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Ages ago, or so the stories

tell, the power of Alchemy

ruled over the world of


Alchemy wrought the base

elements of humanity

into thriving civilizations,

like lead into gold.

But in time, man's dreams

gave birth to untold strife.

Dreams of endless riches,

of eternal life, of dominion

over all that lived... Dreams

of conquest and of war.

These dreams would have

torn the world apart if not

for a few brave and wise

men, who sealed away the

power of Alchemy deep in

Mt. Aleph's Sol Sanctum.

Nestled away at the foot of Mount Aleph, the most sacred peak on the continent of Angara rests a quiet village called Vale. For ages, the elders of this remote community have been the caretakers of Sol Sanctum - an ancient temple on the mountain's slope that for eons has guarded the seal on the ancient science of Alchemy. Now, someone is attempting to break that seal. A mysterious figure is attempting to release the powers of Alchemy upon the world, a power so great that one who wields its full force can attain any of his heart's desires - countless riches, endless life, even the power to destroy the world. Once the combined power of the four elements - earth, water, wind, and fire, which together make up all matter - is unleashed, the world will fall to its knees before the one who wields it. If this horrible fate is to be avoided, a brave soul must now arise!



"Isaac! Isaac, wake up!"

The 14-year-old Isaac groggily opened his eyes struggling out of the deep sleep that he was in. He ran his fingers through his short blond hair and blinked his blue eyes trying to get them into focus again.

"Wha-what?" he groaned. His mother, Dora, was there.

"Please, dear wake up! A terrible storm has started. Come on, we have to go now!" She sounded extremely panicked.

Isaac was lying in his bed, which was in the only upstairs room of his home. The room was dark, but Dora held a lit lamp in her hand.

Isaac quickly got out of bed, and ran to his mother. He didn't need to put on his clothes, as he had carelessly fallen asleep in them. His mother seemed not to care about that just right now though.

"Isaac, wait!" she chided. The power of Psynergy suddenly filled her, a blue glow surrounding her body, and Isaacs's tunic floated over to her on invisible forces. Her power disappeared and she handed it to him.

"There's a storm outside! You'll need a tunic!" she told him.

There she was worrying about what he was wearing when something important was happening, or at least by the sounds of it. He quickly slipped the grey tunic on anyway and pulled up the hood. If there really was a storm going, then he would want to try and stay dry.

He immediately followed after his mother, who was hurrying downstairs to leave the house. He struggled to get his thoughts in order, trying to remember what had happened that day.

It had been a beautiful, peaceful day. He had been out with his three friends. They'd heard that some outsiders had come to visit the village, but their parents had forbidden them to go out and see who they were. And the strangers had left Vale before they could catch a glimpse of them. A calm, peaceful, sunny day. And now his mother mentioned a storm. As he began to wake up again, he became aware of his surroundings.

And it was then he noticed that there was indeed a storm raging outside, with heavy rain and claps of thunder. But today it had been rather calm, hadn't it? It was a nice day without a cloud in the sky and no hint of a storm coming, so why was one raging outside now? And why was the Mount Aleph boulder falling? What had caused that?

They reached the downstairs room and made for the door. As they stepped outside, Isaac came to realise just what it was that was really occurring out there.

A raging storm didn't come close to describing what was occurring.

It seemed like a typhoon had hit. The wind was blowing so hard that the shock of it nearly blew Isaac over. The rain and hail was so heavy that he got soaked through within seconds, and powerful blasts of lighting seemed to strike every few seconds.

Is a storm this powerful even naturally possible? He thought to himself, shocked at the unnatural severity.

It was then that Isaac's father, Kyle, came and raced up to them. Kyle had short brown hair and was well built for a man his age, only just less than forty years.

"Isaac, Dora, hurry! The boulder could fall any second now!" He yelled. Dora had to shout back to be heard.

"Kyle, will they be able to stop the boulder?"

