Last Part... I am telling you I love this story... I think one of my better ones....

Donnie was still thinking on all the machinery in the warehouse; that when Mikey started talking to him he jumped.

"Do you think Leo will be ok? He's been getting hurt a lot lately. I guess the bad guys figured out he's the leader of our group huh." Don looked down at Leo and thought that he looked so small lying down between him and Mikey.

"I don't know Mikey. It looks to me like he is in shock, but I just don't know."

Leo heard his brothers talking about him and knew that they were worried, but why were they not as concerned as they should have been about Splinter. He didn't understand why they were acting so out of character.

"What is wrong with you guys?" asked a strained voice.

"LEO!" Mikey cried happily. "You're ok?"

"I don't understand he's dead and you don't care, you both did nothing. NOTHING!" Leo sat up and moved away from Mikey and Donnie crying softly. "Raph and I tried and it made no difference but at least we tried." Donnie and Mike looked at each other confused.

"Um, Leo who are you talking about?" Donnie asked.

"Are you joking Don? Splinter of course.... Who do you think? You just let him die you didn't help." Leo started crying harder.

"Leo, Splinter is back at the lair. Raph is getting the Battle Shell for us and you can see for yourself." Mikey explained.

"What? Why did you take me out of the lair? I was with Splinter. What did you do with him?" Leo was getting angry. They didn't help him try to save Splinter and now they took him out of the lair. Why didn't he notice he was out to begin with?

"Leo, we don't know what Baxter did to you but you have to calm down there is nothing wrong with Master Splinter. He is ok; you are going to be ok. Everything is ok." Donnie said calmly as he stood up slowly to go to Leo.

"I don't understand, Baxter? I was in the lair, I went to ask Sensei something and he was dead, you did nothing." Leo kept crying and shaking his head. What was wrong with his brothers? He didn't know what to say to them and didn't have to because Raph pulled up with the Battle shell.

"Sorry, it took so long. Master Splinter wanted to come." Raph said. "Is he better?" Raph looked at Leo who was up against a wall crying and shaking his head. "I guess not."

"I'm glad you brought Master Splinter. Leo thinks he's dead." Donnie whispered to Raph.

"Yeah dude it was freaky. I don't like seeing Leo cry." Mikey also got into the conversation.

"My sons where is your brother?" Came a voice from the back of the Battles Shell.

"Sensei, Baxter really messed him up. He thinks you are dead and we did nothing. I'm really glad you came. Leo's by the wall over there." Donnie pointed.

"My sons you wait here I must speak to your brother alone." Splinter walked out of the Battle Shell and up to the still crying Leonardo. "Leonardo? My son look at me."

"No, your dead. I don't know what is going on but you are dead. This is not real. I know you died. I held you, we tried to bring you back but it didn't work we failed you Sensei. I failed you." Leonardo moved away from his Sensei and started to run.

"My son stop. You must listen to me." Splinter began to run after Leonardo and the rest of the turtles followed.

"This isn't real. This isn't real. I know he died. I was there I saw him. Am I going crazy?" Leo whispered into the wind. Leo didn't look were he was going and just ran. He ran out into the road still not realizing were he was, all the while his brothers and father calling him. Leo still ran but before he crossed the road a car came out of nowhere and hit Leo dead on. Leo rolled over the car and lay still on the ground behind the car not moving. The car never stopped and continued as if it hit nothing.

The last voices Leo heard were of his family screaming "NO!"

"Donnie is he ever going to wake up?" Mikey asked again for the thousandth time.

"Mikey, I don't know. I really don't its been 2 months and nothing. I don't know if he ever will wake again." The past 2 months were hell for the turtles and Splinter. The fact Leo hadn't woken up along with the fact that the reason he was like this broke out of jail only added to their anger and fear. No matter how long Raph looked he couldn't turn up Stockmen. Raph got angrier and angrier no one stopped him from leaving the lair. Splinter almost never came out of his room, Mikey rarely smiled or made a joke, and Donnie kept inventing things and finally figured out what Baxter did to Leo.

"Come on Mike lets leave Leo alone. I think us being in here isn't doing any of us any good." Donnie started for the door.

"No it has to do good. Remember last time it helped us being here and talking to him. Donnie we have to try everyday it will help." Mikey told Donnie desperately.

"I have to finish this project I am working on Mikey. I'll see you later." Donnie walked out sadly.

"Don't listen to him Leo. You are going to get better and we are all going to be whole again. They will see. So, what was I talking about? Oh yeah, April said she will stop by later. She wants to see you and make sure you are doing better. Which you are... Master Splinter isn't coming out of his room much, but he will when you get better... I heard this great joke about a rat it goes like this...."

