Vincenza: Not trying to sound harsh or anything but, first let me say I am basing this more on the movie than the book, second, I never said Sandy was a Soc, she just had money…that doesn't clarify you as a soc automatically, and third, in the book it mentioned Marcia and Two Bit engaged in their own little world conversation whatever thing which means they could get together, besides they flirted with each other and Cherry pretty much said she liked Dally so yeah, it's possible for a soc to be with a greaser.

Miss Cheerful: The whole making a move thing is coming up in the next chapter or twoswear to God…besides the story is just heating up, the whole people returning/chaos occurring thing is going to happen…now.

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- - - - -

Chapter 5

- - - - -

April ran most of the way to the house and then as she neared her neighborhood, a hand reached out and grabbed her shoulder, startling her.

She spun around and saw Randy.

"Uh…" April stammered.

"Don't." Randy stopped her.

April quickly nodded.

Randy stuffed his hands in the pockets of his pleated khaki pants, "Look," he sighed, "I just wanted to apologize for the way I acted last night…I was kind of drunk,"

Kind of? April resisted the urge to say.

April nodded and he went on, "I'm not usually like that…I had like 4 beers before the rumble which is even more unlike me, so I just wanted to let you know so we don't start getting a bad vibe…to tell you the truth, I kinda get along with greasers,"

"Really?" April asked.

Randy nodded, "They're good kids, that Ponyboy is pretty special, so is that guy who fought me last night, that was really far out…him sticking up for you like that,"


Randy nodded, "He's a good guy, he must like you,"

"He dated my best friend,"

"Didn't you just move here?" Randy asked.

"My best friend back in Florida,"

"Now I'm confused…oh, wait…you mean Sandy Mathis?"

April nodded, "She's the one,"

"They were a really cool couple…definitely love," Randy said, "Did you know they were going to get married?"

April nodded, "Soda mentioned it and then she left,"

Randy nodded, "She was a looker, rumor had it…she had to leave because she got pregnant,"

That made April's heart stop, Sandy and Soda had slept together.

"Was it Soda's?" She stammered out the question.

Randy shook his head, "I don't think so…she was kind of fooling around with some Soc…"

"Was his name Johnson?"

Randy nodded, "How'd you know?"

"He's the one she did mention, she never mentioned a guy named Sodapop…of course I didn't tell Soda about Johnson, just that she never mentioned having a boyfriend,"

"You might not ever want to mention Johnson to Sodapop…I don't think he'd like it too much, what went on last night was very much unlike him, Johnson was the guy tugging on him,"

April nodded in understanding.

Randy let out a sigh, "And I've let you know too much already…just wanted to apologize, see if everything was okay with us?"

April nodded, "Yeah…thanks for apologizing, I guess I'm just not used to being treated that way so it was no big deal,"

"Next time I'm drunk I won't go to the rumble,"

April laughed, "Deal,"

"So anyways, I'll see you around…"

"Yeah, definitely, see you Randy,"

"Bye April," Randy said with a wave and then walked off down the street.

April turned around and headed home.

- - - - -

"Mom?" April asked, walking into her house.

All she noticed was a note on the banister of the staircase she picked it up:


I have done had it with life…I went to pick up more liquor.


April knew that only meant one thing.


"Oh no," April panicked she raced out of the house as fast as she could.

She ran down the many streets of Tulsa until she reached the DX station, she saw her mom pulling out of the parking lot.

"MOM!" April yelled. "MOM!"

She chased after her mother's car as she saw the traffic light turn red, and her mother drive through it.

"MOM!" she called again, but it was too late.

Her mother's car had crashed.

- - - - -

April sat in the waiting room of the hospital, glancing around the walls that were painted blandly with small pictures of children.

She leaned her head back in the chair as tears slowly slid down her cheeks, of course she always said she hated her mom but nothing like this had ever happened.

"April Highland?" the doctor asked, emerging from the emergency corridors.

"Yes?" April shot up.

"We tried all we could but she was drunk driving and…"

It all blurred together after that she caught words like driver, collided, engine, lap, burn.

April couldn't breathe. She went tearing out of the hospital as fast as she could …all of this was flying through her head so fast it was unreal.

Unreal, April thought, it's not real, I'll wake up in a few minutes in my bed, that's it… it's just a dream.

"April?" a soft voice asked from behind her.
She spun around and saw Sodapop, "I heard about your mom…Steve told me, he saw her crash, I'm really sorry, is she okay?"

April sucked in a deep breath, "She's…dead," she choked out the last part.

Next thing she knew, his arms were around her and she was sobbing into his tee shirt.

"I didn't want this to happen, I wished for it so much but I didn't want it to really happen!" she wailed.

"Its okay, it's okay," Soda said, rubbing her back soothingly.

- - - - -

A week later April stood in the church looking around at all the people she knew, she was wearing a black blouse with a black A Line skirt and black pumps, her hair was pulled into a bun and she had barely any makeup, she looked somewhat thinner and paler, she had barely eaten.

None of the greasers or Socs (meaning Cherry, Marcia or Randy) were there, Soda had asked if she wanted him to come with her but she politely said no, it was hard enough as it was.

Her eyes stopped and so did her heart when she saw both Ron and Sandy standing across the aisle from her.

She sucked in a deep breath as the funeral proceeded.

- - - - -

"April!" two excited voices exclaimed at the reception after the funeral.

April was standing in the parking lot trying to escape the people.

Obviously no such luck.
She turned around and saw Ron and Sandy run towards her, next thing she knew, their arms were flung around her.

"Hi guys," she said hugging them back.
As they broke away she got a good look at both of them, not that they looked much different than the last time she saw them.

Ron had golden blonde hair that was cut to below his ears and flipped out, he had ocean blue eyes, tan skin, and a tall and athletic frame. He was one of the most popular guys at her old school and no doubt in her mind that he probably still was.

Sandy still had her chestnut brown hair, tan skin, and puppy dog brown eyes, she was an envy of most of the girls at her old school, she was beautiful, she was tall, she was thin, she was smart, and she was friendly to everyone, everybody's best friend.

April had to wander if she had had a miscarriage or an abortion or if it was all just a rumor.

"How are you holding up sweetie?" Ron asked, giving her a small kiss on the lips.

"I'm okay," she sighed.

"I can't believe you live in Tulsa," Sandy exclaimed, looking over the place, not that she could see much from the parking lot.

"April?" a voice asked from behind her.

She spun around and saw her dad, "Daddy!" she exclaimed and flew into his arms with a hug.

"How are you honey?"

"I'm okay, I could be better,"

"Natalie, the kids and I will be staying with you for a while,"

"Daddy, you gave up New York for me?"

"You're my daughter, what'd you expect?" he asked, giving her a small smile, "Hello Ron, Sandy,"

"Hi Mr. Highland," the two replied in unison.

"I guess I'll let you get caught up with your friends see you at home," her dad said, giving her a soft kiss on the temple and then joining his wife and fraternal twin daughter and son and leaving.

"I wonder if Johnson is here…" Sandy drifted off.

April rolled her eyes.

"Let's go look around…well actually, let's change first." Sandy said and took both of her friend's hands and getting into her white Pony Mustang Convertible with red leather interior. April had adored Sandy's car for as long as she knew her.

She loved having them back.

But definitely more Sandy than Ron.