Chasing the Stars

Disclaimer: None of this belongs to me. Power Rangers belongs to Disney.

Summary: Something horrible happened during the time the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers were fighting in the streets of Angel Grove. Now, Tommy Oliver receives an unexpected visitor in Reefside. Is he an enemy or an ally? MMPR to PRDT.

Warning: Character death!!!!

Rating: R for language and some graphic description of violence, just to be on the safe side.

Author's Notes: Thanks to Mom, Dad and that incredible sex that gave origin to me. 1- Change the car's oil 2- Remember to pay the gas bill... Damn, not those notes. This is an AU fic, the timeline is screwed enough to fit my needs. Thanks to Joshua The Evil Guy and 3D Master for the beta and advice. You rock! No animals, rubber monsters or evil warlords were harmed in the making of this fanfic.


Prologue – Unforeseen Actions

To Farcus "Bulk" Bulkmeyer, the life in Angel Grove was an easy one: dodge school, eat as much as you can for free over at Ernie's and run like crazy from monster attacks. His long time and only friend Eugene "Skull" Skullovich was the only one who shared this 'complex' world view. So, right now they were bumming around the streets, trying to find something to do that didn't need money or too much brainpower.

"Bulk?" Skull asked, kicking a small pebble on the ground and watching it roll for some feet.


"Do you think about the past?"

It didn't need too much brainpower to think about it, just a good memory. And with a saddened voice, the young man answered. "Yeah."

"What would you like to change about it?"

/That/ required a lot of thought. There were so many things he wanted to change, but he guessed he only needed one or two to affect his whole life.

Before he had a chance to answer, one of the typical events of their lives happened a couple dozen feet in front of them: a monster and a lot of those gray things appeared out of thin air. This monster looked quite menacing, with grayish-blue skin, some things protruding from his arms that looked like quills and a mouth full of row after row of teeth. Bulk looked at his friend, who looked back at him. "Run? Hide?" Skull asked, terrified.

"HIDE!" he shouted, and they both scrambled to a low wall a few meters behind them. Suddenly, out of nowhere, six color-coded warriors appeared, and engaged the gray things, the so-called Putties. Bulk and Skull's eyes were transfixed in the Power Rangers. Sure, they were cowards, but they loved some honest-to-good righteous violence, mainly when it was applied to someone else. The Rangers dealt with the Putties in record time, and they finally faced the main monster. They talked for some time, the monster probably issuing some major threats, the Rangers defying them. Then the monster lifted his arms, and all hell broke loose.

Electatron was the name, this time. Tommy always thought that Zedd and Rita had no creativity whatsoever in creating monster names, they were all too corny or too stupid. Unfortunately, what they lacked in names, they more than compensated in lethality. When the monster raised his arms, everyone got out of the way, waiting for something. They were not disappointed when two giant bolts of electricity jumped out of them, lighting the entire street like a miniature sun for some brief moments and exploding a parked car a few meters in their backs.

Tommy drew his Dragon Dagger and attacked the monster before he could charge another attack. Two cuts penetrated the thick skin, but they were too shallow to do any real damage. Electatron used his massive muscles to strike him, and he flew backwards a couple of meters, mostly unharmed but a bit out of breath. Jason took the cue to attack, along with Billy. They succeeded in penetrating the monster's defense once again, but his skin was just too thick. Both Rangers jumped back, and the monster raised his arms once again.

That's when the Rangers heard a scream, which paralyzed every single one of them.


And the monster fired his electrical bolts once again, aiming to a target that wasn't protected by Ranger armor.

Conner was a curious kid, much like any seven-year old boy. When the sounds of fight had begun, he had slipped from the store he and his mother were hiding in, and decided to approach the fighters. After all, he was a fan of the Power Rangers, like a lot of his friends from school. When his mother realized that he had disappeared it was already too late.

Bulk and Skull saw the stupid kid approaching the fight, apparently oblivious to the danger. He was too far away from the Rangers to help, but just a few feet from them. Skull began to call him.

"Kid! Hey, kid! Come here! It's too dangerous! Come here, kid!" he kept calling, but, if he was being heard over the sounds of fight, the boy was simply ignoring him. Suddenly, the kid's mother appeared, and she yelled his name at the same time the monster raised his arms for a second time.


Bulk and Skull noticed both actions.

The kid was dead.

Some things define a hero, but the most important of those things is doing the right thing at the right time. One young man took a decision in a microsecond, and that decision would alter the destinies of everyone involved in the scene for the rest of their lives.

He came out of his hiding spot running like a madman. He looked at the monster, and instead of tackling the small boy out of harm's way, he stood in its path.

Two lightning bolts, with enough power to light a small town hit his body at the same time, frying his nervous system and paralyzing his heart and brain. He was dead even before he felt any pain.