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Timeline (Prologue)

By JLaLa

Ginny noticed that the young girl was following her while they made their way into her two older brother's joke shop. Fred and George were doing well and it showed in the bustling, loud environment that surrounded her. Children zoomed in and out. So she knew that something was wrong when she noticed the young girl.

Hermoine Granger became aware of her young friend's disposition. She removed herself from the company of her boyfriend, Ron and joined the young girl at the counter where Fred was attempting to ring up the abundance of sales. Ginny was sitting beside her brother on a tall, wooden stool but was peering outside for some reason.

"Are you alright, Ginny?" Hermoine looked out the window and saw that her friend was staring at...nothing. Ginny snapped out of her reverie and gave her friend a faint smile. She was truly going mad. She was seeing strange little girls and falling into deep comas. "Gin...?"

"Oh yes, quite alright..." She replied and stood up. Her face was pale and was agitatedly stood up. "I do need a bit of fresh air" With that, the young girl swooped her things and rushed out. Ginny didn't even notice that she had almost crashed into her brother and his best friend, Harry Potter.

"What is wrong with her?" Ron said to his girlfriend. "She has been acting snappish for the past hour. Harry, did you notice anything wrong with her?" His friend shook his head, his bright green eyes emotionless. However, Harry bitterly bit back the fact that Ginny was trying to avoid him all summer. She spent a lot of her time talking to Hermoine and avoiding his gaze.

He didn't blame her. Harry never took the time to notice that Ginny wasn't the little first year that he rescued. She was a grown girl with piercing brown eyes that sparkled with a little bit of gold in them. Her hair was her crowning glory. Layers of red tumbled down her back. She was tall and graceful, lithe and petite.

And she didn't give a rat's ass about him.

Why was he so bitter about this? It was more concern for her. She had been bubbly with her family. Around him, it was different, she was quiet and aloof. His own personality was quite different too. He wasn't so innocent anymore. Since Sirius's death, he just didn't anything. Harry was numb.

"I think I need some air also," He said quietly and left his friends. Hermoine held her boyfriend back knowing that Harry was off to be the hero again. The last thing that Ginny needed was saving, however.

He turned the corner and saw that Ginny was sitting on the edge of a fountain. Her hair was glistening in the sunlight and he couldn't help but admired her glorious mop. She was tracing her finger in the water. Walking over to her, he sat down and looked into the water.

Their reflections made a charming couple. His dark, charcoal hair and bright eyes were an enchanting contrast while her red hair matched wonderfully with her chocolate eyes. She refused to look up at him but she was looking at his reflection intently. He looked at her reflection in return. Putting his own hand in the water, he felt the rush of liquid against his warm hand. She dipped her own hand completely into the water.

"Are you alright?" He asked in hushed tones. Never looking up at the solid flesh next to him, he continued flicking his hand around the water.

"I guess so," Ginny replied in an exasperated tone. Her reflection frowned at him. "What do you want, Harry? You really don't need to save me. I'm not a little girl anymore" She unconsciously moved her wet hand in the water closer to his.

"I'm not here to save you Gin" She flinched when he called her that. He ignored her for so many years and now he decided that he could give her nicknames? Harry had not noticed her since her first year. Ginny was entering her sixth year and Harry, his seventh. "I thought that maybe you needed someone to talk to. Is a boy causing you trouble? I can always stick Ron on him"

Her face broke out in an amused expression and she inched in closer to him. "And what about you Harry? Aren't you going to defend me against any boys?" His face turned serious and she felt her face burned as he looked at her indirectly. He placed his hand on hers in the water. Ginny couldn't bear to look up so she stared at their hands in the water.

"Maybe I might be one of those boys that you need to be defended from," Harry said softly and she took her hand to entwine with his. In all her years, Ginny had waited for him and she never told him that she had never gotten over him. "At least I hope I could be."

Ginny continued looking down into the water. She couldn't believe this was happening! Harry Potter was flirting with her.


Something landed in the water and she gasped. It was her. The little girl was looking at their reflections in the water. Her green eyes staring into her own alarmed eyes as the little girl's hair blew in the breeze. She was nothing short of haunting. Ginny was going crazy truly.

"Who is she?" Harry asked and her heart leaped with joy. He looked up at the girl. "What do you want?!" He just assumed that she was another girl staring at The-Boy-Who-Lived and he detested it. But he stopped himself from going off when he saw that she was crying. The little girl's hair laid straight on her shoulders, it was an warm auburn, almost similar to his mother's hair. That was the most distinctive thing about her. She worn an nicely made coat and black shoes.

"Why are you crying?" Ginny asked and her maternal instinct kicked in. They approached her and she couldn't get that gnawing feeling in her stomach. As they neared her, Harry realized how young she was. She couldn't be more than seven or eight. "Are you lost?"

"I'm looking for my mother," She replied calmly though the tears were coursing down her face. "I promised my father I would"

"Maybe we can help," Harry said to her kindly. "What's your name?" He was taken aback by the intense look in her eyes, like she had seen something that no child should see.

"Molly," She said to him. "Molly Potter"

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