"No. They can hold it back for a while, but that's it." He replied shouting, shaking his head disapointedly, "Go to the plaza, it will be safe there." It was natural of him to want them to be safe, while he did what he had to. "I'm staying here, though; I need to help evacuate the others." he shouted over the wind. He wasn't the sort to abandon others when they were in need, never one to shirk away from his rightful duty. A trait his son Isaac had picked up on.

"Let me help you, Kyle!" she shouted back, voice full of concern that he might be injured in the raging storm. "Isaac can get to the plaza on his own!" She turned towards him. "Can't you, dear?"

"Yes, of course! I know where to go!" he shouted back through the rain. He knew his father would never allow him to risk himself, and there was little that he could do anyway, being only fourteen years old, his Psynergy abilities not even beginning to develop yet.

"Good. Get going, then." she reminded him before turning away to follow Kyle up to the mountain that was north of Vale.

Isaac's house was in the northern part of Vale, which resided along the south side of Mount Aleph. A river came from the mountain and travelled south, almost in a straight line, straight through the middle of the village. Isaac's house was just off the eastern shore of the river.

Isaac tried to head south, running through the muddy street and past the fleeing villagers, but found, much to his shock, that a land slide now blocked his way, which had damaged a couple of homes and completely flattened another. A few villagers stood by surveying the damage to their homes and trying to find a way over the rocks and mud, maybe even save their lost possessions. There didn't appear to be a way over, or even around the pile of mud and ruined house.

Isaac knew that he had no choice but to find away around. He knew the way to go. He would have to take one of the bridges across the river, the northernmost one of which he could still access, to the western shore, then head south. Along the way, he would then have to take the southern bridge back to the eastern shore of the river, and then he could reach the relative safety of the plaza. It was the only way to go as far as he could see, although it meant coming closer to Mount Aleph and the Mount Aleph boulder.

Deciding not to waste anymore time, he ran through the chaotic village up to the northern bridge. As he passed his home, he noticed with shock that some of the roof had been damaged and rain was pouring through the holes. He was lucky to have gotten out when he did. His dad would have a hard time repairing it.

As he approached the wooden, roped together bridge, he saw his best friend and childhood buddy, Garet, struggling to pull along a heavy chest. Typical of him, trying to be a hero and save all his possessions instead of just what he needed.

Garet was the same age as Isaac, 14 years old, and had red spiky hair that was now completely soaked and just hanging down his forehead over his eyes. He also was wearing a grey tunic just like Isaac, although he didn't have his hood pulled up like Isaac did, allowing the rain to bombard his face. He had a very rash, headstrong, stubborn personality and he could sometimes be a bit stupid or careless, but at least his heart was in the right place.

"Garet! What are you doing?" Isaac called out to his friend.

"I'm trying to save my stuff!" Garet replied to him, annoyed at being interrupted.

"Garet, just leave that stuff and forget about it! Come on we have to escape!" Isaac replied anxiously, "If we hang around, we'll get flattened by the boulder! You'll never get out of here trying to drag that thing behind you! The rest of your family is probably already at the Plaza waiting for you!"

Isaac grabbed Garet's arm and started to drag him away. "Yeah, you're right." Garet admitted, "Let's get out of here!"

Leaving the heavy chest of personal possessions where it was, the two friends ran for the bridge, which wasn't far. It was a little difficult to get across, as the wind rocked it side to side and the wood was slippery from the rain. But they reached the other side without slipping off.

Just after they crossed it, they saw four of the village elders off to their right standing at the foot of the mountain filled with Psynergy, trying to prevent a giant boulder from rolling down the mountain and destroying the village.

The Mount Aleph boulder. A huge boulder, big enough to destroy a good portion of the village if it fell, being held back by huge amounts of Psynergy, the flows of glowing energy the only thing holding back the boulders impending doom. But even all their combined might could not entirely hold it back and they were struggling, the boulder edging closer slowly.

