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This is the end of this story...although you never know when inspiration will strike. I'm leaving a few avenues open but giving some closure to where Michael and Nikita ended up. I hope you enjoy this. As a true M/N shipper I just couldn't write anything but a happy ending. Please leave reviews if you are still reading – you've all been amazing.

6 years later – somewhere in the south of France

The villa sat high above the Gulf of Lion, more clean lines then most of the traditional villas within striking distance. There was only one way in or out if you didn't account for the helipad. The views of the sparkling blue ocean below were nothing less than breath-taking.

To an outsider, it looked like a normal, albeit slightly more modern, extravagant estate boasting vineyards on the hills and cool perfect breezes year round. An outsider could never have guessed that the entire house had Titanium shutters that could be locked down within seconds. An outsider would never know that the house actually went 2 stories…underground…that the power sources traveled under that pristine gulf of water below and were essentially impenetrable.

And the somewhat decrepit looking barn was actually brand new and housed not 2 but 3 of the world's fastest helicopters, the X2. The outside surveillance and automatic weaponry system, were completely hidden from view unless needed. Most importantly...no one would ever know that in the underground compound, a smaller version of Section One Command Control existed or just Section as it was now called.

No, from the outside, it was just a beautiful home in one of the most incredible parts of the world…removed from the hustle and bustle of city life, of smaller problems that came up when you had too many people living in a finite space.

It was in this home that Nikita sat on one of the many balconies, a cup of tea in hand, looking out at the sparkling diamonds on the water, a tablet at her side…the wind pulling strands of her blonde hair out of her messy top bun.

She smiled to herself as she looked over the most recent recruiting statistics. They had done well.

No more "killing off" character desirable prison mates. Row 8, plot 30 no longer existed.

Yes, they needed recruits but they wanted willing ones…ones who knew what they were signing up for, what they were pledging to do, not being coerced into with the threat of cancellation hanging over their heads. Cancellation was saved for the bad people, the evil unsalvageable ones, whom they fought to save the world from every minute of every day.

It would have surprised Paul, Madeline, the Devil's Den…even her father…just how many people in the world wanted to serve and were willing to die on a daily basis, especially when it came with perks and very little red tape except the blessing of Section Command.

Yes, they had made changes to be proud of - changes that they could live with.

Nikita smiled and closed her eyes as she felt warm hands softly touch her shoulders, fingers digging in lightly to massage away any small amount of tension there. She waited for the lips that she could not live without to touch her own.

She was not disappointed. Michael, she sighed, internally. He had asked her 6 years ago to trust him, to believe that it could be what they wanted it to be…and she had. She had put all of her faith and trust in him, in what they could do together and he had proved to her yet again how incredible he was.

There had been no way to know back then if everything they said had been true. If Section was to be theirs to make into what it should have been from the very beginning and yet, 6 years later, it would seem that it had been true. The Devil's had left the den and the world in their hands and they had proved that Section didn't have to have ulterior motives…that it didn't have to have an evil undercurrent just waiting to drown everyone its path.

No, they had made it better…the best it could be considering the job it had to do. The world was not going to change - it still needed to be protected, at all costs.

The difference was that they had a life now. They no longer looked over their shoulders and around every corner. They could be what they had always only wanted, themselves…together…happy.

As Michael ended their kiss, he moved to sit next to her, smiling as he did so often now. She loved his smile. There wasn't anything she didn't love about him.

"Michael, did you see the new recruitment stats? Amazing!"

He turned the tablet toward himself and reviewed the latest data, his Michael face back in place. She loved that face too.

"Oui. This is very promising to see. Did you have any doubts?" He asked.

He still had moments, few and far between now, but sometimes he did wonder if there would ever be a time when someone would try to change the game on them again. But, 6 years later, they were happier and more free then they had ever been and it was all in their hands now. He was so proud of what they had accomplished and so very proud of Nikita.

After their encounter with the Devil's Den, her father, and all they had revealed he had been worried that she would never be the same. And it was true, she had changed, but only for the better. She had let Michelle leave to have her own life. They kept in contact, she was protected, but she played no role in Section and never would. She hadn't been cut from the same cloth that Nikita had.

Walter, that sweet conniving flirt, had taken it all in stride. Michael often wondered how much of it he had known but it never mattered. He was a part of their life and always would be. He had decided to move to France as well and opened a small wine bar/café in Montpellier. Not long after he had met an older retired French actress and the rest was history. They came to dinner often.

And her father, that merciless Bastard, had only lived another 7 months. They had spoken only a few times during those months. Some damage could not be undone. It was possible she forgave him but more possible that she had accepted her life and he was no longer in it…for the last time…finally.

They had moved on and eventually moved here. It was their haven.

"Doubts Michael? Me?" She teased, leaning over to capture his face in her hands, her lips claiming his as they did so often during the day.

"How could I have doubts when I have you?" She told him, meaning it with all of her heart.

"We have each other." He whispered against her ear. "Always."

Each of them turned as they heard the French doors behind them open and the pounding of little feet heading their way.

"Mommy! Daddy! Look what uncle Walter gave me for Lapo!"

Nikita was helpless to stop a huge smile as their daughter launched herself into her father's arms.


Almost 4 years ago she had come into their life as a huge surprise. Nikita remembers the day she took the test like it was yesterday. It was the best surprise they could ever have asked for. She had never been sure with all she had been through if she could even have children…if they even should, given their line of work.

But God she'd been a blessing. They had never known such pure joy…that they could love more then they loved each other.

"Oh he did my sweet Claire! How…um…nice…" Michael held back a grimace looking at the big bone in her hand that had barely been cleaned off and was now covering her perfect little hands with god only knew what….that Walter.

"Lapo! Lapo!" Claire called out, squirming out of her Dad's arms in search of their dog.

From the side of the house bounded what they lovingly referred to as the beast. Lapo, their 170 pound Irish Wolfhound – not quite the Cocker Spaniel they had spoken of so many years ago. He'd already had the name when they took him in from a family that was moving. It meant smack, punch or something like that in Spanish and they had given it to him because he was a bit clumsy and that's what it felt like when he ran up to you and didn't stop quite in time.

From inside the house Walter waved and winked, his other hand holding what looked like the makings for the dinner they were all going to have. She could see Angelique behind him – her arms laden with things as well. They spoiled them so.

Lapo gladly took the bone from Claire and proceeded to plop down on the ground and start chewing. Claire sat on top of him, her blonde curls bouncing and her hazel eyes twinkling with mischief. She was such a perfect happy child.

"When I grow up I'm going to be a jockey!" Claire proclaimed proudly as she continued to bounce on Lapo who couldn't have cared less since he was in bone heaven.

"You can be whatever you want to be my beautiful baby." Nikita told her and then whispered under her breath "except maybe super Section operative."

They had made a promise to shield Claire from all things Section for as long as they could and keep her safe and protected.

"What's an operation Mommy?" Claire asked innocently.

Damn those good hearing genes Nikita thought! Michael caught her eye with a raised eyebrow. They would have to be more careful as she got older.

"It's like a plan. Like what are Uncle Water and Angelique making us for dinner! Let's go see!" Nikita told her and picked her up off Lapo, snuggling her neck and inhaling her perfect baby smell.

Michael smiled feeling incredibly grateful as he watched them make their way into the house. This was their life now. They were a family. Maybe not the usual kind but they wouldn't have changed it for the world and he would do anything and everything to protect it.


P.S. Thank you so much for reading…maybe someday I'll write Claire's story.