Ever-reaching Union

A Continuation of the Seikai Trilogy

By: Chummer

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Chapter 5:

Birth of a Leader

Aptic Star System-

Disputed territory currently in control of the Abh Empire.

The Aptic System had seen the brunt of the battles since the war breaking out about a year ago. Originally its own territory, the system has been the middle of several exchanges between the Four Nations Alliance and the Abh Empire.

Six battleships were seen over the skies of Aptic III. The plane in the lead was however none other than Lafiel, who quite to the surprise of the others sped much faster than the others.

"Bene Rodial Lafiel, you are ordered to slow down! The other trainees can not keep up with your speed!" blared the professor on the screen.

Lafiel sighed and at once was slowing down. The controls that were overwhelming at first were becoming second nature to her.

"Yes your highness Lafiel, you need to slow down for the rest of us!" a voice called back, none other than the voice of Lakar whose ship now trailed alongside Lafiel's. "Some of us haven't had the time to practice like you have."

"Cut in out you two!" the professor exclaimed. "We are done with our maneuvering exercises for today. We will be taking a short break now so trainee's take a rest. Aviators please take a moment to check all systems! Senior Navigator in command, please take over for the trainees!"

Lafiel disconnected her alpha link that connected to the starboard and walked to the Senior Navigator's place. "You did a really good job my highness" the female navigator responded.

"Thank you Senior Navigator Kalis."

"Well once Aviator Samson and his crew checks out everything we will be able to head back to the station."

This flight of several hundred in deep space was not only a test of the trainee's abilities in a realistic environment but also an examination of how well crews could work together. The rest of the crew in the battleship comprised of a mix of trainees and veterans from various parts of the Abh Empire.

With the eventual cease fire that took place nearly 6 months ago between the Four Nations Alliance and The Abh Empire there, a massive buildup of arms was taking place between the two sides. With the sheer size of the Four Nations Alliance military, they initially had the advantage in its output of ships and weaponry. However the Abh were catching up with its production and were close to the levels of output the United Mankind and its allies ever had.

Senior Aviator Kalis took over the controls and was making final preparations for departure. Lafiel took her seat that resides across from Aviator Sampson's, glad she could take a breather.

"It is times like this that I could use a drink," the Aviator Sampson said sheepishly while looking through the control screens.

"It seems that is all you ever do." Lafiel responded back. "The last time I saw you at the station you were in an alcohol induced state."

"That's what many would like to call being drunk your highness." Sampson then realizing the sharpness of his comment relented. His appearance was that of kindness, right up to his usual mannerisms but in him lay several years as a member of the military. This would be his newest foray as a trainee aviator for an armed Abh battleship. "My apologies, I forget that Abh's have a tolerance to alcohol. You aren't used to seeing people in that state."

"It is not a problem. Sometimes I feel that I need to be in one of those states every once in a while."

"Why do you say that my highness?"

Lafiel paused but figured that Sampson was a fairly caring person, even if they had only teamed up for the past week. "It's not that I want to be drunk, but rather I wish I could be away from my duties every once in a while."

"Yeah, I could see that being in the military could drain a person, being away from home for so long."

"It's not just that," Lafiel replied head turned away from Sampson. "It's more than my duty as a citizen, it is also my responsibility. It's just the burden of carrying the name of the Abriel's."

Aviator Sampson new of the reputation and the responsibilities of the Abriel family. He also knew of their penchant for not showing weakness nor sadness to anyone. But he knew to take this subject in a just matter.

"Yes being the heir to the throne is a big responsibility that you have. But you are doing a good job already my highness. You have most of your life ahead of you took look forward to. You are easily one of the best pilots of our training station and might I add one of the youngest.

Lafiel turned her head back to Sampson now with more of a surprised look on her face. "I don't mean anything out of malice in that comment my highness" Sampson assured back. "But it is the truth. Once the war is over I will go back to my home planet and be a simple citizen once more but in the mean time, you my highness will have opportunities to grow and mature. I'm pretty sure you will do a good job as a captain once we are out of training, agree?"

"Yeah…" Lafiel replied now with a small smile.

"Plus I bet upon your return you will have a lot of friends to turn return to at your home to."

Home, one place she would like to return to.

Then it hit her once more. The thought of Jinto. She realized they haven't talked to each other for several months now, and the memories of the two of them having been together were starting to fade.

'I… wonder if he still remembers me, that idiot. I'm pretty sure he is doing all right. Who am I kidding? This is Jinto I'm thinking about. He isn't going to be ok, much less get through the supply academy.'

Then something came back to Lafiel.



"Yes Lafiel?"

"I…….I am going to miss you Jinto." A slight blush emanated from Lafiel's cheeks

Jinto surprised smiled back. "So will I Lafiel." He too had a slight blush in his cheeks.

At that moment Lafiel felt something. It was something different from the logical emotions most Abh's felt especially to others. It was more something primal. Something that was asleep in her for what seemed like generations but was being reborn….


Their last meeting. Lafiel remembered once more the time hey shared, however brief. Lafiel didn't want it to be their last.

Aviator Sampson noticing Lafiel's somewhat uplifted expression smiled. "It is good to have someone to return to."

Just then an alarm came out on the screen.

All trainee units! It appears we may have some unknown ships approaching us for the 32nd sector! We are attempting to contact the ships as we speak. Please prepare all stations for possible contact! All pilot trainees are ordered to take control of the ships for possible engagement

"Damnit, what a time to have ships come by." Kalis responded. "Pilot trainee Abriel, please take the controls for me. Second navigator Weices, please scan our surroundings. It looks like your highness this may be our first foray into combat if things don't go so well."

Lafiel nodded in agreement getting out of her seat. This wouldn't be the first time Lafiel has had to face an enemy. She even went head to head against an UMK blockade with a transport ship. But this would be for herself and many others in this ship their first taste of combat in an attack ready ship and the closest they have ever gotten to the enemy.

Lafiel walked up to the pilot seat but before sitting down faced her crew and called for the attention of her crewmates. Facing the crew in the cockpit and addressing her fellow crewmates through her communicator she began. "Pilot trainee Abriel speaking. I know that we are still in training and have not yet gone through our final examinations. It seems that we may be entrenched with enemy ships in the upcoming hours."

"However as the one that is leading this ship, if we are to engage I promise to get us back alive."

Lafiel paused to collect herself once more and examine her crewmates who all had her backing as a leader.

'So this is how it begins.'

To be continued….

Chapter 6

Style versus Numbers

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