The two of them didn't waste any more time looking and got going without a word, following the edge of the river. If you could really call it a river anymore. The river was a raging torrent full rushing water and overflowing its banks due to the insane amount of extra rain. They made sure to not stray to close to the raging torrent of water, just in case one of them slipped and fell in. They would surely drown if that did happen.

They continued running through the village dodging fleeing villagers as they went. Vale was in complete and utter chaos. People were running everywhere trying to save their lives and possessions as they struggled for the plaza. The two of them struggled not to slip up in the mud. Occasionally they would pass someone who was injured, but they always already had someone there helping.

Isaac continued his way through Vale, running through the thick mud and rain, occasional bright bursts of lightning the only thing illuminating their pathway, thunder echoing in their ears, blocking out all other sound.

They continued to run down along the side of the river, unable to see far due to the dark and the rain, until they came up to the river dock, which was also the home of their other two best friends, Jenna and Felix.

As they approached, they could see dimly through the shadows and rain the shapes of figures standing out on the pier.

"Felix!" They heard the voice of a familiar girl shout.

The voice was that of Jenna, one of their best friends in the group that included Isaac, Garet, Jenna and her older brother Felix.

They saw the thirteen year old Jenna, her red hair tied back in a ponytail like always and wearing a thick red dress and a purple cloak, all of which was soaked through by the rain, standing on the pier staring further down the river. Also on the pier were Jenna's parents, a woman with red hair like her daughters but tied up in a bun and a man with short brown hair and a brown moustache.

Also there was Kyle, Isaac's father and Dora, Isaac's mother. Dora was comforting Jenna as she watched what was happening, and Kyle was trying to throw out a rope for someone, while Jenna's parents stood by and watched on the edge with a look of absolute desperation on their faces.

Isaac saw why in the next immediate flash of lightning. Felix, Jenna's brown haired older brother was stuck out in the middle of the raging river. He was also one of Isaac's best friends that he had grown up with. He had short brown hair like his father, whom he took after quite a lot.

He struggled to hold to a rock that was sticking up from river. It was a miracle he could even hold onto that in this torrential downpour. Felix was hanging on for dear life. If he lost his grip, he would almost certainly drown in the raging torrent. Kyle was trying to throw the rope out to him, but it didn't reach and the pier was the closest place he could get to Felix, without actually diving into the river and probably drowning.

"Hang on, Felix" Kyle yelled out as another bolt of lightning flashed in the sky and thunder almost drowned out his words. Dora was trying to comfort a distraught Jenna. But she could not be calmed.

"Felix!" She cried out over the howling wind and thunder. Dora held her tight, trying to calm the fiery young girl. Isaac and Garet came closer and overheard what his father was saying to Jenna's dad.

"The rope isn't long enough to reach." Kyle admitted dejectedly to Jenna's father, Garcia, as he threw the rope once more to Felix, again failing to reach. "We'll have to use Psynergy."

"I'm drained right now," Garcia replied shaking his head miserably at being unable to save his son, "Couldn't channel a spark. What about you, Kyle?"

"The same." Kyle shook his head regrettably.

"We have to get help." Dora spoke up, turning from Jenna.

"Then go, quickly! We'll look after Felix!" Kyle told her, turning back to look at Felix.

"I'll go get help, too!" Jenna called out, eager to save her brother. Despite any arguments they may have had with one another, Jenna wouldn't have been able to cope with the loss of her older sibling.

Dora and Jenna immediately left the pier, but stopped for a moment when Dora halted.

Dora said to Jenna loudly "Okay, Jenna, I'll look up north… you head for the plaza down south, all right?"

"All right. I'll find someone who can help Felix!" Jenna replied strongly, determined to succeed.

Dora nodded wordlessly before turning and running up north through the thick mud and rain along the west bank of the river. She was running against the strong winds and looking desperately for someone who might have been able to help.

She saw Isaac and Garet, but simply told them to hurry up and get to the plaza so that the Elders could protect them, then continued north.

