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Chapter Seven: Puppy Dog Stuff

While Lorelai walked out to her car, her mind began to wonder. 'Me and Luke...together...what will people say? Miss Patty? Sookie...oh gosh she'll go crazy, well she already did. And she'll probably rub it in my face just like I did when she couldn't get to the Inn to let the repairmen in. Oh crap, repairmen!' She turned around and ran right back into the diner.


Luke walked out of the kitchen with two plates and looked at her curiously. He walked over to the couple sitting in the back and gave them their food, Lorelai followed.

"You know, Luke. I don't have a good memory."

"Yeah, I know." He said matter-of-factly.

"No, really. In 8th grade, I had this huge project to do with this boy who I had a huge crush on, Brian something or other, and I completely forgot to do my part of the project over the weekend..."

"Aren't you supposed to do projects together?"


"Keep going with this ridiculous story, and try to get to the point soon."

"Love the attitude, mister. Anyways, I forgot to do it, and then he ended up practically hating me, and well my shot of ever showing myself off to him failed."

"Oh, come on Lorelai, where is this going?"

"Well, I guess I could have ended with the, 'I have a bad memory' statement."

"So, you have a bad memory..."

"And refrigerator guys are so annoying..." She continued.

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"The refrigerator repair dudes are supposed to be coming to my house within the hours of 4-9 tomorrow." She said quickly.

"Isn't that a little late?"

"It's the only time the cute guy was free, babe." She said smiling at him.

"So, you have to cancel tomorrow?" He asked.

"Well, I don't really want to cancel it."


"And..." She lowered her voice, "I don't think you want to either." She said ina seductive voice, just to make him uncomfortable. She grinned slyly at him. "So, why don't you come over tomorrow? I can make us dinner, and we can watch movies and make kissy faces at each other while 'Lets Get It On' plays in the background."

"So many things are wrong with that sentence." He said dully.

"Pardon me?"

"And that sounds wrong also."

"You're making no sense."

"I'm not making sense?" He started to laugh, "Lorelai, what makes you think I'd eat something you'd cook."

She acted hurt. "Luke, I'm such a good cook I should compete with those guys on Iron Chef. Yes, I can see it now. The dude from Japan. The crowd claps. The dude from China. The crowd boo's. Lorelai from Connecticut. The crowd goes wild!"

"That's exactly how it'd go." He said smiling at her.

"So, what do you say? Do you mind if we stay at my house tomorrow, and then we can go on the real date sometime later this week?"

"That's fine, don't worry. Just–promise me you really aren't going to cook."

"Are you crazy, I would never cook." She said in all seriousness.

"Good. So I'll see you tomorrow, will you be here in the morning?"

"Most likely not. Crazy day planned and then I'll have to be home by 4 to wait for the stupid fridge guys."

"Okay, so, what time should I come over?"

"7 sound good?"

"Perfect, I'll see you then."

"Thanks Luke."

"No problem."


Right before Lorelai was leaving work the next day, Sookie stopped her in the kitchen. She noticed that the whole day, Lorelai was smiling and mumbling little things to herself. Not that Lorelai talking to herself was unusual, but she normally did that when she was mad. And the whole smile and talking to herself sort of vetoed the idea that she was upset. She looked real happy.

"Hey, Lorelai, sweetie come here."

Lorelai obviously wasn't paying attention and continued walking to the coffee pot to refill her to-go cup she had in hand.

"Lorelai!" Sookie said louder this time, Lorelai turned around and smiled.


"When are you guys going out tonight?"

"7!" Lorelai said quickly. Then turned back and looked at Sookie suspiciously. " did you know I was going out with someone..."

"Uh, I can just tell."

"That obvious?" She said.

"Yeah, I'd say so. But that's a good thing, really. Most people would kill to be as happy as you look right now."

"I am happy."

"Good. I'm glad you're happy. And more importantly, I'm glad you're happy with Luke."

"I know, I am too. Really, it's funny. Because if you think about it Luke and I have been friends for years and not once have we even acted like a couple. I mean it was always strictly a friendship thing, nothing more."

Sookie gave her a look. Pretty much a look thatasked what the hell are you kidding yourself for?

"Lorelai, you're not that blind are you?"

"What do you mean?"

"Lorelai, for years, and ha- boy do I mean years, you and Luke have danced around each other. And the only thing I think you've heard more than that is people in the town telling you different speculations about the two of you. We've all been trying to get you to realize that Luke has a thing for you, for years. And we all knew you had a thing for him but you were just; excuse my language, too chicken shit to realize it." She ended her rant with a proud smile where as Lorelai just looked confused.