"Mikey please stop my head hurts." Came a tiny voice from the bed.

"LEO, my GOD LEO!!! You're awake.... DONNIE, RAPH, SPLINTER, HE'S AWAKE!!!!" Mikey screamed and ran towards the door, but was thrown backwards as the door burst open with Raph standing there.

"LEO!!!!" Raph ran to his brother and hugged him so tight. "DON'T you ever do that again." Donnie and Master Splinter were also in the doorway with smiles of relief on their faces.

"Raph you're killing me. Why am I in bed? And why do I feel so weak? What the shell is wrong with me?" Leo asked confused.

"Leonardo you don't remember?" Splinter asked as he stepped into the room.

"I remember so many things, but not in any order. Sensei, I had some really weird dreams you died, and then Mikey listened to me and Raph wanted me to spot him it's all jumbled." Leo's eyes glazed over and Donnie walked up to him to check him over.

"Apparently there is no concussion. He remembers us; just some of the things Baxter did to him must be mixing him up. Leo what is the last thing you remember?"

"I was going out for a training run, and then I was hit with something and then you guys were gone and Shredder came and..." Leo said

"It's ok Leo. That's enough. You need to rest now. We are so glad you are awake. I will tell you everything after you rest." Donnie said to Leo.

"You should tell me now. Did the foot get me? What happened?" Leo looked around at the people around him concerned.

"My son, we will talk tomorrow. Donatello is correct you need to rest. We will explain soon. Now sleep and heal my son." Splinter laid an old paw on his sons head and smiled a tear of happiness ran down his face. He then turned and left to go thank the Gods.

"I was getting worried Leo, but now I don't have to. I knew talking to you would work. See Donnie I told you." Mikey smiled at his smart brother.

"Yeah you did Mikey. You sure did and I am glad you kept it up. But we should let Leo rest. We have lots to tell him later."

"Ok, its good to have you awake again Leo. Now things will go back to normal and we can kick Baxter's tail." Mikey laughed and hugged his brother.

"Ok, sure Mikey. How long was I asleep? And Baxter's alive?" Leo asked.

"Later, Leo you need to rest. Come on Mikey lets go get some pizza. I bet Leo is starving." Donnie and Mikey left with a smile and a wave. Raph just stayed in the room looking at Leo like he never saw him before.

"Are you really ok Leo? No pain, anything?" Raph asked.

"I feel tired, my head hurts, and breathing is a little painful, but other then that fine. Did the foot get me bad?"

"Not the foot a car." Raph sat next to Leo and started from the beginning then 1 hour later. "2 months later you woke up."

"I've been lying here for 2 months? But and all that stuff I remember is wrong, or not a dream? Baxter did this to me. Made me think Sensei was dead, all those memories. Is this real? What if this isn't real? How do I know Raph? How?" Leo asked.

"How can this not be real? I just told you what happened the whole deal." Raph said. "Maybe I should of let Donnie tell ya. He knows more tech stuff then me."

"No, no I'm glad you did. It's just hard to grasp. I mean think about it Raph. If you were in my place what would you think?"

"I guess the same. Well I guess I will leave you and see what is taking the bozos so long with the pizza. I must have been in here forever." Raph got up and walked towards the door. "Leo I'm glad your awake. We missed you. But you better rest up." Raph walked out the door. Leo looked after him shocked. Now he didn't know if this was real or not. Raph missing him? His head hurt he would think on it tomorrow.

Raph walked out the door and saw his two brothers walking towards him with pizza.

"We thought we should give some pizza to Leo, he must be starving." Mikey said.

"He's resting. Let's not disturb him. I told him what happened." Raph took a piece of pizza and walked towards the kitchen.

"What did he say?" Donnie asked.

"He was shocked didn't know if this was real. You know Donnie; is this real? Did Stockmen get us too? I am questioning everything now too, after talking to Leo about everything." Raph said between bits.

"Come on this is so real. We would know." Mikey spit out his food as he talked.

"Nice Mikey." Raph wiped the pizza off his face and growled at his younger brother.

"That is weird that you said that Raph. I mean we know about the machine, but what if we were caught and we just know about it because Stockmen programmed it in us." Donnie thought this over as he chewed on his pizza.

"NAH, we would know." Mikey smiled and ate his pizza.

"Yeah, I guess it is improbable that, it would happen like that." Donnie looked up at Raph and smiled "Besides that only happens in stories. This is real life."

Each turtle smiled at each other and ate their pizza.

Inside a glass cage 4 turtles were staring straight ahead not moving...