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.:Sensou no genjitsu:.

Chapter: I

Inspired by any music i could find.(Title means, Reality of war.)

War. War was the first thing on her mind as it was the last thing on her mind as well when she went to sleep at night. Blood lust, ah yes, all the blood on battlefields or simply forest floors. All these innocent people, being slaugthered by her mere sword. The dancing blood. Yes. Toutousai made her a sword. She had been turned into a youkai not long ago, in fact, seven years exactly to this day. Due to a spell, now permanent.

Her friends were still alive, happy and had family. She had herself and Kotarou. Kotarou was her faithfull companion. An Inu youkai. Much like Kirara, he could transfom and was tremendusly cute. Make it annoyingly cute. He could not talk nor 'meow' like a cat could but he sure did growl like an enraged dog.

She, had turned into an Inu youkai as well.

Her hair were now very long and straight. She wore sharp fangs and claws. Her eyes were an icy-blue in order to complement her cold demeanor. Her face was emotionless and cold. Two, thick, black stripes were resting upon her cheeks, to complement the emontionless and seriousness. The same was done to her wrists, waistline and ankles.

On her forehead was an empty star over a full cresent moon, both black. One her eyelids rested bright red lines. Her flesh was now tanned from the many years in the sun. Her hair was midnight blue, shinning with life under the moon's light. Red stripes rebelled into her hair stubornly while the ends were a bright, intoxicating, green. She wore a black and red kimono. The silk was black with a bright red sash. There was a big dragon twisting around her body, also bright red. She was bear-footed and wore silver blacelets and matching anklets.

She was known as the Shan Zetsumei.

She walked through the forest silently and occationaly petting Kotarou and earned a nice purr.


The youkai's nest had been attacked by other youkai after his birth, maybe a week or two. His father had tried to protect his family but was outnumbered and the fact that they were bear youkai didn't help much. The mother scurried off with her child. Said child had no idea what was happening, but he had instincts telling him it was not good.

A bear saw them run away and ran after them. The mother was weak but did not go down without a fight and Inus are known for their stubborness, fighting skills, possesiveness and great survival. All great abilities.

After she delivered a deep wound on the bear youkai's stomach, she got hit by a powerful paw, sending her flying off and ram into a tree, a strong one for that matter. She let a growl escape and crawled in front of her son protectively. Another great ability.

The youkai would've laughed sadistically at her face if he knew how but instead opted on ripping her head off. The blood pooled all over the ground and tainted Kotarou's white fur. It tore into her flesh mercilessly, inners hanging from his mouth and blood trickeling down his fur also. The child looked helplessly at the remains of his mother being eaten. Soon, the youkai disapeared in a blur and a ground trembling crash was heard mere seconds after.

More blood made its way near the pup.

"Bad bear, didn't your mama teach you any better than that?"

When he looked, a blue-haired kijo was standing over the limp body of a bear youkai. It was still alive, just knocked over. The bear youkai got up abruptly and lunged at the offending woman. She side-stepped and flexed her claws.

"Tsk, tsk. You know, fighting someone i obviously i stronger than you won't help."

A youki whip formed itself from the top of her index and middle finger as she lashed it at the youkai's back.

"You've been a bad boy"

She ended it by completely ripping it's fur and flesh, leaving kidnees, liver, brains, lungs and intestines flow out and crawl desperatly on the floor. A loud thud was heard and the bear fell to the ground lifeless.

The woman turned to the young pup. Kotarou instintively stood on all fours with his fur on end.

"Now now, i won't hurt you."

She said softly to him. He growled deeper and beared his growing, young, fangs to her. She chuckled and only came closer, holding her hand out. She caught the extra fur being his neck and held him over her face, inspecting him for any damages.


She said softly. She slowly sat him in her arms and stroke him to sleep while she walked through the forest.



She thought.

'So small yet so weary...'

She sighed and kept on walking through the woods. Soon, she reached a clearing and saw a small child, hurt and probably on the verge of death. She seemed around eight years old and had a small pony tail titlting to the side of her head. Though she was sinical at times and loved wars, she still had a big compationate heart, pure and shinning brightly.

Her usual emotionless melted to softess as she hurried to the child's side. A good snif concluded she was Sesshoumaru's ward.

'But why isn't he here? Did he abandon her? I'm so gonna take a little trip to the western lands and give him a piece of my mind! Stupid lords and their egos...'

Rin was shaking and bleeding profusely. She layed in a pool of her own blood with a gash going from one shoulder to her abdomen, on the opposite side. A/N: Diagonal! Picture? Oki... She torn the rest of her kimono with her claws and held her other hand up so her sleeve would cover her nose and aleviate some of the blood's smell.

