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15 year old Kagome had everything she could ever want, but she was so sick of being a model and an actor. People would follow her even when she went to pick up some candy from the grocery store. Although she could just tell some one to get it for her she wasn't really bossy and stubborn like her twin sister Kikyo. Kikyo took everything for granted. She was treated like a queen so she had people act as if they were her slaves. Kagome wanted things to go back the way they were when she was a 5 year old normal kid on the block. But she knew that wasn't going to change. Ever since her mom became famous for her singing, they moved all around the world. Living in mansion after mansion. After they lived in one mansion they'd either give it away or sell it. When Kagome and Kikyo both turned ten, their mom decided to give them careers in singing. So, that's what happened. The twins became famous for a couple of years for their singing duet but things changed when Kikyo decided to drop the dead weight that was keeping her from her fame or so she had said. Kagome then took up a career in modeling. Turns out a couple months later she was one of the top three models in all the world. Kikyo still sings as her career and makes billions like Kagome. Kagome and Kikyo once in a while appeared on a movie together but the movie always would have one person die or move because behind the scenes the twins would argue so much and refuse to act with each other.

Now they were both 15 years old and both famous and rich with money to spend even if they lived for an eternity. For Kikyo, she liked the fame and guys drooling over her but for Kagome it was very much different. Kikyo wishes for nothing except for more fame and money while Kagome wishes for a different life. A life where she has a group of friends and actually wishes to be a famous star talking about guys and embarrassing moments in life.

This year it was Kagome's turn to go to Tokyo High for a year of high school. Last year she went to England at a private school full of rich snobs and other famous people. She didn't fit in at all because all the people there only cared about hair and looks. It was a rough year but Kagome pretended to love it and manage through the whole year. Kikyo had to go to a public school in Tokyo last year because their mom had decided that the girls should once in awhile see how it feels like to go to a school where normal and lower class people go. Kikyo hated it. She dated the guys for the fun of it and made friends with the meanest and popularist group of all. The preps. Kikyo would fly to their home in Beverly Hills every weekend to tell Kagome about what a boring place public schools were and how she was dating a Han-you and the fact that she was going to totally embarrass him in front of the whole school at the dance. Kagome felt sorry for the person that was going to go with Kikyo to the dance but she couldn't do anything.

Looking up the steps of the school in Tokyo, Japan, Kagome thought about the night when Kikyo told her about the plan to humiliate the stupid half demon. Even though I didn't embarrass the guy, I really should apologize for my dumb-ass sister. Kagome thought to herself before walking up the steps. She had his last year school picture that Kikyo gave her as a reminder to date guys and dump them for the fun of it. To tell the truth Kagome thought that he was kinda cute with the silvery hair and the ears on top of his head. Shoot I'm already late for second period. It's really not my fault I didn't know what time to get up in the morning and where the stinkin kitchen was in my mansion. Kagome got even more frustrated thinking about it and the fact that her mom made her bring two bodyguards with her.

"Oh My God! Have you guys heard! Kikyo is back this year." A girl squealed running into the classroom. "Oh my god, I think I'm going to faint if she is in our class."

"It's not Kikyo but her twin, Kagome." A smart teacher's pet that worked in the office replied.

"Did you hear that guys?" Sango asked Miroku and Inuyasha.

"Feh like I give a crap." Inuyasha scowled.

"Well I'm sorry but it's not my fault or hers that Kikyo dumped you and told you that she went out with you for the fun of it in font of the whole school last year. Miroku said smiling. But that smile didn't last long before it disappeared after Miroku saw the look on Inuyasha's face that said 'I'm gonna kill you'

"Student please take a seat," Mr. Myouga their history teacher said to the class.

"We have a new student in our class and her name is Kagome Hiragashi."

Everyone got really excited especially the boys that went out with Kikyo thinking they had a chance with Kagome.

"I don't care how many Hiragashi wenches come to this school because they're all the same." Inuyasha yelled.

Everyone turned to look at him and started murmuring about how he was still holding a grudge after Kikyo humiliated him last year and just about ruined his reputation at school. At that moment the door opened and in stepped a slim figured, raven haired girl. Behind her stood her two men in black wannabes.

"Class, please welcome Kagome Hiragashi. I was one of the few teachers who won the privilege to be one of her teachers."

"What's up babe, you're looking feisty." Miroku said in a sexy voice

"Oh really?" Kagome answered. She whispered something to one of her bodyguards and smiled at Miroku. One of the Guards walked up to Miroku and smacked him over the head knocking him unconscious.

"Hi I'm Kagome Hiragashi and I'm excited to be here."

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