I remember when I first got my Hiraikotsu.

I was sitting in a hut, weaving a silk cloth. My grandmother was hovering over me, scowling at my mishandling of the threads.

"Such a waste of good silk on a girl like you. You are of no use here. Go to the men; see if they have use for you." The old woman spat.

I quietly bowed and rose from the floor mats. Exiting the small hut brought me into direct sunlight, and I lifted my hand to shield my eyes. "Nii-san, do you have anything for me to do?"

"No, Sango. I don't. Ask Father. He'll have a job for you."

I nodded, and turned in the opposite direction. I could see father through the trees, chopping lumber and swearing at his dull blade. "Chi-chiue, do you have anything for me to do?"

"No, isn't your grandmother teaching you to weave?" He stopped, slinging his axe over his shoulder.

"No. She said I was of no use." I blushed and looked down at my hands, which were folded in front of me.

"Well, that's alright. Perhaps you aren't suited for a women's art. Come with me." Father put down his axe and walked towards the weaponry. "Now, you do well at your martial arts training, even better than your brother. But you need a weapon that'll be all your own." He began to consider the new weapons aging in the sunlight outside the shack. "Of course it'll have to be a new weapon. A new warrior, new weapon, I always say. Oh, it's fine to have ancestral swords and the like, but it's good to know you have something uniquely yours." His gaze landed on a large bone hiraikotsu. "I think you can wield this well. A distance weapon, an a rare one. Pick it up, Sango. Let's see you lift it."

I walked to the weapon and hefted it up on my back. "Chi-chiue, it's heavy."

"I know, daughter. Let's take it outside."

I followed him back out into the sunlight. "Now, be prepared to catch it, 'cause it will hit you and knock you out if you don't." Father winked and I smiled my uneasy smile. "Give it a good swing."

I used my whole body to throw the thing. When it came back around I grabbed the handle with both hands and it spun me full circle. I laughed. "Oh, Chi-chiue! This is wonderful! May I keep it?"

Father smiled his warm, bright smile. "Of course. Now, why don't you stop bothering me and go practice.That's a powerful weapon. With enought practice, you might become a better exterminator than most men."

He gave one last wink and turned back to his work. I lifted my new weapon over my shoulder and headed out towards the treeline to practice my new Hiraikotsu.