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Just a normal day?

Yuna really had changed since they had moved to Besaid. She began to actually look forward to the school day ahead, as well as swimming. Rikku said maybe she hit her head really hard when she fell out the airship, but maybe there was another reason…

"Brother, slow down okay, you're gonna get us killed." Rikku yelled with her head in between the two front seats, yelling in Brothers ear, "What if I die?" She asked.

"Brother don't care, Rikku is annoying me." Brother replied huffily.

"Okay then, what if Yuna died??? Huh, what would you do 'bout that then huh, huh?" Rikku snapped back and Brother slowed the car down.

Finally, the two made it to school with out a scratch.

"Yevon, he drives me nuts sometimes." Rikku exclaimed exasperatedly, with her head in her hands

"Maybe you shouldn't be so hard on him sometimes?" Yuna, always the optimistic one, replied.

"Yuna, if I wasn't so hard on him, then he would probably have asked you out a looooong time ago." Rikku said.

"What, Brother…and ME!!! Ewww, that's disgusting – he's like…my cousin."

"What, you mean you haven't noticed?"

They made it table, and found that for once, Tidus was there along with the others, on time.

"Hiya how's y'all?" Wakka asked in his usual friendly accent.

"Fiiiine!" Rikku answered for them, and they plopped down on the bench.

"Good, we hoped you enjoyed last night." Lulu said, and her eyes rested on Yuna with a mischievous glimmer in them.

"Lulu…" Tidus said with a warning tone, but he had a playful smile on his lips.

"Yeah, I can't wait till we go out as a group again, it's sooooo much fun." Rikku said, before resuming to sucking on her ribeana carton - I swear she's addicted to those.

"Yeah, but maybe not swimming next time?" Lulu said with an uneasy glance at Yuna, "I'm sorry, it was stupid of me not to tell you – it's best to do those sort of things when you know someone better. I promise any surprises that I plan in future will be carefully checked to make sure no one is uneasy with them."

"Well, thanks, I guess, but I don't think I would mind swimming again." Yuna said, with a smile playing on her lips and risked a quick glance at Tidus who was smiling just the same.

"Okay, well glad that's sorted then ya. Now lets get goin, Yuna – you and Lulu have Spiran History. Tidus, you and me got Blitzball and Rikku you got… erm… I can't remember." Wakka said

"Al Bhed!" Rikku jumped up excitedly, "Lesson's easy and the teacher's dishy!"

With that she jogged off, then ran back and picked up her bag that Lulu held out, then ran off again, shouting a thank you over her shoulder.


"So what's going on between you and chocobo head?" Lulu asked eagerly. They were sat at their desks waiting for Mr Maechen.

"Huh?" Yuna gazed off into the distance. It was Tuesday and she couldn't wait until this evening.

"I said, what is going on with you and Tidus?" Lulu asked again.

Yuna snapped out of her daze and glance around the classroom to see if anyone was listening. Lulu just laughed at her agitation, like anyone was listening.

"Oh, um, nothing." Yuna tried to reply innocently, but blushed furiously.

"Yeah riiiight!"

"Okay, fine… he's giving me some swimming lessons."

"Really, wow…"

"What's so amazing?"

"Nothing…well…Tidus doesn't seem that close if you know what I mean. I don't mean that he's not close to you, just on the whole – with any new people, strangers etc, he just takes a while to warm to them."


"It's just his nature. He's always been this way since…" Lulu trailed off, immediately regretting those words, but Yuna wasn't giving up now – finally she would find out something about Tidus, the reason for his secrets and the darkness within.

"Since what… Lulu since what???" Yuna asked eagerly.

"I don't think it's my place to say."

"Lulu… I may be new, but I love all of you - our group of friends, and I would never do anything to hurt anyone or use this information against any of you. Please, I would ask Tidus and I know he would tell me – eventually - but it would take a long time. What if I say something that might hurt him, and it was because I didn't know this…secret." Yuna pleaded.


"Please Lulu…" Yuna pleaded again, she was desperate to know more about Tidus. His mysterious air attracted her to him like a fly to honey. She just needed to know.

"Well, Tidus used to be this happy-go-lucky guy. Everything in his life was perfect, all the guy's wanted to be him, all the girls wanted to be with him. He's still a bit like that today, but Tidus is different on the inside and his attitude towards life has… changed…" Lulu paused and a look of complete sadness came over her face.

"He still has the same attitude on the outside, and it fools most people – they think he's okay, but he's not. Tidus is good at masking his feelings, he's done it for most of his life, and I'm honestly surprised you noticed it, for only Wakka and I can see and that's because we actually know about his past." She stopped to pause.

"11 years ago, when Tidus was 6, he and his mother were kidnapped. The people who did this just came into their house one day, posing as salesmen, and took them away. Tidus' father was a famous Blitzball Star, and they hoped to hold both Tidus and his mother at ransom, at a hefty price too. Jeckt, Tidus' father, was willing to pay the price for his wife, but not for his son. The kidnappers said that they would only give back both if Jeckt paid the full price for each. He was advised to bluff agreeing, and arrange an exchange point for the money. He did so, but the kidnappers already knew this – I don't know how though. They…" Lulu stopped, she was shaking slightly.