She heard her wince in pain as the wound started spilling blood faster and Rin cough some up as well. She used some of the torned up fabric to wipe some blood away. She used her powers to close and heal the wound.

She smelt the youkai near from the clearing. It was a rat youkai, she told Kotarou to watch over Rin and ran to the rat youkai. It had a uniform on and a satisfied grin, that is until she faced him.

He had a surprised look on his face and it would be there for eternity. She flexed ehr claws and cut his throat open, letting the blood spill on the forest floor.

'Another thing to talk to Sesshoumaru about...'

When she was done, she went back to the clearing and noticed Rin was now uncountious.

'Well, better bring her with me then. I'm not going to leave her here.'

The demoness picked the little girl up and started a run towards her previous destination. With her demon speed, she would be there before noon. A/N: It's like maybe 8 or 9am...

Once at the border of Inu-Yasha's forest, she slowed her pace and prepared for an energetic attack.



A fuzzy reddish fur ball jumped into Kagome's torso and almost made her lose balance.

"Shippou! How have you been my pup? Did you behave?"

"Of course i did Mama! But Inu-Yasha's been a meanie and ate my ramen today and yesterday and before that and before..."

"I get it..."

Kagome sighed and rolled her eyes.

'He's going to be sat...'

She slipped her emotionless mask back on and proceeded to the late Kaede's hut. A/N: Dead Once inside, she took a quick sniff and noticed he was in one of the rooms with Kikyou. She stopped before the door and listened. Kikyou was asleep but Inu-Yasha was still awake.

She located him in the room to make sure he wasn't too close to Kikyou so she wouldn't hurt her and said:


but more as a whisper than anything. A loud 'THUD' was heard and a string of curses. She smirked inwardly in satisfaction and left the old hut.

She hopped into the highest branch of the god tree and waited until Inu-Yasha showed up to blow up in her face for sitting him. She pat Kotarou patiently and finally heard a familiar stomp.


"Shut it Hanyou..."

"I won't shut it, wench! not before you tell me why"

He said as he jumped into the tree next to her. Bad move. Kagome turned her head towards him slowly and gave him a cold bored face.


And there he fell off the tree, bringing a few branches with him. More curses came as she jumped off the tree and went to check on Rin which she had left in the hut to sleep. She checked on her if she had anything wrong and sat against a wall.

The next morning

Sango woke up to find Miroku was missing. Being to good new wife she was, she worried and got dressed. She picked up Hiraikotsu and ran out the door to find her lover. There, under the hot spring's waterfall, sat a meditating Miroku.

Sango let out the breath she held and walked over to her husband.

"Worried my love?"


She climbed on the rock and sat in Miroku's lap, surprising him for she never did that before.

'She must have been very worried then'

He let a smirk climb on his face and wrapped his arms around her waist. Both were now sitting under the waterfall, rocking back and forth in a loving embrace. They truly looked happy and at peace.

Rin stirred up a little, waking up Kagome, and sat up.

"Where's Rin?"

"Hello child, you have been sleeping ever since i healed you"

Kagome's eyes soften at the sight of Rin.

"Thank you for saving Rin, Kagome-Chan!"

She stood and lounched herself in her arms. Kagome hugged her back and watched as Shippou woke up and joined in.

"Well kids, how about breakfast?"

"I'm hungry Mama!"

A gost of a smile appeared and Kagome stood and prepared breakfast.

"Rin, after we are done eating, i shall travel to the Western lands and have a talk with Sesshoumaru, i wish that you stay here and play with Shippou while i have an adult talk with him ok?"

"Yes Kagome-Nee-Chan!"

Kagome nodded to Rin and side-glanced at a pouting Shippou. He knew he had to stay because she mentionned 'play with Shippou' and 'stay here'. She smiled inwardly for she knew what he was thinking and didn't even need her mind reading technique.

After they ate, Kagome said her good-byes and sped off towards the Western lands. Kotarou was transformed and running behind. She slipped her emotionless mask on and had dark thoughts of torturing Sesshoumaru. Kotarou, who senced his mnistress's distress, moved closer to Kagome and nodged it's head at her thigh. She looked down at him with motherly love in her eyes but her face never changed, he was used to that.

Upon sight of the rather large castle, Kagome and Kotarou slowed down, the inu youkai transformed back and jumped on her shoulder.

At the gates, two youkais blocked her way.

"You are not permitted in these lands wench!"

"First of all, i have come to speak to Lord Sesshoumaru in peace and second off, i am not a wench."

