chicken soup
by scone of the infamous duo of Ts
rating: g
warnings: none
disclaimer: scone owns nothing. tom and mo own all of KND

"Man, all-nighters are a pain," Hoagie Gilligan reflected as he walked out of his combination lab, hangar and bedroom around 11 o'clock one fall morning.

Walking towards the kitchen, yawning, he ran right into Numbuh Three. The Japanese girl was wearing her nurses' outfit and carrying a steaming mug of something.

"Oh, hi Numbuh Three" he said in surprise. "Where is everybody?"

"Numbuh Five's sick, silly," Three said cheerfully, pointing to her hat. "Numbuh One and Numbuh Four went to the movies, so I'm gonna take Numbuh Five some soup!" She giggled and waved the mug around, barely avoiding spilling steaming soup over both her and Two.

Two rubbed the back of his head thoughtfully. "I could take it to her," he suggested. If Five was sick, she probably wouldn't want the hyperactive younger girl waking her up by jumping on her.

"Okay!" Three said cheerfully, handing him the soup and skipping off singing to herself.

Walking down the hall towards Five's room, he could hear muffled coughs coming from behind the door. Two peered into the bedroom, spotting a rather disheveled Five, fast asleep.

He walked over to her bed, considering whether or not to wake her up. Even sick, with her hair splayed across the pillows and dark lines under her eyes, she was still so cool and serene. Two sighed and sat on the floor, leaning against the side of the bed. The soup was too hot to eat right away anyways. He'd let her sleep.

Two was suddenly reminded of the last time Five had gotten sick - the incident with Cree and the bras. He and Numbuh One had sat outside Five's room for an hour, guarding her from any adult menace.

As he listened to Five's steady (if slightly rattling) breathing and remembered, Two reminded himself sternly to not fall asleep in Five's bedroom.

The first thing he noticed, when he woke up, was that somebody had draped one of Five's large, fluffy blankets around his shoulders. The second was that Five herself was sitting next to him, holding the mug of soup and watching him.

"Oh... hey, Numbuh Five," he said. "I, uh, brought you some soup. Since you're sick."

She raised an eyebrow at him affectionately. "Yeah, Numbuh Five noticed. How long ago exactly was that? 'Cause this soup is ice cold."

He blushed. "You want me to go warm it up? Numbuh Three might have made more.."

She blanched visably, leaned over, and put the mug up on her nightstand. "If Numbuh Three made this, Numbuh Five definitely don't want it." She shook her head. "I just gotta find some other way to warm up."

She scooted over, pulled open the blanket, and leaned against him. Coughing softly, she pulled the blanket back around them. Two felt something hitch in his chest.

"Hey, Numbuh Two?" she murmured.

"Yeah, Numbuh Five?"

"Remember when we were little, and Numbuh Five was sick? How y'all looked after me?"

He smiled just a little. "I remember."

"That was cool of ya." She leaned her head on his shoulder.

Now there really was something caught in his chest.

"Jus'...stay with Abby, 'kay?"

"Uh, yeah, o-okay," he stuttered. He felt her relax against him, heard her breathing steady and quiet. Slowly, he relaxed, leaning his head against hers. As the previous night and his interrupted nap started catching up with him, Numbuh Two's eyes drooped and he joined Five in sleep.