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Sensou No Genjitsu

Chapter: III

Kagome stared at the sight before her. She was shocked, she couldn't believe it. She smiled, until she saw the warm hand around her waist. Also when she heard a purr when she moved her legs, accidently touching sensitive parts.

Kotarou didn't seem to mind though. He had found a nice, warm spot on someone's neck somewhere around the night, and it wasn't hers. Shippou was snuggled in Sesshoumaru's arms of which were holding him tight while Rin was sleeping on his chest.

Sesshoumaru layed on his back, one hand tight around Kagome waist, the other holding Shippou to his other side. Rin on top of whith her arms and legs on both sides of him and her head resting on his chest. Kotarou was on his neck and his head was turned and burried in Kagome's neck. (Precisely in the crook of her neck.)

They looked like a familly. Kagome's head was found near Rin's face on Sesshoumaru's chest and her hand was on Rin's back while the other was lost in his silver mane.

The covers were only covering the lower parts of the adult's bodies but Sesshoumaru's tail was tightly wrapped around Rin, Kagome and himself.

Shippou would purr from time to time since Sesshoumaru was absentmindly stroking his tail. Kaogme closed her eyes and tried to ward off the images from her mind but a deep voice repelled any good news.

"I see you have awaken."

"I wish i never did."

Kagome's mind was realing, the touch of his breath and the vibrations his voice emmited made her want to moan.

"And why is that, Kagome?"

"Because i regret ever suggesting staying with you right now."


Sesshoumaru licked her neck and started nibbling.

"Are you not enjoying yourself here?"

She closed her eyes and stiffled a moan. She pushed him aside and sat up, making sure she covered herself because of the fight they had, she hadn't changed yet.

'Clothes! I need clothes!'

Kagome look franctically about but couldn't find any clothing. She took the silk covers and wrapped them around herself then took her tattered clothing off from underneath. All in all, she looked like she wore a silk dress.

'Something to wake up next to every morning.'

Kagome blushed at Sesshoumaru's thoughts.

'What kind of men is he!'

"Ugh! Men!"

She sprung her hand to her mouth. For the first time in a long while, Kagome was showing emotion. And by THAT time, the children had woken up and were laughing at Kagome's antics.

She looked them over with a bored expression as did Sesshoumaru, and by now, Rin was rolling on the floor in a fit of laugther while Shippou narrowly missed falling off the bed.

'Really, i did not do such comical actions.'

Sesshoumaru had one perfectly sculpted eyebrow at the chidren as they finally calmed and were looking at both Kagome and Sesshoumaru in their eyes, he who awaited an explanation as to what was so humorous to them.

Kagome didn't wait, she got up and grabbed some clean clothes and headed towards the hot springs. Rin looked at her leaving back and got up to join her. Shippou moved to do the same.


At the mention of his usual title, Shippou turned around to meet the golden gaze of the Taiyoukai of which lands he was currently residing on.

"Hai Sesshoumaru-Sama?"

Fear was evident since Sesshoumaru smelt it.

"Where do you think you are going?"

"To bathe with mama and Rin-Nee-Chan."

He then hesitantly turned to resume his way to the door of the Lord's chambers.

"I think not"

"But, why not?"

He turned yet again his tearful eyes at the man sitting on the bed, watching his every move. His gaze never faltering, Sesshoumaru raised an eyebrow to signal he was serious and he wasn't going to put up with a measly pup.

Sesshoumaru went to his walk-in closet and chose to wear a black outfit but with the same red and white flower patherns on which his kimono was the same design as the ones he usually wears.

Shippou went over to his bed and sat in the middle of it while Sesshoumaru changed into the new kimono. He seemed to have gotten a great admiration into him and grews fond of him much like a surogated father.

Funny how things went fast and people weren't what they seemed to be at first sight. How deceaving those situations can really get. He smiled, a real one as the fruit of his thoughts turned, fully clothed, Sesshoumaru turned around and gazed at the small kitsune.

He raised an inquisitive eyebrow for the millionth time this morning at the pup who seemed in the la la land of admiration, if he knew what it was, Sesshoumaru might have thought he was an animal at the zoo of which some random kid was looking at with the adittion of saliva leaking at the corner of its mouth, only IF he knew what it was...

True, the man standing there was a cold killer but Shippou couldn't keep himself from admiring someone that strong and yet, so perfect. (Sounds kinda gay...)

Shippou averted his eyes from his 'prey' to look at Kotarou enjoying his walk on the balcony's railling. He sneaked up to him and shouted a "BOO" at him.

Kotarou fell from the railling which was positioned two stories high and growled fiercely at the kitsune cub who was rolling in a fit of giggles.

Sesshoumaru looked at him and sighed inaudibly.

'This pup will be the death of the inu...'

He watched in mild amusement as said inu jumped up in his full youkai form and growled at Shippou. He sqeaked and started running in circles.

'Foolish pup'

Sesshoumaru shook his head slightly when the cub was tackled to the floor and begging to be saved as one of his small hands layed outstretched at the only savior left.

He turned his back to them and started strolling towards the door, purposely slow. The gost of a smirk appeared on his lips as he heard him plead.

'Music to my ears' (HOW SADISTIC!)

He slowly slid the shoji screen door open and stepped one foot outside, lingering before lifting the other one in a slower manner.


Shippou's head connected with the floor in a soft thud. Sesshoumaru shot the inu a silent order to let him go before he died of sorrow.

'Ah...betrayal is such a beautiful word sometimes...'

He smirked once more.

Kagome and Rin walked back from the bath house and talked about the day's events. Kagome was showing emotion to Rin so she wouldn't be heartbroken. Somehow. She heard Shippou's plea to be saved and walked towards the room where she slept. She saw Sesshoumaru lingering half way through the door and looking in amusement towards something to the floor.

Ever the curious one, Kagome peaked through the gap between the demon lord and the entrance. Her eyes twinkled with amusement when she saw her cub being squished to the ground by Koutarou's uge paw. Kagome shrugged and padded down the hall towards the dinning area. Soon, everyone joined her and they ate breakfast in silence.