"Garet, let's see if we can help Jenna out!" Isaac suggested to his friend. He didn't want to see either of his friends hurt.

"Yeah, great idea!" Garet agreed, and the two of them ran as fast as they could to the south bridge across the river. Isaac would do everything that he could to help a friend in need, besides, Jenna might need help, or protection in case she got hurt. Isaac cared for her too much to let that happen.

They needed to cross the southern bridge to get to the plaza and it seemed that Jenna had already beaten them over it. They couldn't see her over the over side, as the landscape and thatched housing rose up, blocking their view of that part of the village.

As they ran across the bridge, Isaac looked back up the river, and got a good view of Felix struggling in the river, his parents standing helplessly by and Kyle still desperately trying to get the rope to reach him. He was NOT going to let him drown!

They struggled across the bridge, which was even more dangerous than the first, as the strong winds buffeted it back and forth even worse now, and the rain made the wooden planks slippery. Despite the shivering cold of the blistering wind, and the heavy rain, Isaac and Garet pressed on, refusing to fail in their duty.

As soon as they crossed the bridge, they ran past a small cliff that Isaac could remember often trying to climb with his friends. At the top, it supposedly led to a forbidden part of Mount Aleph that they had all wanted to see. But Isaac ignored it for now, and they continued to run through the village and fleeing villagers towards the plaza.

As they reached the plaza, they saw that a lot of people had already taken refuge in there. There was a massive throng of people standing out in the shivering cold and rain, some of them still desperately calling out for loved ones. Many families were huddling together for warmth. Another flash of lightning lit up the area and Isaac caught sight of Jenna making her way through the middle.

Struggling through a crowd of panicky people, Isaac and Garet tried to reach Jenna who had stopped to talk with the town mayor. The town mayor was also Garet's grandfather, an old man with tufts of grey hair and a grey moustache who used a walking stick to get around. The way he stood betrayed his appearance, as he stood tall and proud ignoring the cold rain and howling wind.

They were standing near the Psynergy Stone. The Psynergy Stone was a large purple crystal like structure that looked like it had been carved by the finest craftsmen in the land, yet that was the way it had formed naturally, inside Mount Aleph. It stood upright in a small little island, just large enough for it and one person surrounded by a small pool of water barely a metre wide. The stream of water was small enough for a person to just hop over it. The Psynergy Stone had the power to slowly refill a person with Psynergy if they touched it.

"Hey, Grandpa! Jenna!" Garet called out over the wind towards them. Jenna turned suddenly from the Mayor and looked to them, brushing back her thick, wet red hair as the wind blew it in her face.

"Isaac and Garet! I'm so glad you two made it here safely!" she smiled in relief.

"Jenna, I want to help you rescue Felix!" Isaac shouted out over another roll of thunder.

"You want to help me?" she asked, clearly surprised.

"That's what we said!" Garet grinned, "We aren't going to let Felix drown!"

Isaac slicked his blonde hair back with his hand to prevent it dripping water in his eyes.

The mayor nodded to them with approval.

"Good boys, Jenna could use a hand." he replied in his deep, wizened old voice.

"Great, I'm all charged up!" Another voice suddenly said. It was then that Isaac realised that one of the villagers, a tough guy with reasonable Psynergy skills called Sab, was charging up by the Psynergy Stone. He jumped of the island towards them. Sab had a muscular body with short black hair and was cleanly shaven. He was wearing a red woollen tunic and basic leather breeches.

"How are you? Have you recovered your Psynergy?" The mayor asked him, his words, filled with concern and anxiety, nearly drowned out by a sudden, loud clap of thunder.

"Enough to save Felix, thanks to the Psynergy Stone." Sab replied nodding, looking to Jenna. Jenna looked extremely relieved. She cared a great deal for her brother.

"Ok Jenna, you heard him, now hurry back!" The mayor ordered before turning around to sort out some other villager's problems.

"Lead the way!" Sab called out.

