mother.

Ginny The very thought of her tore at him.

They had been dating for about two years, and Harry knew he loved her, it was with a wrenching sob that he looked down into his open right palm. Where a beautiful engagement ring rested.

He had been planning to ask her when it was over. Hell he had almost asked her before the final assault on Hogwarts began, laying in the Head Boy's Dorm with her in his arms, the crescent moon shining through the windows. She told him she loved him. He said the same, but before he could ask her she was asleep against his bare chest. So he let it go, knowing that he could have his chance when the fighting was over.

But he never got the chance. The fighting was chaotic. The castle grounds and the Forbidden Forest were crawling with Deatheaters, Vampires, Giants, Dementors, and other Dark creatures. With Harry smack dab in the middle searching for Voldemort.

But Ginny had found him first. He killed her without hesitation.

But it had cost the bastard the vital seconds Harry needed to run him through with the Sword of Gryffindor. But he was still alive.

"You can't beat me Potter" he laughed "I am the Dark Lord VOLDERMORT"

"Maybe so" Harry snarled "But I will still send you to HELL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE TAKEN FROM ME" then with a howl of fury Harry hurled a massive sphere of blue flame at the Dark Lord.

He called the fire, the Dragons Flame it was a fire that not only burned flesh, it consumed every piece of magical energy it came into contact with. Voldermort's own lust for power destroyed him.

But what was the cost? Over the course of the six months the Order of the Phoenix had lost too much. Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody was killed during a raid in Dublin at Christmas. Neville and Luna were ambushed on the full moon on their way to meet up with Remus at the edge of the Forbidden Forest for their turn with him, and Remus was attacked that same night, he died from toxic levels of Silver Nitrate in his blood stream the next morning.

Hermione had been killed over the Christmas break with her parents in a raid. When the Order found her, she had been put under the Cruciatus and the Imperio and raped before they killed her.

Professor McGonnagal, was killed in an attack during the Quidditch final between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, where half of the graduating year killed, including Susan Bones, Justin Finch-Fletchley, and Gryffindor's new Beaters, Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan. It had taken the deaths of 196 people that day for Dumbledore to decide to get up off his ass and take the war to Voldermort.

But in the end it was over. It had taken three years, and more than 5,000 deaths, but it was done.

"Was it worth it?" Harry asked as Severus Snape approached slowly from behind

"Was what worth it?" he asked. Over the last two years they had come to an understanding. Harry wasn't his father. They had even become friends after Harry had managed to remove the Dark Mark for him before it killed him. And Harry had become quite taken to sharing a bottle of Fire Whiskey with Severus in the Dungeons when the death reports came in by the dozens, especially after Hermione Neville, Luna and Remus were killed.

"Three years, and over 5,000 deaths" Harry said as he stood up "All because of one old man's stupidity"

"You've lost me Hunter" Severus said. Hunter was Harry's name within the Marauders, based on the hunter theme that followed his Animagus forms

"Dumbledore" Harry snarled. The very thought of that name consumed him with fury "He waited five years to tell me the prophecy Severus…I asked him when I woke up in the Hospital wing after the incident with the Stone, and he evaded the question"

"You were eleven" Severus said

"AND I HAD JUST COME FACE TO FACE WITH MY PARENTS MURDER" Harry roared "The only year I have had where I didn't go up against Riddle was when Sirius escaped from Azka…" right there Harry trailed off. Then he started laughing as he dropped to his knees, the wind off the coast billowed the black dragonhide robe he was wearing.

"Hunter?" Severus asked

"I understand now" Harry whispered "It's the perfect ploy...the ultimate fuck over"

"What?" Severus asked, completely confused

"I'll tell you a story" Harry said as he rose to his feet "Poor little orphan boy. Parents Murdered, Godfather in prison…carted off to relatives who don't want him…but get this, he's a wizard. Will they tell him?"

"Umm…no?" Severus asked

"Correct" Harry answered "Poor little orphan boy grows up and goes off to wizard school, enters a world he knows nothing about, where he encounters his parents murderer. Then Kindly old Headmaster comes along, takes him under his wing. Poor little orphan boy never knew love, so when Kindly Headmaster leads him around blindly by the nose, what's he gonna know?"

"Not much" Severus shrugged

"Exactly" Harry exclaimed "Then, poor little orphan boy finds real family. But before he can react it's gone again, family dies. Who oh who does the poor little orphan boy turn to?"

"The Headmaster" Severus answers, finally staring to catch on.

"Exactly" Harry continued "Kindly old Headmaster goes back to leading poor little orphan boy around by the nose, at the same time turning him into the weapon he needs to kill the Dark Lord"

"Where does it all end?" Severus asked

"With DUMBLEDORE" Harry roared "After Sirius died he used his death to mould me into the perfect weapon and then sat back and watched the fireworks"

"What do you intend to do then?" Severus asked, slightly concerned that he would do something insane.

