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- - - -

Chapter 1

- - - -

15 year old, Ponyboy Curtis sat at his desk, tapping his pencil on the pad of paper in front of him.

"Please stop tapping the damn pencil," his 17 year old brother Soda groaned, covering his head up with a pillow.

Pony looked at the clock on his desk, he didn't realize it was one o'clock in the morning and he still hadn't got his English memoir done that was due tomorrow.

He glanced at a picture on his desk of him with his old best friend Johnny, they were leaning against a wall with cigarettes in their mouths, grinning and naturally having a good time.

Pony felt tears stinging the corners of his eyes and he went back to thinking about a topic to write about.

He thought about writing about the frightful event that had happened last year with his old best friend Johnny and his friend Dallas. They both wound up dying in the same night. It was brutal and utterly crushed Ponyboy along with his friends Steve and Two Bit, and his brothers Soda and Darry. He couldn't write about that again though, he wrote that last year.

He looked at what his paper had on it already, 3 horses.


"I have to finish this," Ponyboy replied.

"Do it in the morning," Soda said, rolling around in the bed, trying to get away from the light blaring.

"It's due in the morning!"

Soda groaned and just squeezed his eyes shut.

One look at Soda made Pony know exactly what to write about, something that had happened two months earlier, right after Ponyboy's fifteenth birthday.

It started out as an ordinary day, I was waiting for the usual nurse that came by every afternoon to give me my antidepressant pill, no matter how much I told her I didn't need her to come check in on me anymore, I was tuff. Whoever I was thinking this to took it very literal, the nurse didn't show up. But a girl who couldn't have been a day older than sixteen walked into my bedroom, she was in a candy striper uniform and she had her hand clutched around something, probably my pills.

- - - -


"Hi, I'm April," the girl said sweetly, holding her free hand out to shake Ponyboy's.

"Ponyboy," he replied a confused tone filling his voice.

"Yeah, I know. I'm going to be filling in for Rhonda for the next few months or so, she just gave birth last night," April said with a smile.

So that's why you're here...Ponyboy thought.

No doubt about it this girl was beautiful.

She had straight strawberry blonde hair that cascaded across her shoulders, tan skin, and green eyes. She looked to be about 5'5 and she was pretty slender.

"Did Ronda mention that I don't need the pills anymore...?" Ponyboy lied, hoping she wouldn't give him one. He didn't need them anymore. He wasn't depressed over the thing that had happened with Johnny and Dallas.

April shook her head and smirked at Ponyboy, "No, but she mentioned you would say that," she said and sat the pill down on the desk right in front of him, "I'm going to go get you some water," she said and walked out of the bedroom and down the small hallway to the Curtis's bathroom.

Pony slid the pill off the table and dropped it to the floor and covered it up with his foot.

April glided back into the room, "Where's your pill?" she asked, looking at the table and then at Ponyboy.

"I swallowed it dry," he said, as his ankle began to itch terribly.

He lifted up his other foot and rubbed his ankle, not thinking about the pill being in April's eye shot.

"Nice try," April said and reached down, grabbing the pill and placing it in his hand.

She handed him the glass of water.

Pony rolled his eyes but put it in his mouth and gulped down the water.

"There...happy?" he asked, wiping off his wet mouth with the back of his hand.

April smirked, "Very,"

"Now you don't have to ask me all those really stupid questions do you? You know, about how I am feeling and all that?"

" I need to?" April asked.

He shook his head quickly.

"Okay then," April said.

"Did you just move here?" Ponyboy asked.

"Yep...from Florida, why?"

"I just never seen you around school, how old are you?"


"I'm home for anyone who cares!" Soda's normal cheerful voice echoed through the house.
He stepped inside his and Pony's room and was kind of surprised to see someone other than Ronda in there.

"Hi...?" Soda said, with a small smirk on his face, taking his DX hat off of his head.

"Soda, this is April. April this is my brother Sodapop," Ponyboy said.

"You guys have weird nicknames," April said.

"They aren't nicknames, they are our real names, says so on our birth certificates," Soda said.


"April just moved here from Florida," Ponyboy said, and then noticed the somewhat heartbroken look in his eyes.

"What's wrong with your brother?" April asked.

"His ex-girlfriend, Sandy, lives in Florida," I responded, shooting Soda an apologetic look.

"My best friends name is Sandy. But I doubt it's the same girl, she never mentioned having a boyfriend named Soda,"

"She pretty much got rid of all existence of him when she moved to Florida,"

"Still...I doubt Sandy Mathis and your ex girlfriend are the same person," April said, brushing a strand of hair out of her face.

Soda looked insanely hurt at that, he got up from where he was sitting on his and Pony's bed and left the room, tears filling his eyes.

April turned to Ponyboy confusingly, "What did I say?"


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