"No problem!" Garet replied loudly, turning back towards the river.

Isaac just nodded without a word, stealing a look into Jenna's beautiful brown eyes.

"…Thank you Isaac." Jenna said softly to him so that only he could hear, eyes almost brimming with tears, both due to the unexpected help of Isaac, and because of the desperate situation. Isaac knew that she cared a lot about her brother and was very grateful that he'd sacrifice his safety to help her. But now wasn't the time to get mushy.

They ran back without a word through the village, dodging fleeing villagers as they ran, through thick mud and rain, ignoring the wind that blew against them and the freezing cold that wrapped itself against their bodies.

Thunder and lightning boomed overhead and the sounds of people screaming and running throughout the village, amid all the chaos and turmoil filled the air. They ran past the cliff with Isaac's childhood memories, and back across the slippery wooden bridge. Isaac tried to look for Felix in the river, but it was to dark to catch sight of anything now. Even the rain blocked their view. As they left the bridge, the immediately raced back up north along the river and back up towards the dock. They somehow managed to arrive at the same time that Dora did.

"Mum, Dad! We're back!" Jenna called out loudly over the furious wind towards her parents on the pier.

"Is that you Jenna?" Dora asked out loudly, hearing her speak. It was getting harder to see in the heavy rain and dark night, but Dora still recognized the voice of Jenna.

"Yes Ma'am." Jenna replied to her loud enough to hear over the thunder the rolled overhead. They all stood next each other now, just a few feet down from the pier.

"I couldn't find anyone." She said regrettably, with a shake of her head.

It was then that she noticed Sab, who came up from behind the others and smiled broadly.

"Don't worry Ma'am; I'll take care of the little fella." He said to her loudly and reassuringly.

"There's still time!" Dora said, looking towards Felix clinging to the rock, obviously releived.

Jenna spoke up cheerfully, "Then my brother will be alright!"

She looked out over to the raging river, seeing now that Felix was indeed still trapped in torrent of water.

"Now hurry up and save him!" Dora said to Sab.

Sab nodded and immediately began moving towards the river, his body glowing with Psynergy, as he prepared to help Felix. But he was only just too late.

All of a sudden, a loud crash was heard, louder even than the thunder that had boomed through the night. Isaac turned to look, just in time to see the Elders of Vale as he heard them screaming, running out of the way of something big.

The Mount Aleph boulder, bigger than a house, came crashing down through the village knocking down more homes and came roaring down the waterfall, came down the river towards…

Isaac's father and Jenna's parents were on the pier and had only a second to see the boulder come down…

Jenna screamed as she saw what about to happen and shut her eyes…

Sab threw what he had in Psynergy at it but it was useless…

After a deafening crash, Isaac opened his eyes and all was suddenly eerily still and silent. It couldn't be… his eyes betrayed him. The dock where his father and Jenna's parents had been was completely gone, flattened to nothing. The rock where Felix had been hanging onto and Felix… were no longer there. Apart from the howling wind, continual rain and the odd roll of thunder, it seemed strangely still and silent. Even the villagers could no longer be heard. His own breathing seemed to have been silenced.

Isaac was lost for words. They couldn't be dead. They couldn't be! His dad was such a strong man! Felix was one of his best friends!

"Kyle… no, it must all be a dream…" Dora murmured to herself staring at the spot where her husband used to be. She didn't move or blink, not even aware of Isaac's presence to try and comfort him.

"Mum, Dad… Felix… no, please… don't leave me like this…" Jenna said resting her head in her hands, and began crying to herself. She must have been devastated. Isaac would have gone to comfort her, but he was still in shock.

Garet just stared blankly, unable to get his head around what had just happened. He didn't really know what to do in a situation like this. He just sat their miserably in the mud, not saying a word, unheeding of the rain that poured down on him.

Sab stood there, a look of complete shock and utter disbelief on his face, unable to accept that he had failed, that they were gone.

