Unbroken: Part 1

"You're going WHERE!?"

I glared into the cell phone I was holding and waited for the person on the other end of the thing to resume breathing. Then I continued.

"I'm going to Oregon mother," I told her.

"What pray tell is it that you're after in OREGON!?"

I had to bite my lip and shake my head at the woman's charming obliviousness.

"Remember what happened?" I asked.

"Of course I remember what happened! Did you get that problem with that ... thing... solved or not?"

"He's a guy not a "thing". And he's not a problem any longer."
She paused on the other end of the phone and I braced my self for what I knew was going to be next.

"So what is he?" She demanded.

"Your son in law," I told her flatly.

Dead silence came from the other end of the phone and then a few seconds later my father's voice took my mom's place.

"What did you do to you're mother Angel? She looks about ready to have another aneurysm."

"Don't get me started Dad, as for what I told her" I leaned back into the sun warmed seat, "I told her the truth."

"So you..."

"Married him Dad, I married him... sort of."

"How do you sort of, marry some one Angel?"

"Well it's according to his customs not ours," I held it back waiting for him to start.

In stead there came a long sigh and I could almost hear him shaking his head, "Ya' know for some reason I saw this coming."

"Well Daddy, it's hard to not fall for some one when you have them in your head, literally."

"No I don't suppose it would be..." he trailed off.

"Your being much too reasonable again," I was getting suspicious, "Did VA change you to some new heart medication and you didn't tell me?"

That one got a laugh out of him, "No Angel I'm not stoned. Just well, your sister has been married to everything under the sun and then some. I suppose I can be a little bit understanding with you."

"Who are you and where's my Dad?"

More laughter followed that, "Seriously though, are you sure angel? You always said that the kind of person you were going to marry didn't exist."

"I said the kind of guy I was looking for couldn't possibly exist as a human, I was right."

"Well I guess we're just going to have to try and accept it, though I can't wait to see the reaction next year at the family reunion."

My voice took on a flat quality again, "Who says I'm bringing him?"

"Well to be honest I can understand that, I don't like the things my self." There was a long pause for a second and then He started talking again, "Listen Baby, if this is what you want, if he makes you happy..."

"He dose daddy..."

"Then your mother and I have no choice but to accept it, strange as it might be."

"I still say you're being too reasonable," I muttered.

"Oh don't worry, it's gonna kick in sooner or later and I'm going to have a screaming fit."

"The way you did when my God family got arrested?"

"You're still riding me over that? I said I was sorry," He admitted.

"I know, that's why I think you are being too reasonable."

"Look after what you did there's no longer any reason to try and pretend that you're not your own person Angel."

"Great so all I had to do to get family autonomy was nearly get my self killed by a giant evil space dictator. Gee why didn't I think of that before?"

I could tell he was still trying to not laugh at me and that made me even more suspicious. Nine times out of ten, you did something that my father wasn't expecting or didn't fit his ideals and you got your head bitten off and handed to you on a platter, even if it was something simple. For this however he was being reasonable, which freaked me out.

His baby daughter wants to bail some friends out of jail for something they didn't do in the first place he takes a cow riding fit. His baby daughter goes and marries the commanding officer of a race of giant alien robots from another planet and he's reasonable. Two and two were adding up to make five here and I didn't like it.

"Seriously Dad, DID they change your medication?"

"No! Don't I have a right to be happy for my daughter when she falls in love?"

"That's just the point daddy, normally you wouldn't be happy, normally you'd be howling so loud I would think you needed to go back and have another round of by pass surgery."

"Have I really behaved that badly?" He sounded completely shocked.


"Well maybe I did a few times...but I was just looking out for what was best for you babe."

"And now your suddenly not?"

My dad Sighed on the other end of the phone, "No for once in my life I KNOW you've got the best there is. I don't have any reason to fuss."

That one shut me up fast. I sat there and stared into the phone for a few minutes and then I looked at the monitor and noticed that the image of Optimus had a doofy grin plastered on his face. One that was glaringly visible despite the mask he now had on again.

