Kira stared in shock at her mother, the truth both shock and horror. Before her stood the woman she had once loved and adored; now standing by the very man who both destroyed her life and the lives of her family. Her mind raced with thoughts and emotions, yet not a word escaped her lips. The numbing shock faded away to pain, and soon after it eroded into anger. Clinging onto this emotion she struggled to comprehend the true damage done. But only one thought rings true in her mind, her pagh would forever bleed from the wound inflicted upon her by her mother's abandonment.

Dukat prattles on, mocking her with his words, his condescending smirk while her own mother mocks her daughter with her silence. Words are weapons, Kira had once been told. Here, in this place, it is silence that is the killer.

The truth hit her harder than she could have ever anticipated. It had never occurred to Nerys just how desperately she held onto the hope that Dukat's words were nothing more than lies. He had spoken the truth, leaving Nerys helpless to protect the last shred of her childish innocence from being destroyed.

All she had ever wanted was to change the inevitable, to stop the nightmare that destroyed everyone she loved. Nerys had tried so hard to do whatever she could to change things for the better. In the end the only thing that did change was the love she once had for her mother.

Desperately she tried to argue, to make her mother see the truth but deep down Nerys knew it was too late. Like a creature caught unawares, stunned by the bright search lights that scanned the camps perimeters, her mother was blinded. Unlike the helpless creature however her mother willingly chose to be blinded. She choose to believe Dukat's lies over the truth; thus sealing her daughters fate, and forcing her to make a horrifying decision of her own.

Unable to remain, and too hurt to fight back Nerys stormed out of Dukat's quarters. Years later Nerys would still look upon that day and wonder what hurt more; that her mother was forever lost to her, or that she was forever lost to her mother.