They all sat there silently in the mud for a few moments, ignoring the thunder, lightning and wind and not caring about the rain that soaked them. There was a grim, solemn silence, as they sat there, no one wanting say anything, for while. Even in the distance, no more villagers could be heard over the deadly storm. Isaac didn't realize that he had been holding his breath until he let it out to take another.

But Isaac was not willing to accept that this was over. He couldn't! Tears welled in his eyes, pain burned silently in his heart as the pain of loss grew. His father, he just couldn't be! His friend! Jenna's parents! Who would look after her now? A tight lump formed in his throat, making it difficult for him to swallow.

They weren't dead, yet! There was still hope; he couldn't just leave it at this! He struggled to stand up, his reluctant legs barely able to hold his weight, wobbling under the pressure.

"No, I have to get more help, I can still help them!" He yelled out over the wind, not caring who heard, just wanting to reassure himself that there was still hope. He would not accept this! He became desperate. He ran away from the group, ignoring their shocked looks, and ran through the mud, slipping every so often, desperate to find someone out there who could help. He ran across the bridge frantically looking for someone, anyone who could help them. The wooden boards slipped and the wind tried to knock him off, but he didn't care or even notice. Someone out there had to help him! He ignored the fact that he was frozen numb, just continued desperately running and searching.

But as he ran he found no one. The village was deserted. All the villagers had run away. They were gone. And he was alone. The empty bitterness of his pain consumed him, he would not relent! Somebody had to help!

As he ran, Garet looked to him for a while dumbly. Then suddenly, he came to and made a decision.

"Isaac…I can't let you go alone. Its times like these that we have to stick together!" He voiced aloud proudly and, with grim determination, he ran after Isaac. If he still believed that there was hope, then the gods help him, he was going to help look for it! They were NOT going to abandon those that they cared about like this!

Isaac stumbled along through the deserted village. Where was everyone? Why wouldn't they help him? He tried to speak, but found that his throat was too tight, his mouth opening and closing dumbly. He felt so alone, his father, the role model of his life. The pain of loss, emptiness and loneliness burned inside his hollow heart. Unaware of the cold and flashes of lightning, he staggered on through the mud and rain, exhaustion setting into his weary bones.

He suddenly realized how very tired he was then. The wind and rain had frozen his body completely numb; his legs had been carrying his running body all over Vale. He was covered in mud. Now the exhaustion had caught up with him.

It was too much for him to bear. Felix would have continued, displaying the same stubborn determination of his father. But Felix was dead now. And his parents.

His father would have said something reassuring now, told him to keep going. But his father was gone now. Dead.

It was hopeless.

He had failed.

Finally he dropped to his knees in the mud by the cliff and gave up all hope of ever saving them. There was nothing, no-one that could help him now. What was the use in even trying? He swallowed a lump in his throat and tried to accept the grim reality of what had really happened. A tight pain burned inside and he tried to hold back the tears, but they still burned down his face. He tried to understand what had just happened…

"Only the two of us survived." a man's deep, powerful, yet somewhat weary and exhausted voice suddenly said. Isaac was jolted alert all of a sudden. It sounded strange; he'd never heard this voice before. He continued sobbing, but quietly now, as he listened intently for the speaker of the voice.

"I can't believe that Sol Sanctum unleashed such fury." another unfamiliar voice said, this time a women. She sounded strong and determined, but her tone indicated weariness, shock and disbelief.

Isaac looked up to the top of the small cliff, about the height of three full-grown men.

There were two strange looking, unfamiliar people up there above him. Isaac's first initial reaction was that these two things were both monsters, evil creatures. They didn't look like normal humans. As he looked, he realized that they were so human like in shape, stature and voice that they might very well be people, but he couldn't quite tell.

"We should be grateful even the two of us made it out alive…" the man breathed, sounding shocked and heaving for air. He was a powerfully built looking man, wearing a dark blue breastplate with light blue markings. The rest of his clothing was very similar. He had a dark blue cape on and his long hair was a silvery blue and his skin seemed like a sort of scaly blue. But now he was covered in mud, looking exceptionally weary.

