Chapter 1

"Maybe you should call me Beast man from now on." Said Beast boy.

"Were having a moment here don't rune it." Said Raven folding her arms across her chest.

Beast boy plopped down beside her on the rock she was sitting on. He paused. "Beast...dude?"

Raven sighed loudly.

"Heh... never mind." Said Beast boy rubbing the back of his head.

Raven smiled slightly.

"Hey." Said Beast boy. "You just smiled!"

"N-no I didn't." said Raven putting her hood up.

"Nuh uh...I saw you." Said Beast boy smiling.

Raven turned towards him. "So... am I not allowed to smile?" she asked.

"No it's not that it's just you never smile that much and... uh... never mind." Said Beast boy.

Raven slipped her hood back down and gazed up at the sky.

'God she's beautiful.' Thought Beast boy. "Woah where'd that come from?"

"Where'd what come from?" asked Raven looking at him confused.

"Eep!" Yelled Beast boy. "Uh... n-nothing!"

"You know Robin may have given you an antidote, but you're acting very strange." Said Raven. "Are you ok?" she asked.

"Yeah I-I'm fine." Said Beast boy.

There was a very long silence.

"Are you sure?" Beast boy said suddenly.

"About what?" Asked Raven.

Beast boy gulped. "A-about me hurting you, your sure I didn't." he asked.

"Beast boy we've gone over this already." Said Raven. "It wasn't your fault, don't worry, ok."

Beast boy nodded. "'s just ...I don't know what'd I do if..." Beast boy suddenly stopped.

Raven looked at him quizzically. "If what?" she asked.

"Nothing... I ..Never mind I shouldn't have said anything." Said Beast boy.

Raven rested her hand on his shoulder. "Beast boy, were friends, you can tell me." Said Raven.

Beast boy sighed. "It's just...I don't know what I would do if I had lost you Raven...I really c-."

"You care about me?" Asked Raven.

Beast boy nodded. "Well...yeah I mean who doesn't care about their only lo-friend." Said Beast boy quickly changing his words so Raven didn't find out how he really felt about her. The truth was... he loved her.

"Um...Beast boy you do realize that I'm not your only friend right?" Asked Raven. "I mean what about Robin, Cyborg, and Starfire?"

Beast boy didn't answer.

"You do remember them know the other three people that live in the tower." Said Raven.

Beast boy gave a weak smile. "Yeah of course I do....but they're a little mad at me." He said looking down.

"Why?" asked Raven.

Beast boy shrugged. "Ever sense the whole 'beast' thing they like totally hate me!"

Raven shook her head. "They don't hate you Beast boy." She said sympathetically.

"Oh yeah?" asked Beast boy. "Then how come Star doesn't laugh at my jokes anymore and never even talks to me!" He sighed. "Robin and Cy act like they don't even want to know me. You're the only one that knows that I still exist!"

"Oh come on they can't be that mad at you I mean you're their friend." Said Raven.

"Was there friend...I told you...they hate me now." Said Beast boy.

Raven looked at him. He was actually serious, he thought they hated him. "Come on, I don't like seeing you like this." Said Raven. "Beast boy don't let them get to you, they'll get over it....a-and I'll always be here for if you ever need to talk to someone."

Beast boy looked at her and gave a small smile. "Really?" He asked.

"Of course." Said Raven.

Beast boy smiled a little wider. "Thanks" He said.

Raven let a small smile form across her lips. "No problem." She said.

Beast boy shifted nervously. He didn't know what to say to her anymore, he was afraid that if he would speak he would either say something wrong, or accidentally blurt out how he felt about her. Suddenly he fell off the rock he was sitting on and into the water.

Raven peered down at the water. Just then Beast boy's head popped up out of the water and gasped for air.

Raven let a small giggle escape her lips. Realizing that she had just laughed she immediately slapped her hand over her mouth. Beast boy smiled slyly.

"HA!" Said Beast boy climbing back onto the rock and sitting back down next to Raven.

"Ha what?" asked Raven.

"I told you that someday I'd make you laugh!" exclaimed Beast boy.

Raven couldn't help but smile. Suddenly a black aura formed around a large rock behind them and then blew up, sending both Raven and Beast boy backwards into the water.

Beast boy popped his head out of the water and coughed.

"Um...sorry about that." Said Raven popping up beside him.

Beast boy laughed. "It's ok." He said climbing out of the water and extending a hand for Raven to grab on to.

She smiled and took his hand as he pulled her out of the water. She could tell that he had gotten stronger from working out so much.

"Thanks." Raven said.

Beast boy smiled. "No problem."

Raven looked at her clothes that were now dripping wet. She sighed. "We should probably go inside before we catch a cold."

Beast boy nodded. "Ok." He said.

He watched raven start to walk back to the tower. 'Someday I'll tell her. Someday.'

"Beast boy you coming?" asked Raven turning around and staring at him.

"Huh...oh yeah!" Beast boy said quickly running up to Raven.

Both titans walked into the tower.


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