Godric's Half a Wit and Me: A Sorting Song

By Lady Lestrange

Disclaimer: All Harry Potter stuff including Godric's half a wit and the Sorting Hat belongs to JK. Thanks JK.

Fair greetings from the Sorting Hat. who came from Godric's head.

He used to be a halfwit. Now the wit is mine instead.

Don't be timid. Don't be shy 'tis the choices that are made,

That make you who you are, you see, so why are you afraid?

Could it be your life is set in stone firm as Hogwarts' walls?

Oh, Come and sit, be sorted. 'Tis your destiny that calls.

Pigeon holed and labeled by my stereotypical choice

You are eleven. My word is law. You scarcely have a voice.

There is the Gryffindor though brave, they have no brain at all

Or Hufflepuff, the slow and weak, who always take the fall.

There's Ravenclaw, the boring, They have brains but nothing more

Or Slytherin, though prison bound, they will not be a bore.

Just be still. I'll sort you, now. Twill only take a second

Though the mis'ry that I cause may ne'r be fully reckoned.

Enny meeny minny mo. Where I say is where you go

Divining, runes or scry to show. Draw the lines 'tween friend and foe.

They say, 'Tis choice that makes you, the person you shall be.

I say, that I decide: Godric's half a wit and me.