"Is there something you want to tell me Op?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

"OUT with it," I demanded.

"Okay fine, so I went and had a talk with your Dad before I came and found you... sue me."

"So that's why!" I nearly shouted.

"Yes, that's why." My dad finished on the phone. "I spoke to him, and I know that he loves you. Angel I've got a very old very hard head. But I do know real love when I see it."

"So..." I was in complete and utter shock still.

"So you and Prime have my blessing baby girl. Just do me a favor and TRY to stay out of trouble."

"Okay then, you'd better go wake Mom up."

Now my dad laughed again on the other end of the line. "Now if you want some one who's going to yell at you...?"

"No thanks." I griped.

"Take care Angel, and come see us soon."

"Love you Daddy," I told him.

"Love you to baby girl." He clicked off the other line.

I proceeded to shut my cell phone and stick it back into my bag, and then turned to face the image of him on the monitor.

"So when were you planning on sharing that?"

"What? That I snuck off to make it clear to your parents first?"

"Yah that."

"Well what can I say honey, I wanted to make sure that they knew. I also wanted to make sure that they wouldn't try to do any thing to hurt us if we did choose to have some kind of a relationship."

"You care about me that much?" I was still amazed over it all.

"I do, more than any thing."

"Thank you."

"I'm the one that should be thanking you. I know I was living before I met you but now..."

"Now it's just better right?"

"Exactly," He nodded.

I would have said more then, but the cell phone went off one more time and I went to answer it.

"SO how'd it go?" Alyssa demanded.

I looked up into the rearview mirror spotted the white and red lancia behind us.

"You're not going to believe what I have to tell you, but they, my dad at least isn't mad."

"Now how in the name of the Lord did you accomplish that?"

"Long story," I griped

"Well tell me about it when we get back to the Ark."

"I know, I still can't get over it to be honest. But I suppose I should be happy and grateful for small miracles huh?"

"I don't classify that one as small Angel," I could almost hear her roll her eyes, "I just can't wait to see what happens when I have to tell the two nut cases I have for folks."

"If they do something weird and religious I'm dumping something wet on them."

"Now, now, the water balloons with chocolate sauce and shaving cream are my idea."

"And I'm sure Wheeljack could come up with some appropriately high tech way to get it done and let them get away with it." Optimus offered.

"Hey are you crazy! Don't you dare give those two back there ideas they will try it out at the Ark first!"

"No Really?" Again that grin appeared on the monitor.

"Oh I see... permission to do it huh?"

His grin on the monitor broadened, "As long as he gets Sideswipe first."

"Noted!!" Wheeljack chirped.

I put my face in my hands, "Oh lord don't you get them started please!"

"Fine then," he laughed.

"Don't you two plot anything back there with out warning me first?"

With that I hung up the phone and leaned back in the seats again.

"Mmmmmmmm...." I sighed as I snuggled back.

"Happy?" Optimus asked me.

"More than any one can ever know Op."

"Not any one Angel, I know."

I smiled at that and reached up to run my hand along his dash board.

"It should be weird that I can ride around inside of my husband, but it doesn't strike me as weird at all. It seems perfectly natural to me."

"Well there are probably some reasons for that, but I have to admit, having you there is a wonderful feeling to."

"Thanks, I'm glad..."

"For what," He grinned.

"That I took the chance on us, that I decided that this was worth it, no matter what."

"I don't know about any of that Angel, but I do know that I was living before I met you, but I think perhaps I was simply going through the motions of living. Trying to hold a shattered heart together for the sake of ..."

"Don't babe," I snuggled against him some more, "It doesn't matter any more."

"No I don't suppose it dose."

"Come on let's get back to the Ark. I think there's a heard of folks there that will be happy to see you."

"Us Angel, happy to see us," he smiled.

There was a quick rev from some where and he took of faster, leaving several of those behind us.

Jazz grinned to some of the others that had been there, "So that's what he looks like when he's happy."