She said that with the codest of tones that it could rival Sesshoumaru's. They still held their grounds and stared defiantly at her.

"We will not let you enter."

"Sesshoumaru-Kun and i are old friends, worry not, now let me enter i i shall dispose of you!"

"You will talk of him in more respect than that wench!"

"Again, i am not a wench and i will talk to or of anyone in any way i want! Now move or die!"

She knew Sesshoumaru was listening.

Sesshoumaru sat at his study silently when he felt a pure yet destructive aura come fast for his castle. So, he went to investigate, like any good lord would do. When he came at the main doors, a woman inu youkai was threatening his soldiers to move or die. He knew that she senced him. That's he heard it, the person he'd been anxious to meet ever since he heard the story.

"Who are you?"

"Do you really want to know, lowly servant?"

A growl was heard from one of his subordonant.

"I am the Shan Zetsumei."

Sesshoumaru, to say the least, was very surprised, but didn't show it. He decided to make his entrance then.

"Gards, let her pass, i will talk to you later!"

His voice was commanding and cold.

"Ah, Sesshoumaru, i've been wanting to speak with you."

"Come, let's talk in my study."

She followed him trough the corridors and doors silently when they finally came to black shoji doors. Once inside, he beconed her to sit and sat himself on in cusion behind the zataku that served as a desk sor his documents. She sat on her leg across from him, keeping calm and waiting for him to talk first.

"What brings you here?"

"You can call me Kagome"

"Fine, Kagome, what, pray tell, may this Sesshoumaru do for you? I have heard many stories about you lately and i find it quite....facinating."

Kagome leaned on his zataku and bore furious holes into his eyes.


"Rin? What do you mean?"

"I have found your ward in the forest, being attacked by one of your guards. I should have taken her from you long before but found that you could be a nice fatehr figure to her."

He narrowed his eyes at her.

"Are you somehow insinuating that I, Sesshoumaru, Lord of the Western lands, may have asigned one of my servants to kill my own ward?"

"Yes, unless you can proove me otherwise. You have broken the poor thing, she thought you would rescue her. She had a nightmare about you leaving her dead that day you revived her."

"I would do no such thing."

"And this coming from the cold, emotionless, human hater himself."

By now, he was standing and narrowed his eyes to slits at the intruding female youkai before him. How dare she, accuse the Western lord of abandonning a child?

Kagome was standing as well, with ehr chin held up high.

"Where is she now?"



"InuYasha and Kikyou's hut"

"You know InuYasha?"

"More than you know"


"Old crush"

"What do you mean?"

"Why did InuYasha cut off you arm Sesshoumaru?"

"Answer my question wench!"

"Answer mine and you will find the answer youself by that"

"Because of this human miko, i believe she is the clay pot's reincarnation but much more stronger."

"Do you recall how she looked?"


"Now try to associate her with someone else you may know"

His eyes widened for a second and narrowed.



"You are responsible for the loss of my arm and the Tessaiga!"

"I only pulled it out and i am not the one who cute it off"

In a blink, he was at her face, still narrowing but now he added growling. Her eyes soften when she saw his cut off arm and reached out slowly for it. He pulled away and growled some more.

"Let me repare that, i feel guilty even though i am not the one who severed it"

He saw her eyes and had a sudden urge to trust her. She reached out again and saw him tense before any contact was made then loosen when she touched. Her warm hand carressed what was left of his arm and you could almost hear the faint purr he made. Then, a pure white light engulfed his shoulder and when it died, you could see another arm.

He stood there, amazed by her abilities and stared at his newly restored hand. He flexed his claws and cracked the bones from his shoulder as if stretching. A warm hand travelled up and down the new arm and he folled it up to her face.

She stared at her work and had a pure calm and soft face. She rested her head on it and closed her eyes.

Not knowing what to do, Sesshoumaru stared at the top of her head in astonishment. No one had dared to do anything she had accomplished in the whole hour she was there. He wrapped his arms around her slim body like in a trance and purred down at her.

They were both feeling akward and didn't feel in control of their bodies anymore. It's like they've been through this so many times before. He stroked her hair with his other hand and soften at the look of peace in his arms. One moment, tough and cold, the other, soft and loving.

She lifted her head slowly and looked deep into his eyes. He looked at them, icy blue, then they went back to the cold demeanor they had just before. His hand rested still at her waist and the other one was on the junction of her neck and shoulder.

"You sware you had no idea of Rin being mistreated?"

"This Sesshoumaru never lies."

Kagome slipped out of his grasp and walked to the door and outside at the dates, glared at the guards and continued on walking the way back home. Sesshoumaru went after her.

