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Kagome sighed again. 'This is going to be one, long day,' she thought miserably as she trailed behind Inu-yasha while the gang was right behind her.

Once again, the gang was on the search for shikon jewel shards, but Kagome hasn't sensed any for miles, and, knowing Inu-yasha, he would want to keep going. Kagome mentally moaned. She was already tired from the all-nighter thing a couple nights ago from studying. She just wished that at least something would happen, but nothing has for a while.

"Maybe we should stop, Inu-yasha," Sango called out. "There's nothing out here and were all tired."

Inu-yasha turned his head to glare at them and said, "Huh. Why should I? Give me one good reason why we should stop."

This time Kagome answered for him. "Because if you don't, I'll say it so many times that the crater will be deeper than the last one!"

Inu-yasha cringed. Last time she sat him, she wanted to go home and he wouldn't let her. That resulted to a lot of pain for poor Inu-yasha.

". . . fine"

The gang sighed in relief as they stepped to the side of the road. As always, Inu-yasha jumped into a tree and sulked. Half the reason he stopped was because he noticed everyone getting tired, especially Kagome, even though he didn't want to admit it.

While in his thoughts, he heard footsteps from the road they were in, but they were a bit . . . heavy. He sniffed. It was human, and there was just one. Curiosity got the better of him as he turned his canine eyes to the direction they were headed. He was a bit surprised to see his result.

It was a girl. Just a bit older than Kagome. She was thin and pretty with short, brown hair and large bangs. What surprised him was that she had a fairly large blade hanging on her back! And it looked heavy, even for Inu-yasha. Her clothes were a bit similar to his own, but not as baggy. It was thin enough to show that she had a figure. Her sleeves ended to her elbows and weren't as hanging as his.

Inu-yasha looked down at his companions to see if they've noticed. They just gawked at the scene before them. Looks like curiosity got the best of them, too.

Miroku cleared his throat to get her attention, and sure enough, he did.

She stopped and slowly turned to his direction, her hair swaying in the process. Inu-yasha noticed her face at last. She had a calm yet curious look, her olive eyes blinking. She quickly scanned the scenery before her. She even looked above the trees where Inu-yasha was. How she knew he was there, he'll need to find out later.

"Yes?" She asked. "May I help you?"

Miroku stood and walked towards her. "Yes, you may, in fact"

"Oh? How so?" She asked sarcastically.

"Here he goes." Shippo whispered.

He grabbed her hands, looked at her straight in the eye and said, "Will you do me the honor of bearing my children?"

Kagome smacked her hand to her forehead, Shippo shook his head, Sango twitched and readied her boomerang, and Inu-yasha watched to see the outcome.

To everyone's shock, Miroku wasn't smacked. He was tripped off his feet and landed on his behind. Before he could even move, a blades tip was inches from his face.

"Move," she slowly said, "And you find yourself in pieces"

Her eyes reverted back to the others who were in their fighting stances. Inu-yasha, now on the ground, stood in front of Kagome with a hand on the hilt of Tetsusiga, while Kagome readied her bow. Sango stood with her Hirakotsu in her hand, Kirara transformed and shippo on top of her head.

Suddenly, the girls' eyes stop at Kagome. "Hm?"

She walked toward her making Inu-yasha tense and tightening his grip on Tetsusiga's hilt.

She stopped. "So, your Kagome Higurashi!

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