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"Welcome Miss. Hiragashi, I'm Mr. Myouga, A/N- Alrigh sum1 has gotta tell me how ta spell her last name. I think its right though. O well stil tell me if I'm wrong. please take a seat anywhere you'd like."

Kagome looked around the room for a seat. There were 3 seats open. Well now 4 because a dark-haired boy just pushed a friend off his chair (in this occasion it was Kouga). 2 seats were near the preppy area which Kagome was trying hard to avoid so she was definitely not going to sit there. 1 seat was next to a silver-haired boy, and the last was next to another boy with black hair tied in a ponytail with tanned skin. Kagome was heading for the seat next to the silver- haired boy who she was going to ask if he was Inuyasha but was stopped when a girl from the popular group jumped up from her seat and rushed in front of Kagome. "Hi, I'm Kagura, big fan of yours. Um...I'm sorry but this seat is taken would you like to sit with us rather then these people." Kagura finished the last couple words with disgust in her voice.

"Well who's sitting there?"

"Uh, um...I-I-I um I'm gonna sit here, yeah I'm sitting here so do you want to meet some of my friends?"

"How about we do introductions at lunch, class is beginning." Kagome said smiling as she took the seat next to Kouga.

As the teacher began talking, Kagome listened intently trying to get everything he was talking about. "Hey, the name's Kouga." The guy sitting next to her said.

"Hi." Kagome whispered back as she turned her attention back to the teacher.

Kagome's P.O.V.

Wow is this great. Going to school with average high school kids. And some people actually listen to the teacher. At the PSE (Private School Of England) Almost every girl in the class was checking their make-up. Some do need a make over at this high school though not to be mean or anything.

End P.O.V.

Kagome looked over at a dorky brown -haired girl with glasses the size of watermelons sitting in the corner. That is what I mean when I say make over. Kagome thought in her head.

Just when the bell rang Kagome tried once again to go talk to the silver-haired guy but found it impossible with the crowd of people around her. The guards walked through the crowd and helped Kagome to the door. Kagome was about to tell them that she wanted to speak to someone but thought about talking to him at lunch because a crowd of people started heading towards her. Which were mostly guys trying to get a number or a date.

Kagome desperately tried to pay attention to the teacher but her desk was filled with a mountain of notes.

"People who are passing notes, see me after class please. You know it not...."The teacher's voice trailed off as she turned around to see Kagome with all the notes.

"Um...sorry about that." Kagome said quietly.

"Well, it's quite all right Miss. Hiragashi, you don't have to see me after class."

"O, um its alright I'll stay after class. No problem." Kagome said trying to be a normal high student but she was getting special treatment from all the teachers and she wasn't liking this. What is the whole point of the regular high school experience if your queen of the school getting A's without lifting a finger. Maybe I'll get a detention or something. This should be interesting. Kagome thought smiling. She was snapped out of it when she heard whispers from a group of preps in the corner.

"Kagome is a lot different from Kikyo. Kikyo would've yelled at the teacher for even saying that." A guy whispered to a girl sitting next to him.

Kagome looked over at boy she saw earlier with the cute doggy ears. I'm sure he's Inuyasha. Kagome thought.

Inuyasha sensed someone was watching him. He looked in Kagome's direction and their eyes met. Kagome started blushing furiously at the thought that he had caught her staring at him.


As Kagome stepped into the lunch line she was so deep in thought that she didn't realize her two guards desperately trying to keep people away from Kagome. Wow! That wuz a big coincidence, the group had almost every class I went to. I wonder if they'll be in my next class. Oh yea that's right! I still have to ask that guy what his name is. This day didn't go as I planned at all. It's not a big deal that I'm at this school. I just want to be an average kid here but that doesn't look as if it'll happen anytime soon.

Kagome walked up the line and was reaching for a plate when the lunch lady walked up to her.

"Miss Hiragashi, your lunch came in for you."

Kagome looked at the cafeteria entrance and so did everyone in the room. There stood her butler with about 10 servants waiting to serve her lunch. Kagome thought that was ridiculous.

"Um...thanks but I thought that I'd try the school lunch today. You can give the food to the homeless. I hear there's one around here." Kagome said giving the servants a warm smile.

Then, Inuyasha, Sango, and Miroku walked in.

"Look, the queen bitch has all her food prepared." Inuyasha snorted.

Inuyasha was surprised that Kagome instead of eating the meal prepared for her, she grabbed a salad out of the cafeteria refrigerator and paid for it. Rest of the day went by for Kagome quite quickly and she found that the silver-haired boy and his friends were in every one of her classes. Coincidence? Maybe. Kagome was actually looking forward to her detention after school.

Flash Back

"You don't have to stay for detention today Miss. Hiragashi. I told you during class."

"Yes I know but I thought that a detention could be an interesting experience. Never been to one."

"All right you may come after school. Rm.101"

"Thanks I appreciate this."

"1st person I know who wants to go to detention when they don't even have to." The teacher said smiling.

End FlashBack

Little did Kagome know, Inuyasha had gotten a detention that day too, In Rm. 101.

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