"Hey, I thought that this conversation was supposed to be a happy one!"

"It was a happy one! And they will continue to be as long as you realize what's right for you."

"I will–I mean I am."

"Good. So, back to my original question. When are you guys going out?"

"Well we were supposed to be going to a movie and dinner tonight, but I forgot that the stupid fridge repair guys are coming to my house."

"Didn't they just come like, two weeks ago?"

"Which it the reason I got somebody new this time…"


"...So, Luke is just going to come over and we'll watch movies and stuff."

"And stuff?" Sookie asked curiously.


"No, I'm just trying to figure out what 'and stuff' means." She said grinning.

"I'm going to go now."

"Have fun!" She called out right before Lorelai walked out of the kitchen.


It was about 6:30 when Lorelai decided to get ready. Still-no fridge guys. She walked up to her room and changed into one if the many pairs of tight jeans that she owns, and a light pink sweater. She pulled her hair back into a low ponytail and reapplied her makeup. It was 5 minutes to seven and she was actually ready, early. At exactly 7, Luke rang the bell. Lorelai ran to the door and smiled at the sight of Luke, brown bags of food in hand.

"Hey you! Come in, come in."

"I brought food."

"Good thinking. I hope you brought lots, I'm starving!"

"That's unusual."

He put the bags down on the table and turned to Lorelai and looked her over. She leaned up on her tip toes and gave him a peck on his lips.



They adjusted themselves on the couch, food spread out on the table, and Lorelai yet again gave Luke a quick run down on the rules of watching a movie with her. She put in some very random, yet classic movie chosen out, obviously by Lorelai, and they started to eat. When they were finished, they leaned back against the couch and tried to watch the movie. At some point, Luke wrapped his arm around Lorelai's shoulders and pulled her in closer. She rested her head against his shoulder and grasped around this stomach with her hands, looking much like a little 5 year old. They sat like this through out the whole movie, and when the credits rolled around, she looked up at him and smiled. Her face was only inches away from his.

"Hi." She said quietly, and then leaned in and kissed him softly on his lips.


"Did you like the movie?"

"Oh yeah."

"Good, I'm glad." She repositioned herself on the couch and was sitting sideways on Luke's lap. He clasped his hands around her waist, and she just played with her fingers. She leaned down and kissed him quickly. She pulled away and looked around the room, taking everything in. She leaned down again and pressed her forehead slightly against his, looked into his eyes and smiled. As soon as she was going to kiss him again, the doorbell rang. She groaned and got up and walked to the door only to see the repair man there, 8:45 and all, with his very own Bert in hand.

"I'm here to fix a fridge for," he looked down at his papers, "a Ms.--"

"Obviously it's mine. Come in, come in."

She took him to the kitchen and explained the problem. All he did was nod his head the whole time, and Lorelai excused herself to let him work. She walked back into the living room, where Luke had the end of a baseball game on TV. She laughed and shook her head.

"Uh-uh, I don't think so." She said, and grabbed the remote out of his hand and shut the TV off. She sat down again next to him and leaned in to continue what they were doing before they were rudely interrup–

"All done." The 'fridge dude' said, as he walked in on Luke and Lorelai finally kissing. Lorelai hoped up quickly and walked over to him.

"That was, wow- that was quick." She said, clearly amazed.

"Just had to mess around with a few switches."

"Got it. Thanks for the help."

"No problem. We'll send you a bill in the mail. Have a good night, you two." He said looking at them both, and walked out of the house.

Lorelai walked to the door and locked it behind him. She headed back to the couch and sat next to Luke. She threw her legs on the coffee table and turned her head to him.

"I don't think there will be any more interruptions. Sorry."

"It's okay. You were expecting him."

"Yeah, anyways." She thought for a second, and begun twirling her hair. "We never really got to talk about that engagement party." She said smiling at him.

"Yeah, the engagement party."

"Have you ever talked to Rachel?"

"No, I couldn't get myself too."


"I probably ruined her night."

"You didn't do much damage, to tell you the truth."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, after all," she began, grabbing his hand and playing with his fingers. "You said a lot of things, which I don't know… if you didn't say, we might not be here right now." The whole time she was talking, she was looking down at their hands, but when she said that they might not be right there, now, she looked up and him and studied his face.

"You're right."

"You did say a lot of things, ya know."

"I know I did."

"Some things like...I'm beautiful." Her voice was very quiet at this point.

"You are."