Isaac didn't at all like the look of him. What was this stranger doing in Vale?

"What about the others!" the woman shouted, "They're dead!"

"There's nothing we can or could have done for them." the man sighed in defeat, not looking at her angry face. "How did they manage to do this?"

"That switch… we can only assume that it triggered some sort of trap…" the woman said, still gasping for breath. She had a white dress with blood red markings on it. She had a red cloak on and the rest of her clothing was also red. Her hair was long and blonde, curling up at the ends. Her face was a pale colour, with red markings on it, and it seemed scaly to, like the man's.

She, too, was muddy, showing clear signs of exhaustion. Were they humans, or monsters of some sort?

"But how could it summon a storm as powerful as this!" The man asked, shaking his head and looking to the stormy sky impressed. He sounded very tired, like he had just been through a tough battle, or run really far.

"This is just a small demonstration of the full power of Alchemy." She replied. She looked just as worn out as her partner, and sounded equally shocked and exhausted.

"All of them, dead… even these villagers would have suffered as well. We must not fail the next time we challenge Sol Sanctum." he said back to her in a determined voice.

She replied, tiredly, but determinedly, "Next time we absolutely must…" Suddenly she was cut of in mid-sentence.

"Isaac! Wait!" Garet bellowed out, chasing after Isaac.

Garet ran down the muddy path to where Isaac was sitting on his knees, staring up at the two strangers. He stopped next to him and looked at his worn, distraught friend. Then he noticed that Isaac was staring up, and Garet looked to the two strangers atop the cliff. They had both stopped talking with one another and now glared menacingly down at the two boys.

"You were listening in on us just now… weren't you?" the man demanded looking down at them both. He no longer sounded tired, just aggressive and angry, as though the two of them had deliberately intruded on their conversation.

"Y-Yes" Isaac stammered fearfully, not wanting to arouse his anger. He looked, and sounded, incredibly dangerous. Isaac didn't trust anyone who looked like that!

The man and the woman looked to each other for a moment.

"Isaac…" Garet stammered to his friend "Isaac, they look dangerous… I think we should get out of here."

For Garet to admit that he was scared, and wanted to get away, demonstrated just how much they intimidated him. But Isaac couldn't blame him. They were truly terrifying and he could sense some sort of… incredible power within them. He didn't know how to describe it.

The pain of his father's death seemed to be forgotten at the sight of these two.

Suddenly the two of them jumped down and landed right in front of them. It was then that Isaac noticed their eyes, not at all like normal eyes, were a fiery red with no whites. They no longer looked weary, but strong and domineering, forging fear into the hearts of the two boys. They stood up straight and looked down at the two kneeling boys who were nowhere near their height.

"Forget everything you heard." The women demanded of them loudly.

"I… Okay…" Isaac replied slowly, uncertainly. The man looked to his partner for a moment. "We can't take the risk. The Elders of this village suspect us enough as it is." She nodded in agreement.

Suddenly the two of them were filled with more Psynergy than Isaac had ever seen any one wield before. Either one of them held much more power than even the Great Elder.

Then that power surged forward.

Everything flashed blinding white. Isaac and Garet were knocked to the ground by their power, scorched by a fiery searing pain.

Then everything went black and they slipped out of consciousness.

The two mystery people walked off towards the river. Isaac and Garet lay there behind them, lying unconscious in the mud and pools of their own blood. Up above the storm began to worsen. Lightning flashed brighter and thunder roared louder, the wind picked up and the rain turned to hail.

That night Isaac's father, Kyle, and Jenna's entire family, her mother Jasmine, father Garcia and older brother Felix, were killed and their bodies never found. Many others were injured and many homes were destroyed.

When Isaac and Garet woke up, they didn't remember anything of what happened with the mystery duo.

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