"Where is Rin now?"

They had stopped right in front of the servants. Kagome stopped but kept her back to him then look at the floor.

"Why should i tell you? She's only in a better place right now, where she doesn't have to worry about being killed and she is forever loved."

He stopped dead behind her, and his anger rose at her words. He caught her arm and spun her around. The guards looked on with astonishment. Not beeing aknowledged.

She looked at his with her freezing eyes and calm face.

"Where is she?"

By now, his eyes were back to slits and his voice promissed pain.

"I am not telling you! If i do, you will take her back and she will be sad again."

"No such thing will happen, now tell me!"

"Let's make a deal then"

"What kind of deal?"

"If she comes back here, i live here with her and my pup."

"Deal, as long as he's not InuYasha's."

"I do not believe myself as crazy as to sleep with the hanyou."

He smirked.

"And brothers?"

She smirked back at him and approached seductively.

"Only if it includes coldness and handsomeness."

"Was that a description more than a question or am i delusionnal?"

Kagome traced circles on his chest, he wasn;t wearing his armour.

"You be the judge of that, Fluffy-Kun"

Then, before he could even blink, she took his arm and flipped him over so he fell on the ground. A loud growl came out of his throat as he kicked her legs from underneath her, making her fall as well.

She groaned and growled. Both guards had their jaws touching the floor. She acted seductive then playful. She was very strange.

"Okay, that's enough, let's get Rin and Shippou now"

"Who is Shippou?"

They stood up and dusted their robes.

"Shippou's my pup"

"Who's is he?"


"So he's an orphan?"

"Nice one detective"

"I will let this one pass, only becaus i do not comprehend what you mean. But next time, it will be pain."

"I think i got my pants wet."

"Was that an attempt to humor?"

"No, that WAS humor"

Kagome sped off before he could reply. Sesshoumaru followed shortly as did Kotarou. After about three hours of running, Kagome slowed her pace and seemed to be counting down from 5.

When she finished counting, a small fur ball of energy tackled her to the ground.


Then, Sesshoumaru noticed a young girl speed off and join in on Kagome.

"KAGOME-NEE-CHAN! RIN HAS MISSED YOU! Did you and Sesshoumaru-Sama talk? Will he come back and get Rin? Rin misses Sesshoumaru-Sama!"

"I see she hates me with a passion..."

Kagome resisted the urge to sweat drop.

"Rin, calm down a bit, did you two behave?"


They both said in unison. Then Rin turned to Sesshoumaru and hugged his leg tight. Now the uncharistic Sesshoumaru bent down and hugged Rin back. Kagome all but jaw-dropped at this.

After recovering, Kagome led them to the old hut where apparently, InuYasha was having his 'daily excercises' with Kikyou. Kagome inwardly rolled her eyes and turned to Sango's and Miroku's hut.

"What's wrong Mama?"

"The hut is...occupied at the moment..."

"Is this the Shippou you talked about bringging?"


"Where are we going Mama?"

"We made a deal, if Rin goes back at Sesshoumaru's castle, i will go with because i do not want anything to happen to her anymore"

"And what do i have to do with this?"

"I wouldn't leave my pup behind now would i?"

Shippou looked up at her brightly and hugged her tight. When they arrived at the hut, Kagome entered first and saw Sango making dinner and Miroku making a new prayer beed set.

When they were all inside, Sesshoumaru slowly walked in. Sango saw him and shot up, grabbed Hiraikotsu and charged for him.

"What are you doing here you bastard?"

She threw it at him but Kagome got in the way and caught it.

"K-Kagome? What are you doing?"

"Protecting him"

"I do not need protection"

"Shut up or i'll do it, Fluffy-Kun!"

"I would like to see you try"

She turned to him with a bored look.


"I win, i do whatever i want with you, basically, you will be mine.You win, you choose."

"You become mine"


"Remember, i threw you on the floor earlier."

"As did i"

"I wasn't looking"

"You distracted me"

"That was the point Fluffy-Kun."


"You are no match for me"

"The first to touch the floor loses"

"That will be easy"

"No weapons aside of hands and legs"

"No youki whip? Easier"

She smirked and disapeared. She reappeared behind him and caught his neck. He kept his face calm, but inside, he was surprised at how fast she was.

'She has incredible speed for someone who has been human all her life.'

She pulled him to the ground but Sesshoumaru kicked her legs. Kagome jumped and let go of his throat only to settle in front of him. She hit his stomach and side then backed away quickly.