"Oh don't worry about me Sever" Harry said using the nickname he had come up with for Severus in the midst of a hangover "I'm gonna put it all to right" then he reached into his robe pocket and said "With this" as he produced a small hourglass, filled with grey sand and a silver frame.

"What is that?" Severus asked with a frown

"A time turner" Harry said offhandedly "Only this time turner doesn't go back in hours and minutes…but in years and months…and this is a very special one of a kind time turner" he continued, interrupting whatever Severus was going to say.

"How?" Severus asked

"Because it doesn't just turn back the clock for the world around the user" Harry said "It turns back the human body clock itself, in essence transporting the user back to the body of their younger selves"

"But that would mean…" Severus said

"Yes" Harry replied "It's a one time deal, once you go back…that's it you're stuck in your younger body…if I go back, it's for keeps, but I can change it all, Wormtail, the Tournament, Sirius, everything, I can undo it all"

"But what guarantee do you have that what you do will change it?" Severus asked "Wormtail could still escape if you manage to capture him, you'll still end up in the Tri-Wizard Tournament, and Voldermort will still want the Prophecy"

"Haven't you ever heard the phrase forewarned is forearmed?" Harry asked "If I limit the changes to specific events, I can keep the time stream escentially intact right up to the end of fourth year…but the problem is that I'll be back in the body of an underfed thirteen year old, which means that it'll take me time to get back to top form"

"Well then" Severus said "We'll just have to speed the process up a little"

"We?" Harry asked with a frown

"You don't think I'm going to let you do something this dangerous on your own?" Severus asked "You're going to need all the backup you can get. Especially with Albus"

"You realise you'll be going back to the time when I saw you as a miserable big nosed bastard don't you?" Harry asked

"And I'll also be retaking the mark" Severus said "But we'll deal with that when the time comes, you can't stop me Hunter"

"Alright" Harry said with a sigh as they walked back to the bar where they had rooms for the night "What were you doing around this week before my third year?"

Thinking for a moment as they entered the tavern "I was setting up for the approaching year" he replied quickly "Deciding what potions to have the idiots make…but I did make a trip to Diagon Alley around the time you Blew Up the Walrus's sister"

"Oh yeah" Harry said as he grabbed the bottles of Fire Whiskey and Moonshine from the counter "I'd like to avoid that too, it'll lead to a run in with Fudge that I do not need"

Severus nodded as he sat down next to the fire and cast several wards and privacy charms around the area "You'll also need to become an Animagus again" he said "But your mind is already trained, so you'll just need to catch up the body"

"It'll probably take me about a year or so to get back to top condition where I can use all my forms" Harry said "But I'll see what I've got to work with in the beginning"

"I'll work on the potion when we get back" Severus said "And a little cocktail to put you back on track"

"How so?" Harry asked with a frown as he downed the double shot of whiskey and Irish moonshine in the glass before him

"It's an advanced dose of nutrients and strengthening potions" Severus asked "It'll give you the body a 13 year old athlete should have"

"So it want make a sex god for the girls?" Harry asked with a grim chuckle

"No" Severus said as he took a swig directly from the bottle of moonshine "But it may put you on the track early with the…Scarlet Lady, as her brother called her"

Harry's expression darkened slightly as he looked over the rim of his glass, then he realised "Sever's right" he thought "I can get Ginny back without having to go past Connor and Thomas to get her" then a smile crossed his face, stretching the faded scar along his right cheek, a gift from Lestrange during the knife fight in Hogsmeade where he snapped her spine and slit her throat. It was the least he could do for Sirius.

"When do we do this?" Severus asked

"Right now if you want" Harry said as he stood up and withdrew the time turner

Severus nodded as he stood up and took the right side handle of the time turner while Harry took the left "I'll owl you as soon as I can to arrange a meeting"

Harry nodded as he examined the device, and after a few moments, gripped the main frame, and turned counter clockwise, hearing a single click with each turn, after the fifth click he stopped. And the sand stopped flowing, art half full, and began shining.

In that instant a passage from a poem came to his mind. It was one of Ginny's favourites, Auguries of Innocence, by William Blake.

To see a world in a grain of sand,

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

And eternity in an hour.

The sand began to glow and the time turner started to spin of its own accord.

"I'm commin to you Talon" Harry whispered as his world when black.

Authors Note: Done. I know this isn't an all together original idea but I'm not a very original guy.

And for those readers who think Snape is too nice, sorry, but just think of it as a post Deatheater plus Lily's influence when they were still at school.

Next time the party begins. Note that there will be much Dumbledore bashing in this story. And that I won't be updating as much until I get the chance to read the Prisoner of Azkaban book.