"Yuna, I…are you really sure you…" Lulu could tell from the look in Yuna's eyes that she couldn't stop now.

"They…murdered Tidus' mother and did other things unimaginable whilst she was alive. They also beat Tidus and…left him. They fled and he was found, with his mother where they…left him." With that Lulu bowed her head, Yuna was shocked. She knew something was wrong with Tidus, but not this wrong.

Yuna couldn't believe what she had heard. She gazed effortlessly into nothing. The lesson began, and Lulu stayed quiet, and Maechen droned on, and Yuna…Yuna just gazed, before tears welled up and she had to be excused to the bathroom.

That evening, Yuna sat at the bottom of her stairs, opposite the front door. She was having a dilemma – what if she couldn't look at him straight, what if she couldn't handle him…touching her when he tried to help, what if he knew she knew what Lulu knew that he knew? What if…what if…


'Er, er, er…think straight Yuna, think straight – he's fine now isn't he, isn't he???'

"Someone gonna get that?" Cid yelled from the kitchen.

Yuna reached for the door handle. Slowly she clasped her fingers around the cool metal sphere and turned it. The door creaked a little, and Tidus stood there, with a shy smile on his face.

"You gonna take all day standin' there or do I have to teach you how to walk too?" He asked cheekily.

'Well, he obviously doesn't know I know! Phew… but how can he survive all he's been through, how did he stay so strong and doesn't look the least bit fazed?' Yuna continued to think, whilst gazing at the floor, waiting for Brother.

Brother finally came downstairs, dragging his feet. He had been moody about taking Yuna and Tidus to swimming, but she had finally persuaded him to drive them.

"Yuna, you know Brother can teach you how to swim?" Brother asked hopefully.

"Yeah riiiight, tough guy – you still need armbands." Rikku yelled from the lounge, where she had been eating melted ice cream.

"Fine!" Brother huffed and stalked outside the car, glaring at Tidus on the way. Tidus just raised his eyebrows in amusement and signalled for Yuna to walk ahead – always such a gentleman!

"Okay, you can get in yourself now, and just walk to me in the middle of the pool." Tidus said from the centre of the middle-depth area.

Yuna slid lightly into the water and trudged her way across to where Tidus stood. The water came up just a few centimetres below her shoulders.

"Okay, good, good. Now I'm gonna teach you how to kick. It's not hard and I will hold onto you hands, you just have to keep kickin' your feet – like you're tryin to kick a Blitzball angrily but keep missin." Tidus said, trying to lighten things up a bit, and never forgetting to mention Blitzball, his favourite game.

Yuna clasped his hands instinctively and she let herself rise into a floating position like the other day.

"Okay, now KICK." Tidus yelled, and she began to furiously kick the water. Huge splashed rose and soaked herself and Tidus. He was laughing at her, and she began to laugh too.

"WOW, YOU LOOK REALLY MAD – ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT SOMEONE YOU REALLY HATE?!" He yelled above the loud splashing and kicking.

A few other people in the otherwise deserted pool turned to stare at them, but Tidus didn't seem to care, neither did Yuna for that matter.

The sudden image of Seymour – that creep – appeared in Yuna's mind and she began to kick even harder.

'Who would Tidus think of?' Yuna thought, but then she remembered what Lulu had said earlier.

She stopped kicking abruptly, and her feet hit the floor of the pool. Yuna just gazed at the water a few centimetres before her.

"Are…are you okay?" Tidus asked, he held a note of affection in his voice and their hands were still clasped together, with no sign of releasing.

Yuna didn't answer, just continued to gaze at the water.

'How could they do that to him, how could they leave him, with his mother, beaten…'

She felt Tidus put his hands under her chin, and gently lift her head so she was looking right at him. His eyes were left unguarded, and Yuna could see thousands of emotions running through them – care, sadness, affection, sorrow, happiness, anger, misery, hope, depression, truth… darkness and secrets…

Even with his eyes unguarded, Yuna could still see that there was the hidden darkness that he kept so well disguised.

"You okay?" Tidus asked again, and Yuna finally snapped out of her daze.

"Yes, just…tired I guess." Yuna lied, and she could feel Tidus' eyes searching hers, and he knew she was lying too.

"Do you wanna stop?" He asked, despite knowing she was lying.

"No, no, I haven't come all this way just to spend 5 minutes in a pool!" Yuna replied quickly.

"Okay…well you definitely know how to kick, that's for sure. Maybe we can move onto moving whilst kicking. I'll give you a float and you will hold onto it tight. We'll do a few laps of the pool with you kicking, and I will swim along side to make sure you're okay in the deep end." He said happily, all previous emotions wiped away – just like on the beach.

Yuna practiced the kicking lengths, and found herself quite good at it. Maybe she would find front crawl her best stroke? Even thought she tried to concentrate on the kicking, (with Tidus swimming effortlessly beside her), she couldn't shake the thoughts of Tidus' past.

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