"Not bad, you managed to hit me twice. Now my turn"

He smirked and soon, there was nothing left where he was before. Only air. Kagome could feel him run around her to confuse her sences but only concentrated on his aura and the feeling of rushing air on her face.

He caught her waist and threw her in the air. He jumped and reappeared over her, smirked and hit her hard in the stomach. She blocked with her miko powers, sending them opposite ways. She landed on her feet but he landed in a tree. Instead of sliding down the lenght, Sesshoumaru lifted himself up and sped towards her.

'I will not lose to a female!'

"Getting nervous Fluffy-Kun?"

By now, InuYasha, Sango, Miroku, Shippou, Kikyou and Rin were watching. They didn't get what was going on but this was a far greater fight then when InuYasha fought Sesshoumaru before.

Kagome flexed her claws and jumped on the upcoming Sesshoumaru. She went for a kick but he dodged then she slashed her claws at him. He caught her wrist and pushed her downwards. Pinning her hands over her head, Sesshoumaru smirked at her.

"You lose"

Kagome blinked and blinked again.

"How did that happen?"

Sesshoumaru got up and started walking towards his lands, Rin in tow. She laid there, on the floor, thinking over what had happened.

'How did i lose?'

Shippou walked towards him mother and looked at her thoughtfull yet, cold face.

"Mama? Sesshoumaru's leaving without us you know"

"Yes dear, i know"

"Aren't we supposed to be with him?"

Kagome leapt up and scopped Shippou from the ground at the same time and sped off after Sesshoumaru and Rin. Once she was close enough to Rin, she changed into a giant black dog with a red, full coloured cresent moon with an empty star over it on her forehead. She grabbed Rin and sped faster ahead.

Sesshoumaru, with no other choice, transformed and ran after them. By nightime, they had reached the castle, Rin and Shippou both sleeping on Kagome's black furr.

"Shippou can sleep in Rin's bedroom and you can sleep in mine"

"Isn't there any other room? Like guest rooms?"

"They are not cleaned, we usualy get a week's prior notification when someone plans on spending the night here"

Kagome looked at him wearily and tucked the kids in bed.

'Tonight, i sleep under the stars...and maybe the nights after that as well...'

She sighed. Once the kids were in, she walked outside the room and walked towards the outside to take a look at the gardens. She looked up at the stars and decided to go for a killing in the woods.

She needed to change her mind about being beaten, no matter her opponent, she had difficulty swallowing the chunk of it. Kagome usually killed some lowly demon to change her mind and release the anger.

She found a rabbit youkai and decided to slash its throat open. Then there was a fiona youkai. For this one, she had a little fight, it started to fly fast over to her and tried to peck her head. When its back was turned, she lashed her youki whip and cut off it head.

Kagome sighed again, none of them was a worthy opponent to her. She turned to leave when she smelled a familiar scent close by.

'Naraku, finally someone to talk to'

A/N:I know i should've told you earlier but, Naraku isn't dead and you'll know the rest later on, keeping the surprise! Oh and he's OOC 'cuz i like it that way, meaning the way i put him

Kagome sped off in the direction the scent was the strongest. When she came there, a men dressed in a baboon pelt had his back turned to her.

"Oi, Naraku!"

"Hai Kagome?"

"What are you doing here?"

"You smell like youkai blood, have you lost another fight?"

A chuckle came from Naraku as he turned to her.

"Do not pretend you didn't see me through Kanna's mirror, i agreed to let you live if you didn't use people for your dirty bidding."

"I have not been using my daughter for any bidding of mine."

"And now you're saying you have sight-seeing?"

Another chuckle was heard from his throat. He looked at her with amusement dancing in his eyes.

"How amusing."

"Hai, it seems i am born only for that."

"Well, what may i do for you, Lady Kagome?"

"Formalities, ne?"

He laughted whole-heartedly at her quick comment.

"I am not sure if you are being funny or you are only pissed."

It was her turned to laugh. She turned her head towards the moon when, a lone yet, unexplained tear, whispered down her cheek to meet her chin in a silent sad song. Her body shook once then she redeemed herself and took a deep, slow breath.

Naraku, who had been watching her, worried inside of what made her act this way. Was it something he said? Did he do anything wrong? Maybe he wasn't supposed to be there...He didn't know what went wrong but he didn't want to push it.

"Are you alright, Kagome?"

"Hai...i just thought about how i miss being human and how much i miss my family back in the future."

Naraku moved towards her and wrapped his arms around her body protectively.

"Worry not, you will find a way to go back to them"

Kagome burried her face into his haori and nuzzled his neck to reassure him. If you looked at them, you could think they were a couple. But are they?

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