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Summary: Botan comes back to her's and Hiei's apartment and announces that she's volunteered them at a retirement home. Can Hiei take it, or will the elderly face the dragon of darkness flames.

There won't be a lot of romance since it's basically a humor fic, but I could always work in a bit of HB fluffiness. Enjoy the fic!

Botan waited as the elevator went up to the floor of the apartment that Hiei and her shared. They had been together for a couple months now and Botan couldn't be happier. But today she was very nervous. The elevator made a dinging sound signaling that the elevator had reached her floor. She walked over to the door that had the number 358 on it. She opened the door.

" Hiei I'm home" Botan called out,

"Hn. Baka Koenma kept you to long. Why do you go to work? He's just a stupid toddler" Hiei said as he walked into the living room.

Botan, being the only person that the cold-hearted demon had ever fallen in love with, made him very over-protective of her. So just the idea of Botan being alone with Koenma made him extremely jealous.

"Hiei you know I can't do that. I'm a ferry girl, so I have to ferry souls until Koenma say's otherwise." Botan replied.

"Hn" said Hiei

"Oh I need to talk to you about something" she said as she twiddled her fingers.

Hiei rose an eyebrow "What?"

"Well you see, I ahh, I kinda, umm, you see" Botan started saying but Hiei interrupted her.

" What did you do" Hiei walked up to her and looked down at her guilty face(Yes, hiei is taller than Botan)

Botan whispers something so quiet that not even Hiei's good hearing can pick up

"What" Hiei asks.

Botan whispers again.

"Still can't hear you" Hiei say's



Okay that's it for now. I know you guys are thinking what a short chapter. But this isn't really a chapter. It's just to give you and idea of what the story will be like. I update this story A.S.A.P. Review you got any ideas or something.

Hiei: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING. There is no way in hell I'd be caught in a retirement home.

Me: Well that's to bad cause you will be there. You wouldn't want to leave Todd all ALONE with Botan now would you?

Hiei: Todd. Who's Todd? He better not be after Botan or I'll slice his neck in 18 different place.

Me: Whoa. A little violent today. Anyways Read and Review and find out who Todd is in Hiei in a Retirement Center