Chapter 6

The green titan was sitting on the top of the T tower staring up at the sky. He had gone on top of the tower at least an hour ago and the sun was now starting to set.

"Hey." Said a voice behind him. "You ok, you've been up here a pretty long time."

Beast boy turned in his sitting position. "I'm ok." He said smiling.

"Oh ok." Said Raven she paused. "Mind if I sit with you." She asked.

Beast boy shook his head. "Go ahead."

Raven smiled and sat down beside the green boy. "So I heard that you guys are all friends again." She replied.

Beast boy nodded. "Yeah."

"Beast boy I wanted to thank you." Said Raven turning towards him.

"For what?" Asked Beast boy confused.

"For saving my life twice." Said Raven. "I don't know what would have happened if you wouldn't have been there for me."

Beast boy smiled. "It was no problem Raven, I'd do anything for you."

Raven smiled. "Thank you Beast boy." She gazed back at the sunset.

"D-do you still love him?" asked Beast boy suddenly.

"Love who?" asked Raven.

"M-malchior." Said Beast boy. He seemed as if he was hurt.

Raven stared at him questionably. "I never really loved him." She said. "He played me for a fool, I thought I loved him but I never really did."

Beast boy's eyes lit up a little. "Oh that's to bad." He said trying to sound sorry.

"What about you, do you still love her." Said Raven referring to Terra.

"I-I.." Beast boy shook his head. "No terra was a crush nothing more nothing less."

"Well that's also to bad." Said Raven not sounding sorry at all.

Beast boy laughed a little then he turned to Raven. "Have you ever loved someone?" He asked.

Raven looked at him and smiled. "Maybe, have you." she asked.

"Umm.....I-I." Beast boy began.

"I'll take that as a yes." Said Raven she smiled and turned away from him.

Beast boy sighed. "Ok you win I did...or do love someone." He said.

Raven snapped her head in his direction. "You love" She asked.

Beast boy blushed and nodded. "Um...yes."

"Me too." Said Raven she turned back to the sunset.

Beast boy stared at her confused. ' Who does she love, what if it's Robin, what if it's Cyborg, WHAT IF IT"S ME?' Beast boy wondered. 'You have to tell her, even if she doesn't feel the same you have to let her know.' Thought Beast boy to himself. He sighed and turned towards Raven. "Hey Raven c-could I t-tell you s-something?" He asked sheepishly.

"Sure." Said Raven turning to him. 'Why does he look so nervous.' Wondered Raven to herself.

Beast boy sighed. ' Well here goes nothing.' he thought. "Raven, I-I don't know how to say this a-and I'm pretty sure that you won't like me after I tell you this but-."

"Beast boy...please just tell me what you want to say." Said Raven slightly irritated.

Beast boy nodded. He picked up Raven's hands and put them into his hands. "Raven...I love you." He said.

Raven sat there with her mouth gaped. ' Did he just say what I think he said.' inside Raven's mind all of her emotions were going crazy. Happy was jumping up and down, timid was crying tears of joy, brave was smiling happily, knowledge was giving her a I-told-you-so look, and love was dreamily staring off into space.

"R-raven?" asked Beast boy timidly.

Raven looked at him and smiled. "Yes?" she asked.

"Um...well...i." He began.

Suddenly Starfire burst through the door leading to the roof. "Friend Beast boy, friend Raven, I have been looking everywhere for you!" She squealed.

Beast boy and Raven both turned towards her. "Friend Beast boy, you do remember what you said earlier today, yes?" asked Starfire.

"Um...not really." Said Beast boy.

"You said that you would like to try some of my pudding of sadness." Said Starfire smiling.

"Oh...yeah that." Said Beast boy

Raven let a small laugh slip out.

"Come friend you must try it." Said Starfire.

"Ok." Said Beast boy sighing. "I'll be down in a sec." He said.

Starfire smiled and raced down the stairs. Beast boy got up slowly and started to walk away. "Oh well I'll try this pudding of's how I feel anyway." Whispered Beast boy thinking that no one heard him, but someone did.

"Beast boy wait!" Said Raven getting up and walking over to him. "I have to tell you something too."

"Oh...k." Said Beast boy waiting for her response.

Raven sighed and looked down. 'I really hope I can do this, what if I'm not allowed to love...I'll take the chance anyway.' Raven looked into Beast boy's emerald eyes. "I-I love you too." Raven snapped her eyes shut waiting for something to explode, but nothing happened.

"Raven...d-do you really...I mean love me?" asked Beast boy.

Raven opened her eyes and nodded. "Yes." She whispered.

Beast boy sprung up into the air! "Whooho!" He yelled.

Raven laughed a little.

"You just laughed." Said Beast boy smiling.

"So what are you gonna do about it?" Asked Raven.

Beast boy smiled and walked closer to Raven. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer to him. "This." He whispered pulling Raven into a passionate kiss. Raven looked surprised for a second but soon found herself kissing him back.

"Beast boy I thought you said that-." Starfire began she pushed open the door revealing Raven and Beast boy kissing. "Never mind." She whispered happily and walked back down the stairs.

The two teens continued to kiss as the sun set over the large tower.



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