Title: Stealing Things
Author: kawaii-kirei "KK"
Rating: G
Pairing: KiruGon

Disclaimer: Hunter X Hunter, Killua or Gon, belongs to Yoshihiro Togashi-sama. Arigato for making such a wonderful anime!

Author's Notes: Sorry, people, I'm in KiruGon high for now... -sweat drop- The title has no connections to the story whatsoever. I was a bit empty when I wrote this, and I'm still empty now, so no creative titles for today. XD Anywho, please review, minna

Stealing Things

"Ne, ne, Killua! Pull my finger! Pull my finger!"

"Nani?! What are you talking about, Gon?!"

"Pull my finger, Killua!"

Killua peered closely at Gon, wondering if the boy hit his head or something. He raised his hand to the others forehead, "You're not sick." Then his eyes widened, "Did Hisoka cast a spell on you or something?! When I get my hands on that psychotic lunatic, I'll --"

"He did nothing wrong, Killua!" Gon let out a whine, before chirping the next words, "Now pull my finger! If you do, something good will happen!"

Killua narrowed his eyes, before laughing in triumph. "Hohoho! You're trying to trick me, aren't you? Well, I'm too smart for your silly pranks! Fufufu!"

Sweat dropping, Gon chose to ignore that comment, "Hayaku, Killua! Pull my finger!"



And so the day went on, with Gon following Killua around like a lost puppy, asking him to pull his finger over and over again. Of course, Killua refused every offer with comments of his 'super smart and highly intelligent intellectual ability'. Day turned to night and both had cleaned themselves and was both now in their pajamas, when -- expectedly -- Gon bounced his way to Killua's side and chirped, "Pull my finger, Killua!"

Killua fell on the bed behind him literally, before standing up quickly, letting out an exasperated look in Gon's direction, a blush on his cheeks for being caught surprised, and for being so close to the other. "Gah! If I pull your finger, will you stop bugging me?!"

Gon didn't seem fazed by his outburst, his smile widening even more, "Hai!"

Scowling and obviously sulking at the fact that he had to give up to Gon, Killua reached for the outstretched finger and pulled.


Gon enveloped him in a big hug, pressing his lips against the silver-haired boy. Killua's eyes widened... It was... nice... He let his eyes close, responding back. It was a bit clumsy, not surprising since it was both their first kiss. When they broke apart, both were panting slightly. The kiss tasted amazingly sweet.

Even after that, and being so close, Gon still managed to look cheerfully innocent.

Killua blinked, before feeling hot blood rise to his cheeks, "G-Gon!"

Gon beamed at him, "Ne, Killua? I told you something good would happen!"

Then it hit him. Killua bit back a totally out of character gasp, "Wha-- you?! You stole my first kiss!!!"

Gon let out a small hmm and pouted, his arms still around Killua's form, "Is that bad?"

Eh? Killua blinked innocently for the second time that day. Was it bad? Was it bad? Hmm... the Zaoldyeck didn't think so. "I guess not..."

Gon beamed at his answer and stepped back, finally taking his arms back, before outstretching his right arm, "Ne, since you say so, pull my finger, Killua!"

And Killua did.