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The e-mail was from Ron. She took the mouse and clicked on the e-mail to open it. She sat and read his reply.


It's no big. Things have been a little crazy around here. I mean since when have I ever made a grade better than you? I don't expect you to be perfect all of the time because what fun would that be? Please don't expect if of yourself. I know that you really didn't mean what you said. I know that you have been under a lot of pressure lately. I wrote something for you, please read.

A Friend

My Friend builds nations

My Friend builds states

My Friend builds states

My Friend builds families

My Friend builds parents

My Friend builds children

My Friend builds teams

My Friend builds friends

My Friend has a name

My Friend is called Pride

Kim pride can be a wonderful thing. It is like the pride I have in you for what you do and pride in you for being your friend. I have pride in myself when you consider me your friend and I am proud that you consider me your partner. You should be proud that you represent the school as a cheerleader and you should be proud to be the creator and leader of Team Possible. You should be proud of your abilities and your accomplishments. Kim, you are my friend and my partner. We are a team, just as I said in the interview, because no matter what, no matter how bad things are or how bad things seem, I will always be your partner and your friend. I will always have your back and I will always be at your side. I have been, I am now, and I will always be out your side. Kim, pride is a double edged sword and we just have to be careful which side of the sword we use. It can cut both ways. Kim, please just stand with me and be my friend, my partner in school, the team and in life. I am a better person because of you. Kim, I have faith in you, and faith can be a wonderful thing.

Your friend and partner,


Kim closed the email and sat in the dark while tears filled her eyes. The friend she had treated so badly was proud of her, had faith in her, and loved her. She climbed back into her bed and wrapped her arms around her panderoo. She remembered something and got up to the guest room. She went to the closet and pulled out a pillow that Ron had used when he spent the night about a week ago. She put the pillow to her nose and inhaled deeply because the pillow smelled like Ron. She took it back to her room and got back in bed. She wrapped her arms around the pillow imagining that it was Ron. She imagined Ron there with his arms around her. She could not think of any place she could be happier. As she dropped off to sleep she realized that she was proud to have a friend by the name of Ron Stoppable. A friend she was beginning to love.

I hope that all of you liked Ron's answer. Ron's poem is really the second part of the Villain poem. I never have really titled it. Pride can be a wonderful thing. Pride can lift someone up out of the darkness. Pride can build wonderful things. Pride in oneself and pride in a friend can carry you through great difficulties.