"And that you've always had feelings for me."

"I have."

"And, some other…really big things." She said, referring to when he said I love you.

He knew exactly what she meant… "I know." He said confidently.

"And, I just wanted to make sure it was all true, or else…my coming on to you would have been completely unexpected…I mean, if you didn't want me."

"I do want you."The words made her shiver.He leaned down to her face and kissed her softly. "And just to let you know, everything I said was true."



"I'm glad it's all true."

She took the opportunity to gently kiss him repetitively on his lips. After a few minutes of light kisses, she intensified it all, allowing her tongue to explore his mouth. They sat on the couch for a while, continuing their kissing, until Lorelai pulled away and her eyes quickly averted to the staircase which headed to her room which headed to…the bed. She looked back and forth from the stairs to Luke. He nodded his head, and she took his hand leading him to a world he's never experienced.


As they lied in Lorelai's bed, wrapped in each others arms in the pitch black of the night, Lorelai felt the need to constantly be kissing him…anywhere. Lips, cheek, nose, neck…where ever wonders led her.

"…but she laughed. She thought it was funny."

"Did you explain everything to her?"

"Well, I decided to skip the part about you saying I was beautiful because, I'm pretty sure the whole crowd heard you scream it that one time." He laughed a little with her.

"Yeah, well, I didn't mean too."


Was that disappointment he head in her voice? "I mean, it's true. But, if I could have said it, say on a more sober level, I'm sure I wouldn't have screamed it."

"Ah, gotcha."

"Yeah but anyways…I'll call her soon. I'm glad that one of us at least did. Thank you." He said kissing her.

"All I'm going to say is if you're invited to the wedding, you better not have a different date."

"Oh yeah, and why is that."

"Hey!" She said punching him playfully in his stomach. "You're only allowed to have one woman at a time, ya know."

"Who said you're my woman?" He asked, teasing her a little.

"I said I'm your woman."

He laughed a little and gave her another kiss before quickly turning over to see what time it was…it was definitely a little later than expected.

"It's getting late. I should go."

"So that's your style, huh? Do 'em, and ditch 'em."

"Ah jeez, Lorelai…"

"Sorry, do you want me to put it in more mature terms. So that's your style, huh? Make love to your woman and leave her because it's getting late and the thought of no sleep drives you wild with nerves."

"I just said it was getting late ya know."

"Followed by 'I should go.'"

"Well, what do you want me to do?"

"Personally, I thought it'd be cool if you could pull a Romeo. You know, stand outside my window, obsessing over me, saying you want me and all that fun stuff."

"Maybe another night when it's not raining."

She turned her head towards the window and noticed that it was in fact, raining but not very hard.

"So then just stay with me." She said simply.


"Well, you know I don't kick in bed…or in…bed-bed for that matter." She said nudging him.

"I have had experience…"

"And, it is raining…"

"Yeah, it is…"

"So, why don't you just stay with me? I want you too."

"Alright then," he kissed the top of her head, "I'll stay with you."


They were both quiet for a little while, thinking about the moments they've spent together within the past few days…this particular moment probably being number one. When Luke's hand brushed across hers underneath the cover, the night they stayed in the hotel flashed back to her mind.

"Hey can I tell you something?"


"Well, remember that time I slept at your house. The night the Inn burned down."


"And remember I told you I had that dream, that you are I were married."

"Yeah, I do."

"Well, I bet you don't remember but I was saying the end of my dream, and I was going to say that before you left for work, in my dream of course, that we kissed. But I figured you'd think I was stupid and laugh."

He laughed, but just to annoy her. "Having dreams about kissing me…"

"Anyways Mr. Cocky…I had another dream like that the night we stayed at the hotel."

"Really?" He wasn't even going to talk about the endless amounts of dreams he's had of her.

"It was funny…it was sort of like that first dream I had, but this time we were having triplets. And, we sat down to eat breakfast, and you held my hand," she began searching for his hand to hold, "and then when I woke up, your hand was against mine."

"That's weird."

"Dreams can be weird."

"And somewhat like predictions…" He offered.

"Yes. Somewhat like predictions…" She repeated, smiling to herself. "The best predictions I've ever gotten, that's for sure." She said under her breath.

Predictions lead to reality and reality leads to love. Funny how things work out. Sort of like the way their hands fit so perfectly together. And sort of like the way there names sound so incredible together.

'Now that will make one hell of a wedding invitation.' She thought to herself, smiling.

x-x- The End x-x

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"He always wanted to admit his feelings...just not this way. But with her, any way would work."