Ever-reaching Union

A Continuation of the Seikai Trilogy

By: Chummer

Author Comments: I do not own Crest of the Stars, Banner of the Stars, or the Seikai Trilogy. This story is in response to a lack of fanfiction that is devoted to this under appreciated anime. (Ok the eng. dub was bad already). But for many this anime is definitely something different, and to me very original.

The events of the story take place at the end of the Crest of the Stars series (when Lafiel and Jinto leave each other to go to the academies and go their separate ways. Likewise the story will split with some chapters devoted to Lafiel's side, and others to Jinto's view.

Last thing (I promise) is that out loud dialogue will be put in "double quotation marks", thoughts will be in 'single marks' and other sounds are in italics!

Chapter 1: Separating Destiny

Imperial Calendar Year 953

Abh Capital

After the dinner that took place in the Abh household it was time for Jinto to pack his things (or what little he had). In his room he thought about what life for him had been like, and how things are now. His home the Planet Martine in the Hyde solar system had been taken over by the United Mankind space forces and has now taken over the capital. Shortly thereafter, his father Rock Lin had been publicly executed and a new fervor swept across the planet. Or so he had found out. Now all that he had left behind, his mother, friends, and Dorin Ku are now gone, separated by what appears as a ruthless enemy, and an endless stretch of space. And the one that helped him through many of his younger years, Teal Clint had been appointed ambassador to the United Mankind.

Flashback – Imperial Calendar Year 946

Outside the now imperial family's mansion are burgeoning protests of literally tens of thousands of people calling on Rock Lin's resignation and removal. Inside the fortress of barbed wire and concrete walls is a young Jinto looking outside of a window on the third floor. Standing beside him is his more than angry Teal Clint looking toward the crowds.

"Look at them calling out your father Jinto" said Teal Clint. "I know that your father was just inaugurated a few weeks ago, but our world is a mess now. We can not have the son of the imperial leader be in a harsh environment."

"What do you mean?" Jinto replied.

"It is time for you to realize who you have become Jinto." Teal retorted. "Because of your damned father, we people of Martine have to live in shame under the reign of the Abh!"

Jinto looked down again at his feet and knew what Teal was talking about. How could he not know. Almost everyone outside of his family and closest of friends had pointed him out as a traitor and unfit to even be alive much less lead the planet. With that Jinto's eyes watered and his face became melancholy once more.

Teal realizing his sudden outburst halts himself and kneels down to Jinto. "I'm sorry your highness for my sudden rudeness.

"Don't call me highness Teal…" Jinto choked backed.

"It's just that I'm still angry at your father for what he did. But I know that you still have the potential to be something more. Someone who will be able to take control and lead people to the right direction. And more than that be able to care for others."

Teal then stood up facing Jinto. "You must realize who you are your highness. I will be going now to take care of some matters. Think about what I just said. I know your father would have said something like that in the past."

With that Teal walked through the doors of the living room. Jinto still teary eyed then continued to look outside the people protesting now chanting their anger.

No more Lin! No more Abh! No more Lin! No more Abh! No more...

Jinto's quarters - Present Time

The United Mankind 37th and 39th peacekeeping brigades have entered what appear to be the last remnants of the allied Abh forces in the Gashow port district. Heavy warships can be heard overhead and are relentlessly pounding the area! We can now safely say we are no longer bound by the ruthless oppression that is the Abh Emp..

Jinto turning of the screen sighs again as he lays on his bed. 'Why am I here?'

It was fate that this young man met Lafiel, a pilot trainee that happened to be in the Abriel royal family. It was fate that once again led Lafiel and himself through the reaches of space, fighting for their lives, and depending on each other to survive. Now they are about to leave each other, now having to leave each other and not be able to enjoy each others company. Or so it seems…

"Jinto, your ship is going to leave soon." said the all too familiar voice of Lafiel outside. "Are you ready yet?"

"No not really, I'm actually still packing." said Jinto half-heartily.

"Really, Jinto you really don't have many things to pack." as she entered into the room.

Lafiel saw Jinto still lying on the bed. She was still wearing her imperial robes that she had eaten in when they had dinner. "Well aren't you going to leave yet? I don't want the escort to be waiting for you forever."

Jinto saw through that comment fairly well. He knew that the ship could leave at anytime, knowing that the only occupant beside the escort would be him. Their travels through space have helped Jinto learn a little about how Lafiel expresses herself, sometimes in an indirect manner. He could see that Lafiel was concerned about him.

"I've been thinking about my home again." Jinto said casually.

"Does that make you worry at all?"

"………..No not really."

A slight pause of dialogue formed and Lafiel taking the initiative sat right next to Jinto on the bed. Jinto's cat Diaho was next to him as well, resting rather peacefully.

"Really, things will be fine. We just need to stay focused on what is at hand now. With me going to the pilot academy and you going to the supply academy…"

"And what would a lander like me know about staying focused on..."

"You are an ABH Jinto, and you don't need to doubt your abilities." Lafiel then slightly moved toward Jinto and looked up toward the ceiling. "I still remember the thing you said to me back on Sufugnof about how each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses. That is why we can't let what's happening now impede on what we need to do for the future."

Jinto sat back up and looked at Lafiel who stilled looked her best in those robes and nodded in agreement.

Lafiel paused, momentarily looking at Jinto and then stood up picking up Diaho from the bed.

"Anyway, I will still need a supply officer once I get my own ship, so I am depending on you to get your studies finished. I can't pilot a ship without a supply officer, and it would be a shame to waste such a good trainee!" Lafiel said in an off-handed manner.

"Right as always Captain Abriel!" Jinto chuckled.



So the two walked side by side toward the space dock talking to each other causally about what they would do at their respective academies. For the two they knew the moments they had together would come to an end for the next three years but they didn't realize how much they would miss each other.

Jinto was about to board the spaceship when Lafiel then called to him.


"Yes Lafiel?"

"I…….I am going to miss you Jinto." Lafiel blushed slightly.

Jinto smiled and blushed as well. "So will I Lafiel."

The two looked at each other for almost a minute when the escort coughed from behind Jinto and said "As much as I like to stay here, we've been given clearance to leave your Excellency."

"Oh, sorry sir!" and with that Jinto saluted Lafiel who saluted in return. He walked through the doors of the dock and it shut immediately.

"Your Excellency, please have a seat as we are about to leave."

As the ship undocked from the port he took a seat next to one of the windows. There he saw the station the Abriel family lived in and also saw one other person looking toward the ship.



Continued in Chapter 2:

Lafiel's Way

Author post-comments:

Well how did I do? This is my first-fanfic and I am very excited to get this story started. My plan now is to diverge the plots to show how the two progress in their academy training. I admit to wanting to type this fanfic for some time and am glad to get it started. Please review and comment please!

Revised 11/04/04 Much to my surprise, a while back I saw a new Crest of the Stars link in the Anime section. This got me to thinking of revising my 1st two chapters I posted way back (If its still there it's in the Misc. section of anime) and adding more substance to the story. I'm glad now that I'm getting back into this again and hopefully I will continue, pending lots of studying and work…